The PAW Patrol is a popular children’s television show that features six pups with different skills. They are led by a police dog named Ryder, who has the ability to speak to the audience through his computerized voice.

The skye halloween bucket is a DIY PAW Patrol flashlight signal activity. It is easy to make and the kids will love it!

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PAW Patrol: The Movie, the brave pup’s first big-screen adventure, is currently available on digital and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 2!

When their arch-rival, Humdinger, gets elected Mayor of neighboring Adventure City and begins causing havoc, Ryder and the PAW Patrol team go into high gear to tackle the most difficult assignment of their lives. Along the way, the squad gains a new friend in the form of the astute dachshund Liberty, and the PAW Patrol joins forces to rescue the people of Adventure City! Is it possible for the PAW Patrol to rescue the city before it’s too late? After all, there’s no such thing as a city too large or a puppy too tiny!

With the Digital release of the film, young fans of the PAW Patrol will be able to access a wealth of extra material, including additional news stories with reporter Marty Muckraker (Jimmy Kimmel) and a sing-along with a redesigned PAW Patrol theme song lyric video. Bonus television episodes from the hugely popular Nickelodeon series, including one never-before-seen episode, and a never-before-seen episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines, are also available with purchase exclusively on compatible digital platforms. Digital Bonus Content for PAW Patrol: The Movie

  • A Team That Is Totally PAW-some— Discover the puppies’ updated high-tech devices and vehicles on an off-leash adventure at the brand-new Adventure City headquarters!
  • ACN: Marty Muckraker’s Adventure City News Reports— As you watch the thrilling news broadcasts from the city’s #1 news source, gossip columnist, and beat reporter all wrapped into one, you’ll feel like a resident of Adventure City… Muckraker, Marty!
  • PAW Patrol: The Movie (Reimagined Theme) Lyric Video – Howl along with the PAW Patrol group in this silly lyric video, whether you have four or two legs! A completely new and redesigned theme tune! (Only in English)
  • Bonus Episodes of PAW Patrol
    • Stop the Barking Kitty Crew, Puppies and Katie!
    • A Neon Humdinger vs. Puppies
    • Never-Before-Seen Pups Stop an Xtreme Shark!
  • Bonus Episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines
    • Never-Before-Seen: The Great Pizza Race!

Bonus Content for PAW Patrol: The Movie on Blu-ray

  • A Team That Is Totally PAW-some
  • ACN: Marty Muckraker’s Adventure City News Reports
  • PAW Patrol: The Movie (Reimagined Theme) Lyric Video – English Only

Flashlight Activity in PAW Patrol: The Movie

DIY PAW Patrol Flashlight Signal Activity –

With this DIY flashlight project, you can summon the PAW Patrol anytime you need it! Cut out a paw print from black vinyl and attach it on the front of a flashlight to try it at home with your family. Watch the PAW Patrol paw print come to life as you turn it on!



  1. To suit your flashlight, trace the PAW Patrol paw print pattern onto black adhesive vinyl, scaled at 1 inch wide.
  2. Remove the paw print pieces from the vinyl and cut them out.
  3. Remove the white backing from the vinyl pieces, then arrange them in a paw print on the flashlight’s transparent piece.
  4. To view the signal, turn on the flashlight and beam the paw print into a dark area.

Note: If you have a Cricut machine (or a similar cutting machine), put the paw print file into Cricut Design Space and use the machine to cut it out of black vinyl. The extra vinyl should be removed, leaving the black vinyl paw print on the white background. Place a piece of transfer tape on top of the paw print and peel it away from the white backing gently, bringing the paw print with it. Place the paw print in the middle of the clear flashlight component, then gently peel out the transfer tape to reveal the paw print.

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