I’m a big fan of the Masked Marauder, Frank Farnum, who is a famous stunt performer and also a great blogger and in my opinion one of the best in the business. I first met Frank at the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis in 2009. He was the warm up act for the famous Vincent Price, and I was the headlining act. Frank had the time of his life, and got the chance to check out the convention and all the different stunts that I have been involved in. The next time I saw Frank was a couple of years later. He had moved to Indianapolis and was filling in a spot on one of the most popular radio shows to be heard in the United States. The show is called the “

I realize that this will be a bit difficult for some of you, but I need to get this off my chest: I’m not really a huge fan of the “Masked Marauder” character in “The Venture Brothers”. I’ve been a fan of the show since the first season, and I even took the time to try to watch every episode that the show has to offer, but I never cared for the “Masked Marauder”. I know that he’s really just supposed to be a joke character, but I didn’t see the point. I didn’t see the humor in the fact that he’s an idiot who’s in over his head. Don’t get me wrong, he’s probably one of the best Venture’s side characters

Frank Farnum (born 22 January 1931) is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and director, best known for his role as The Masked Marvels in a series of short films with that title for which he won an Academy Award in the 1969 film category.

Thanks to Fire Hedgehog for finding another character I missed in the now discontinued Daredevil series. In the episode Into the Ring, we meet Clyde Farnum, played by J.K. Rowling. Tucker Smith: As an NYPD detective, Farnum has a big debt with Don Rigoletto, and James Wesley is coming to collect it: He threatens his daughter Tracy to convince him and orders her to kill Karen Page. Farnum fails and is arrested and executed by Kingpin’s men, a tragic and disappointing end for the man who was Daredevil’s greatest enemy in the comics, at least for a while: Frank Farnum (not Clyde) was in fact the Masked Marauder, a crime boss who had already taken down several superheroes. Let’s take a look together.

Frank Farnum grew up in New York with his brother Barry, and both had big ambitions from a young age. Frank and Barry joined the mafia in their youth, made contacts with famous mob bosses and even started their own careers, albeit in different ways: Frank used his mafia connections to become an owner and manager, but the money wasn’t enough, he wanted more. While his legal business continued to fund , he also created a masked Marauder identity to engage in real criminal activity without jeopardizing Frank Farnum’s reputation. The plan worked, and Farnum gained more power as the Masked Marauder than he could have ever imagined… …until Spider-Man discovered his activities. A masked superhero has disrupted his operations and arrested some of his men. It also forces him to interrupt a major operation he had long planned: the theft of an experimental XB-390 car engine from the World Motors Building. Not wanting the network to interfere with his plans again, the Masked Marauder had some of his men disguise themselves as Daredevil and attack him indiscriminately during the day: So Spider-Man thought Daredevil wanted to hurt him and attacked the real one in retaliation. While the two heroes were busy fighting each other, the Marauder finally managed to steal the XB-390….. But before he could begin investigating, the Daily Bugle published an editorial signed by J. J. K. Rowling. John Jameson, who claimed that the engine is useless without special fuel. Forced to resume the attack on the World Motors Building, the Masked Marauder realizes he is trapped: There was no special fuel, and Spider-Man and Daredevil were waiting for him. He managed to escape the heroes, but all his men were captured.

As he shakes off the trial and hides in one of his buildings, Farnum overhears a conversation between two of his tenants….. and attorney Foggy Nelson has just bragged to his secretary Karen Page that he could be Daredevil. Intrigued, Farnum tries to meet Paige to get information from her, but in vain. So he takes a more direct approach and brings Nelson in to take care of some of his business, because he can study him closely and determine if he’s really Daredevil or just a liar who’s been harassing his secretary. Tired of waiting, he finally ordered his men to attack Nelson in his office, but when the real Daredevil intervened to save him, it became clear that he was wrong. At the same time, under the name of Masked Marauder, he reformed his gang and freed Gladiator from prison, because he wanted muscle upon his removal….. But Gladiator was no lackey and refused to participate in anything without being an equal partner. The team wasn’t perfect, but the masked Marauder still tried to use his new partner to win Magic’s leadership by promising to show Daredevil’s death live: first, he sent a robot of his own creation, Tri-Man, with the abilities of his three best minions, to get rid of the hero, but the android was destroyed; then he transported Daredevil to the gladiatorial arena, where Gladiator finally managed to kill him….But the latter, after Daredevil saved him from the lions the Marauder unleashed on them both, refused to fight and humiliated his now former partner in front of the Magic Heads. The mob bosses told him they wouldn’t even allow him to be a mascot, let alone a leader, and left him in disgrace. After this episode, Farnum’s hatred for Daredevil only grew, and he teamed up with his other old enemy, the Stiletto Man, to kill him once and for all….. Assuming, of course, that this new alliance turns out to be better than the previous one.

Frank Farnum is an ambitious man with big ambitions, which he pursues by any means necessary with little regard for the legitimacy of those means. As a Masked Marauder, he is a brilliant tactician and inventor. He has a number of deadly robots of his own making, such as the Tri-Man, Tri-Animan, and Bombdroid, and a number of advanced weapons and vehicles, such as his force field helicopter, his menacing teleportation device, and of course his helmet that can fire optical beams that can blind any enemy, even forever. Intelligent and arrogant, the Masked Marauder spends his time devising complex and precise plans and demands that they be carried out to the letter: After all, greatness is built on details, and its growth will not be spoiled by a three-second delay in planning.


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