Feed the Gods (2014) MVD Marquee Collection Blu-ray Review

It’s been a long time since the last MVD Marquee Collection blu-ray release, but today we have two of the titles in this release. The first is “Feed the Gods” and details all of the fun facts about the film. The disc also comes with the documentary “MVD Memories” that includes interviews with the cast, crew, and filmmakers. The second title is “Venom” and it features the original theatrical trailer as a bonus feature that runs a little over a minute.



When Bigfoot finally appears in the climax, I’m not sure what it’s about, but the film builds on a good idea, so I give it credit. It’s just a shame that writer/director Braden Croft wasted what he had at the beginning of the film.


Two brothers and one of their fiancés travel to a remote village in the woods to find their biological parents, but instead they stumble upon the legend of Bigfoot.


When their adoptive mother dies, the two brothers, Will (Sean Roberts), fat and a bit sullen, and Chris (Tyler Johnston), younger and slim, find a videotape that was left to them along with a box of miscellaneous items. There is nothing special about the footage, but they conclude that pictures of their real mother and father can be seen in the footage of a backyard party filmed about 20 years ago. Will suggests they go to their hometown, a remote village about ten hours away. Chris doesn’t care, and besides, he doesn’t like having to deal with his unreliable and lazy older brother who hasn’t gotten his life together yet. Groom Chris Britt (Emily Tennant) loves the idea of a road trip, and Chris reluctantly gives the green light. The three men set out on a journey and reach a small town in the woods, and soon there are small clues that the town hides secrets as old as time itself. Fewer than 70 people live in the town, and the residents abide by an old rule that no one may leave the town until they have been sacrificed to the gods – namely the snowman and his clan – as an old legend says. Will, Chris and Brit eventually figure out that they’re stuck in the city until they find a way to escape a handful of townspeople who want to trade their lives for a hermit-like creature who lives in the woods, but it will be a fight they’ll never forget.

An intriguing concept ruined by poor casting and an uninspired script. Feed the Gods offers an innovative approach to the old monster movie genre, but it’s clear that the roles of the two brothers should have been swapped in the film. The fact that the exuberant, tough actor in the film plays an anxious, overconfident character, while the younger, slimmer (and obviously female) actor with Justin Bieber hair plays a character with an attractive fiancée, a career, and an enviable life, is a continually disturbing flaw. I didn’t think for a second that Tyler Johnston would be able to dominate Sean Roberts, they even fought each other – and Johnston seemed to have the upper hand on Roberts! No way! The magic of cinema! When Bigfoot finally appears in the climax, I couldn’t make out what it was about, but like I said, the movie is built on a great idea, so I’ll give it credit. It’s just a shame that writer/director Braden Croft wasted what he had at the beginning of the film.

MVD Marquee Collection has just released Feed the Gods on Blu-ray, and this is the Blu-ray debut of the film. Includes audio commentary from Croft and the producer, as well as a behind-the-scenes episode, a trailer, and double-sided artwork.

Feed the Gods (2014) MVD Marquee Collection Blu-ray Review

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