Dharma & Greg is a sitcom that debuted in March of 1997 on the WB (which is now known as The CW). It was a huge hit, and kept viewers entertained for 9 seasons until 2002. The show revolves around Dharma & Greg, two estranged siblings who, when their mom died, were given the responsibility of raising their younger siblings. The show was a huge success, and is considered by many to be one of the best sitcoms ever made.

Dharma & Greg began their television adventures in 1997 on the ABC network with the endearing, if somewhat fictionalized, relationship of a struggling comedy writer, Greg (Judd Hirsch), and his struggling actress girlfriend, Dharma (Candice Bergen). The show featured Greg and Dharma making the most of being young, poor, and single in New York City. Over the course of the series, Greg and Dharma became increasingly dependent on each other, and the show became, at times, a self-help counsel for couples.

Things don’t always go as planned. Todays life lessons brought to us by Dharma & Greg.

Dharma & Greg on the surface was a silly sitcom that aired on ABC from 1997 through 2002. Dharma (Jenna Elfman) was a quirky, unique, spontaneous, free-spirited woman who somehow ended up with Greg (Thomas Gibson), a US Attorney who had been all but trained by his parents that money, power, and status mean everything. While this may be how he was raised, he was down-to-earth, loving, quirky in his own way, and it was pretty easy to get him to be a bit spontaneous as well. After all, he has to have some spontaneity in him to marry Dharma the first day he met her! This led to a wild ride, but it also taught us all some valuable life lessons.



Spontaneity may be very beneficial. We’re not suggesting you marry someone on your first date, or even travel to Reno with them to eat blueberry pie. However, we are stating that it does sometimes work out. In the first episode, Dharma spotted Greg on the metro. He didn’t get up to her in time after she waved, and he felt he’d missed out on the opportunity to speak with her. She’s seated on his desk when he returns to his legal office. She didn’t have to work much to figure out who he was or where he was, but she chose to go speak to him nonetheless. Their first date was a success, to say the least, because they married. They proceeded to see his parents, Kitty (Susan Sullivan) and Edward Montgomery, the following day (Mitchell Ryan). They weren’t pleased with their son’s impulsive decision, but they didn’t have much of a choice. Dharma and Greg turned out even better than we had hoped, and their spontaneity led to their happiness. What would we discover if we were more spontaneous? We may be losing out on a lot if we don’t take that risk.


At All Times, Keep An Open Mind

Dharma was a spiritual and open-minded individual. Her parents, Abby (Mimi Kennedy) and Larry, educated her at home (Alan Rachins). They didn’t exactly give her traditional lessons since Larry was anti-government. He lacked a social security number and wanted to live off the grid! Larry may also be classified as a “stoner.” While some of Dharma’s beliefs appeared outlandish and completely insane, there were certain things she taught us. Forgiveness, love, and making the most of a bad situation She seemed to be “air-headed” at times, yet she was much smarter than she appeared. She assisted a Native American man called George in passing into his chosen afterlife by keeping an open mind. She was a person who listened, trusted, and completely loved others. Dharma searched for the good in people and made a difference by keeping an open mind.

Best Friends Can Show Up in the Strangest of Places

Jane (Shae D’Lyn) was a badass, for want of a better term. In the first episode, she looked menacing and even threatened Greg. Greg’s closest buddy, Pete (Joel Murray), later became his legal partner. Despite the fact that Jane was a bit aggressive and appeared to be the polar opposite of Dharma, their friendship worked well. Pete was likewise the polar opposite of Greg; he attended law school in Jamaica and lacked Greg’s seriousness and confidence. They also balanced each other out. Jane and Pete, too, ended up married on the spur of the moment. They weren’t a very healthy marriage, but they were always there for their friends. Later on, Jane and Greg became friends, and Pete loved Dharma. These friendships were unique and didn’t appear to fit together, yet as a group, they were wonderful. 


Even if it makes other people unhappy, be yourself.

Greg pondered things many times during the series. He, like many of us, questioned his life choices. He questioned if he was satisfied in his job and then decided to leave. This led to a journey inside himself, and he set out to discover what was best for him. He eventually realizes that he is a natural-born lawyer, but he also realizes that he enjoys cooking and being with his friends, and that he has to do more than simply be an attorney. He, too, needs a life. Dharma went off the rails a couple times as well. When she ran for government, she went all out to have everyone on her side, which required a lot more lying and manipulating than she could manage. She broke down as a result of the physical and mental strain. The most essential lesson to take away from this is to be loyal to yourself. When you strive to make everyone else happy, you end up sacrificing your own happiness.


It’s A Good Thing To Be Sex-Positive!

Abby was a very open person, and she let us all know it. Dharma mirrored Abby’s beliefs, and in her first encounter with Greg’s parents, she inquired as to when they last had sex. Kitty was gazing at Larry in the future, curious about the size of his member, and Abby was unconcerned. She told Kitty she may look at it if she wanted! Abby did not deny that sex is an essential aspect of life and that it is nothing to be embarrassed of. This is something we could all learn from: sex is OK. It’s not a dishonorable conduct, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed of. This is a lesson that we may all benefit from. 

It’s A Good Thing To Love And Protect Your Friends

Jane was always on Dharma’s side, and this was obvious from the start. When she was married to Pete, she stood up to Greg and told him that when he lost his job, he should certainly write a letter of reference for Pete to another legal firm. Pete approached Greg, who claimed he wouldn’t do it since the company had given him too much work, and Pete wasn’t exactly the most dependable. Pete was Greg’s legal partner at the conclusion of the episode, and as he walked out the door, he told himself, “He’s my buddy.” Even in the most difficult circumstances, Jane, Dharma, Greg, and Pete all made it a point to support their pals. They cared and went out of their way for one another. We all know how important it is to look out for our friends, yet safeguarding them may be tough at times. We do our hardest, but we might need the reminder that although kids are tough to love and protect, it is easier than we believe.


Love is never predictable.

When Greg met Dharma, he didn’t expect to get married the next day. He had just just left a romance because he wasn’t ready to commit. When it came to Dharma, he had no problems with dedication. He felt happy as a result, and he plunged right in with Dharma, bypassing the courting stage. But it’s not only romantic love that may be unexpected. Throughout the series, we witness how Kitty, who has a high guard and isn’t the greatest fan of Dharma, develops feelings for her and wants to spend more time with her. Larry and Ed were two extremely different individuals who eventually became friends. They may have been forced to become family quickly, but their love for one other developed organically. We may not believe someone we know is very lovely, but we never know for sure. Love isn’t always predictable, but it’s powerful and beautiful. 


Being cautious does not imply that you are unconcerned.

Kitty was one of the series’ most closely guarded characters, if not the most closely guarded. She came out as obstinate, irritable, and theatrical. She was a master at putting on the appropriate mask for her country club, but behind her rock-hard exterior, she was a kind and caring person. After announcing her intention to divorce, she stood up for her son, daughter-in-law, and even her husband. They don’t get divorced, but she was easy to fawn over and grinned at the slightest provocation. Kitty Montgomery had a strong defense, but she was also extremely vulnerable to love, and it meant a lot to her when others showed her sympathy and affection. She subsequently met Abby, and Abby’s ability to open up to others may have rubbed off on her a little. We’ve all met individuals who are very guarded; they seem chilly and as though we’ll never be able to break past their barriers. These individuals may be some of the most wonderful people we’ll ever meet, with a golden heart.

Sometimes going with the flow is the only option.

Larry has made it clear that he opposes the government, marriage, and… everything traditional. He’s a bit of a wild card. Ed and Kitty never imagined their son with someone like Dharma, a free-spirited and (in their opinion) crazy woman. She isn’t the kind of woman they were looking for, and Greg isn’t the type of guy Larry would have chosen for his daughter. In fact, he said unequivocally that he wished she hadn’t married. But what was done was done. They had to accept that this was what was going on, and that this was what they had to deal with for the time being. We all know individuals who make irrational decisions, but what options do we have? We don’t have a choice, so we may as well accept it. What do we do if we simply go with the flow and surf the waves since life is uncontrollable? Simply ride the waves out. We don’t have a choice; life will carry on whether or not we are here. 


Just because someone seems to be illiterate does not mean they are.

This was one of the series’ most ridiculous teachings. We are often made to think that Larry, Abby, Ed, Kitty, Pete, Jane, Dharma, and others… Every single one of our favorite characters is “dumb.” There wasn’t a single one of them who was. They were all wise in their own way. Jane showed us that we don’t have to have a traditional relationship, and that even the most painful events may take on a new meaning – and that breaking a boyfriend’s motorbike is a fast way to get rid of him. Pete showed us that not everything is as it seems, and that even the most powerful “players” just want to be loved. Larry showed us that some of the best ideas come from the most unlikely places. Abby showed us the value of sex positivity and the reality of unconditional love. Ed taught us not to judge a book by its cover and to face our fears, even if they were our wives. We can accept love if we let our defenses down, like Kitty showed us. Dharma and Greg showed us that getting out of our comfort zones is one of the greatest things we can do in life. 


Throughout this series, we learned a lot so we thank you Dharma & Greg for teaching us not to take life at face value, go for our dreams, and reminding us that things are always capable of working out.

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