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Did you see the latest episode of “A Discovery of Witches” on Lifetime? If not, you can catch up now! In the episode, the four witches’ journey continues as they search for a new place to set up a camp—but they soon find themselves caught in a deadly trap. The witches must now make a difficult decision: to look for a new place to stay, or to go on the journey and hope they will make it back. But if they make the wrong choice, they may not get another chance to choose again.

Series 2 of ‘A Discovery of Witches’ serves up another enthralling episode, packed full of moments that promise more excitement and thrills to come. The show is starting to deliver the complexity and depth of the books, and has a real knack for creating a convincing world.. Read more about discovery of witches season 2 episode 7 recap and let us know what you think.

Diana has the Book of Life in her hands, but Matthew is wary of its potential. Meanwhile, Knox was closing up on the Book of Life’s traces. Diana and Matthew returned to London, where Diana was able to see the Book of Life for the first time. The book appeared to be making Diana not just obsessive but also sick, as it was noticed by everyone. The threat to Marcus and the others was increasing in the present. Rebecca’s spirit was contacted by Emily and Sarah. Sophie and Nathan welcomed their first child into the world.

Let’s go through everything again!

It’s going to get a little spoilery!


Now is the time

Gerbert decides to make Ysabeau another visit when Knox gives him the errant pages of the Book of Life. They are still lacking one of the three pages that are hidden. Emily is found to be in possession of that one page.

Emily attempts to contact Rebecca once more but is unable to keep her present. Sarah, though, manages to capture her this time. She is desperate to rescue her from going on the perilous trip to speak with Rebecca, but this just leads to a brawl.

Meanwhile, while on the phone, Ysabeau overhears the two, fighting off Gerbert once again. She makes a thoughtful step forward, which we notice. She consoles Emily with a glass of wine and some sound advise about not going to bed after a fight.

After everything has calmed down, Emily and Sarah resolve to try again. Emily, on the other hand, isn’t doing it alone. Sarah arrives to the château with her. Phillip had taken Diana and Matthew to see the Goddess of the Hunt in order for her to bless their marriage. They make another attempt to reach Rebecca there. They still don’t obtain any answers they’re looking for to assist Diana and Matthew because of Sarah’s enthusiasm.


The game is being changed.

Marcus is still reeling from the revelation that he has the Blood Rage gene, as well as the fact that he chased Phoebe away with his confession. Miriam pays him a visit to check how he’s doing, but she only sees his angry side. She keeps it a secret from Marcus since she and Matthew are working together to discover a method to end Blood Rage, and he is understandably upset. His relatives and friends have been deceiving him.

He goes to Phoebe to attempt to smooth things over when he can’t solve one issue without Matthew there. He provides her with a more in-depth knowledge. He seeks assistance from Nathan (Daniel Ezra), but the two are stopped when Sophie announces the birth of her child. It was both a thrilling and frightening experience. The child is born alive, healthy, and a witch. Marcus instructs them to relocate to Sept Tours until the dust settles, in order to safeguard them all.


Visit from an unexpected source

Phoebe’s curiosity sweeps her away as she researches an insignia Marcus gave her, symbolizing the Knights of Lazarus, and she discovers more than she expected. A near-fatal run-in with Domenico is averted when she reveals she is carrying Marcus’s insignia. When Marcus gives it to her, he has more than one intention. He is attempting to protect her, but he also succeeds in persuading her to believe in him.


When Phoebe returns for answers, Marcus’ heart heals. In exchange, he receives some answers to his queries. We watch as they re-united as one and became as strong as Matthew and Diana. While Marcus tells Phoebe about his past, she expresses her support for his future as the KOL’s leader. It helps him prepare for his encounter with Baldwin, in which he rejects the vampire’s attempt to usurp his position as KOL’s leader. Unfortunately, provoking Baldwin’s anger exposes Marcus’s long-held secret regarding Sophie and Nathan’s child.

Knox verifies the baby’s existence, but is confronted by Agatha, who is determined to protect the child at all means, while he affirms his intention to take the child away.

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At the end of Discovery of Witches season 2, Diana and Matthew are married."}},{"@type":"Question","name":"What happens in Episode 8 of a discovery of witches?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"

In Episode 8 of a discovery of witches, the main character is in a mental institution and has to escape."}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in season 2 of a discovery of witches?

Season 2 of a discovery of witches is not yet released.

What happened at the end of Discovery of Witches season 2?

At the end of Discovery of Witches season 2, Diana and Matthew are married.

What happens in Episode 8 of a discovery of witches?

In Episode 8 of a discovery of witches, the main character is in a mental institution and has to escape.

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