In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that Yinsen was the MCU’s real founding hero.

The iron man yinsen endgame is a Marvel comic that confirmed that Yinsen was the MCU’s real founding hero, not Iron Man.

The hidden function of Yinsen has a lot to say about Marvel’s strategy.


Have you ever considered the many roles that individuals play in our lives, and how everyone we encounter has the potential to learn new things via experiences and succeed in life?

However, the cruel reality is that the invisible people that play a part in our life are not worth paying even an ounce of thought.

This page will ultimately cover the underappreciated position of Yinsen in Marvel’s What If series.

What-If with Yinsen and Marvel

Yinsen Was The MCU’s Original Founder, According To Marvel

Modern-day Cold War conflicts and problems with international terrorism are heavily influenced by Marvel’s What If series. Doctor Doom, aka Yinsen, is one of the series’ most prominent villains.

He is a strong psychic and the father of one of the X-Men from the modern age. Doctor Doom wants to control the Time Stone in the Marvel’s What If series in order to combine all of the world’s power.

By establishing a new timeline, the stone has the ability to change every single timeline.

Doctor Doom is played by Yinsen, who is one of the cast members. He is a Chinese American guy with the psychic ability of telekinesis, as portrayed in the comic. He works for Magneto, the X-leader Men’s and an Australian professor.

He’s fascinated with the idea that mutant strength may be harnessed and even exceeded via mental manipulation. Because of the nature of his job, he is often seen by guardsmen and guards.

Yinsen Was The MCU’s Original Founder, According To Marvel

Aside from Yinsen, a little Chinese girl called Shi Fu plays an important role in this tale. Doctor Doom mentors Shi Fu, a gifted young Chinese pupil, in mental and spiritual growth.

She takes a great interest in the history of the magical objects known as the Mind Gems while studying under the guidance of the renowned practitioner Doctor Doom, i.e., Yinsen.

The Mind Gems are magical metallic discs that emit psychic visions and messages when triggered by right brain waves.

Other characters in the Marvel’s What If series, besides Iron Man and Spiderman, have possessed and utilized these discs, including The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, and many more.

They were included in the What If volumes for a variety of reasons, one of which being to add a new aspect to the comic world.

The characters are put in circumstances where they would face the greatest peril of their lives, but they are protected by the Mind Gems. They are shielded from harm and kept secure.

Yinsen Was The MCU’s Original Founder, According To Marvel

The criminals were using the Mind Gems as a vulnerability, making them susceptible. Yinsen has the ability to control the thoughts of everyone on the world in the Marvel’s What If series.

He could make anybody think and think again with his Mind Gem, but only the highest-ranking members of his staff were privy to his secrets.

The X-Men were a well-kept secret until the birth of Professor X, when an experiment gave all mutants extraordinary abilities.


It’s safe to assume that Yinsen portrayed a major villain in the film, effectively stunning the audience with his outstanding acting abilities.

The who saved tony stark in iron man 1 is a question that has been debated for years. Marvel confirmed Yinsen was the MCU’s real founding hero, not Iron Man.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Tony Stark do anything for yinsen?

Tony Stark did not do anything for yinsen.

What did yinsen say to Tony Stark?

I am Iron Man.

Did Tony Stark hack the pentagon?


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