It’s been a while since I’ve gotten accustomed to the post-apocalyptic tone of the series, but for this episode, it felt like the movie was starting to forget about its roots. Of course, the main plot still revolves around the war-torn lives of the survivors, and the day-to-day struggles they must endure. The season is also starting to feel a bit repetitive, as the gang spends more time playing kill-or-be-killed games than actually catching up with each other.

It’s the final episode of the season, and it’s been a fun ride so far. The team is trying to track down the missing kids and recover the drugs, but there are many road blocks with the drug lord’s family, the health care system, and the cartels. The series has a lot of heart and I hope it continues to be successful.

If you’ve watched The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, you’ll know that Atlanta’s version of this genre is on the rise. The Bad Batch is a show that plays on these inspirations, and proves that it’s more than just a zombie show. The Bad Batch is a show that is completely different from anything the show viewer has ever seen before.

CHECK : Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 7, Battle Scars

The republic is no more, Rex. Not all. We’re here.

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 7, “Battle Scars”


Battle Scars begins with the boys escaping from a fleet of pirates by stealing a lizard. Sid blames Butch for the loss of the tactical droid, as well as all the accusations they make around town. In the episode, we see the glorious return of Captain Rex as the hooded figure reveals himself to the group. At first it’s a happy reunion, but Rex is bothered by Wrecker’s headache and insists that the boys remove their inhibitor chips immediately. They find themselves on an abandoned ship, apparently the same one on which Ahsoka and Rex were shipwrecked after the siege of Mandalore. Although the infirmary is no longer sterile and fully functional, it is the best option for surgery.

After some effort to get in, the boys put wreckers on the table. But once the machine is operational, Wrecker’s chip lights up and he goes into attack mode. He fights Tech and strangles Hunter before Omega pulls him away. She tries to appeal to his better nature, but he can’t control the chip and Rex has to knock him out. Omega stays with Wrecker until he wakes up. When Wrecker finally comes to his senses, he apologizes to Omega, but she realizes that he was unable to reverse the effects of the chip. Omega simply offers Wrecker some of his favorite snack and declares the mission over. Rex tries to persuade Hunter to join the rebellion, but he realizes he has to keep an eye on Omega and the boys. They say goodbye, and each offers to help the other at any time. The shadowy figures see the exchange and report it to the Empire.

REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 7, “Battle Scars”

Battle Scars is the episode many of us have been waiting for. It answers the question of who the Martez sisters were involved with in the dismantled program, and we finally see the return of fan-favorite clone Captain Rex. I was excited when the trailer for the series showed his legendary armor, but I didn’t expect to see Rex so soon. I even think the Martez sisters communicated with Ahsoka and we got to see Rex in the season finale. It could be the other way around, but it could also be my fault. I know some people think characters like Ahsoka and Mol are oversaturated in the series, and that’s certainly a valid point. But Ahsoka in particular is one of my favorite Star Wars characters, and I’m always happy to see her. I think we’ll see them in Bad Batch sooner rather than later, especially now that Rex and the Martez sisters are on the show. Battle Scars also includes confirmation that Trace and Rafa were telling the truth about the information they needed for a good cause, as well as the fact that the group only had one copy. I think it’s a shame that the party has completely abandoned its big Kush, missing out on the benefits and pissing off Sid in one fell swoop. But this makes Hunter’s performance even more impressive to the Rebels. No wonder Rex wanted to recruit the boys to the cause. I think it’s a good decision to have Rex resist the Empire from the beginning. He’s not the type to wait around. And now Filoni has an interesting opportunity to explore what took Rex from his position at the beginning of the Rebellion to where we find him in Rebels: old, complacent, and in hiding with his brothers.

REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 7, “Battle Scars”

I also think it would make sense for Hunter to turn down Rex’s offer, especially this early. I could see the Squad joining the Uprising or at least helping in the future, but we’ve already had series and movies about the Uprising. I love the shadow world where there is a party that blurs the line between good and evil to protect themselves and support Omega. I’m sure we’ll see Rex again this season, maybe in the finale. I doubt Hunter’s offer of help will go unheard for long. One thing I found odd: Rex wondered if the group had already removed their inhibitor chips. Most clones are unaware of this, and he saw his brothers go into attack mode against Ahsoka. It’s understandable that Rex was more than a little shocked by the experience, but I would have thought he would have expected his chips to be removed.

REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 7, “Battle Scars”

As for the essence of the episode, the activation of Wrecker’s chip was terrifying. I think this plot point has been set up for too long, but they played it perfectly in Battle Scars. They take the cutest, most childlike member of the team and turn him into a killing machine. He immediately turns on his brothers and even attacks Omega. It works all the better because we’ve already seen the Wrecker/Omega connection. I’m glad Omega’s plea for Wrecker’s humanity didn’t work; that would have been a bit convenient. Even Rex couldn’t resist the chip for long when Ahsoka was around, watching her grow. On that note, I liked the moments where Rex sees the boys interacting with Omega. I had a feeling he was thinking back to his time with Ahsoka during the glory days of the Republic. Rex is one of my favorite characters in this series and it was nice to see him again.

REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 7, “Battle Scars”

I’m really glad we’re getting an episode with a good story after the last round of filler. I have nothing against small batch fillers, but the Bad Batch is starting to test my patience in this regard. If I have a major problem with Battle Scars, it’s that I would have liked an update on Crosshair, Tarkin and the Caminoans.  I really missed this kind of work; it added tension to Butch’s exploits, and it was really interesting. We don’t know much about the Empire at this time or the breakdown of relations with the Camino, and I found it fascinating. I also thought Crosshairs would be the main villain of this series, though they can always do more later. Overall, I really enjoyed Battle Scars, and it’s an improvement over the last few episodes.

Location – 8
Actor – 9
Progression – 8
Production planning – 9
Animation – 9



Battle Scars is an improvement over the last few episodes of The Bad Batch and moves the season’s plot forward after weeks of filler, but it leaves Empire too far behind.

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