John Cena is one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now, but his career began years ago in the Marine Corps. In 2010 the wrestler-turned-movie-star was inspired by a Marine friend named “Sgt. Meyer” to create a wrestling character modeled after “Sgt. Meyer”. The character’s name was John Cena, and he was the star of the 2010 film “The Marine”, which was a huge box office hit and launched John Cena’s career.

John Cena’s rise to the top of the WWE ranks was sparked by a chance encounter with The Rock in an unlikely arena, which led to Cena becoming The WWE Champion. His career has taken him from the ring to the silver screen, where he will star in the action-epic based on his life, The Marine . For the first time in his career, Cena will be taking on the lead role of a leading man, and trainer of an action-star.

Six years ago, John Cena was a jobber to the stars. Now, after a meteoric rise through the WWE ranks, he’s taking his talents to the silver screen. He’ll star in and executive produce the highly anticipated action movie The Marine, which has just started shooting in New Orleans.

An examination of the past John Cena’s debut into the ultimate action ring in The Marine (2006)…

John Cena is a multi-talented individual. In the ring, he proved to be a force of nature and a crowd favorite. He applied his knowledge to the computer screen. After witnessing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson switch careers and become a film actor, this move came as little surprise to some. Johnson has grown into a larger-than-life figure as his career progressed. With John Cena, one can only suppose that lightning can strike again.

Now If you’ve been following Cena’s cinematic career path, you’ll notice that he’s not near as well-known as Dwayne Johnson, but he’s had some success. He has recently been seen in a number of high-profile blockbusters, which have enabled him to display various aspects of his personality. Prior to becoming a member of The Suicide Squad and the Fast Saga, he starred in a little action film called The Marine (2006). 

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As the Ultimate Leading Man, John Cena


John Bonito directed Cena in his debut role as a starring actor. Bonito’s name may not be familiar to you since his film career never took off. Explosions, fist fights, vehicle chases, gorgeous ladies, and handsome men all feature in The Marine. Unfortunately, the film is not as thrilling as it seems. It’s more of a great TNT movie to play in the background on a Saturday morning while cleaning the home.

The movie begins with John Triton (Cena) on a rescue operation for his team. He does this by violating instructions. With a camouflaged face and a lead-filled pistol, he wreaks havoc on his squad’s captors. This scenario establishes Triton as a full badass and killing machine, which is a fantastic practical setting.

However, it does play out like a nightmare of action, and not in a nice manner. There’s a punch here, a gunshot there, and it’s all done in an impressionistic style. It’s almost disorienting how quickly the editing is done. Each frame provides fresh information, and you never have enough time to think about what you’re seeing on screen. 

He is dismissed for violating instructions after rescuing his unit and finds work as a security guard behind the counter. A part of me wishes the movie had maintained him as an ex-military security guard stuck in civilian life. Bonito’s film follows the conventional action movie route, which is logical given WWE’s lengthy history of military connections.

As a result, their film The Marine will undoubtedly portray the military as invincible heroes. Is Triton going to have another opportunity to be a super soldier? Yes, Triton’s wife Kate was once kidnapped by a gang of criminals headed by Robert Patrick (Kelly Carson). Patrick’s psychotic villain has some appeal, but too many jokes and uncomfortable situations bury it.

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Vehicle Mayhem and Pyrotechnics

M-73 During his search for his abducted wife, John Triton aka THE MARINE (John Cena) makes a spectacular appearance. Vince Valitutti is the photographer.

The stunts and action go up after Triton’s wife is in the clutches of these shoddy writers. If the opening scene achieved anything, it was to give us a preview of what we’d be seeing for the remainder of the movie. Physical confrontations are often edited in a way that causes headaches. It often seems as though the editing is being utilized to hide either poor choreography or performers who are unable to execute the physical actions. It’s a shame, since Cena is clearly a guy capable of putting on a show physically. It can only help a film if he is adequately shown.

When stunts involving pyrotechnics and any kind of vehicle mayhem are included, the picture truly shines. Automobiles fly into the air, and an 18-wheeler cab crashes into a structure. This should give you a sense of how dangerous some of these car stunts may be.

The majority of these feats are followed by an explosion, which ensures that you experience the explosion’s flames. I must caution you that they often use special effects that aren’t quite up to par. Time will come for all of us, so it’s not a big deal to me, but they’re a bit too apparent. As I already said, this picture seems generic, but my problems with it are not due to its lack of creativity.

On paper, this picture might easily be a Gary Daniels production from PM Entertainment, but it lacks the artistry and passion that distinguishes it from the films of the era. It purports to be an action film, but it seems to be the reanimation of an action film’s dead corpse.

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But, just how supreme is it? 

Overall, John Cena’s cinematic debut is a disappointment. It has a stale plot and characters that seem more like stereotypes, making it difficult to empathize with them. When there aren’t any cars involved, the action falls flat. This picture contains a lot of inspirations, but none of them come through in any way. One good note: towards the conclusion of the film, there is a crazy murder using a chain. There’s also some gory body horror on display. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late for me.

It may be difficult to believe, but this was just the first in a six-film series. Without Cena, the sequels continue in DTV (Direct-to-Video) territory. Roel Reiné (Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines, Hard Target 2), William Kaufman (One in the Chamber, Sinners and Saints), and James Nunn (Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines, Hard Target 2) are among the DTV big hitters (Green Street 3, Eliminators). Is the series destined for DTV? I’ll find out as I continue to read the series. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will return for more.

Cameron Levins is a filmmaker, a comic book fan, and a fight scene fanatic. He got fascinated with action movies when his father showed him Bruce Lee as a child. He spends his spare time daydreaming about action scenes or looking up combat choreographers. Cameron may be followed on Twitter by clicking here.

A year ago, John Cena was a struggling wrestler coming off his first WWE pay-per-view main event. Fast forward to today, and he’s one of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling. He’s got 12 movies in production, starring roles in 3 major upcoming TV series, and a handful of major motion pictures planned for the next decade. In a nutshell, Cena’s a bona-fide action star. But that wasn’t always the case.. Read more about john cena height and let us know what you think.

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