The CW premiered the third season of its hit show Riverdale on October 10, 2017. Filmed in Toronto, Canada, this critically acclaimed series has been a fan favorite for many years, with a loyal following and a rabid fan base. The third season of Riverdale picked up with the characters in a state of flux. Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) found himself in a dark place after learning his father’s killer has been released from prison. Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) was in the grips of an addiction to medication as a result of a drug addled incident at the end of the season. And Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) was dealing with the fallout from the revelation that her father Fred (Luke Perry

With the finale of Riverdale season 4 on the horizon, there are a lot of burning questions. How did Alice die? How will Alice appear in season 5? Will Betty and Veronica be in love? Will Jughead be rich? As we near the end of the season, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions. However, we are actually in luck, because we now know the full details of the season 5 premiere episode.

Over the past four seasons, the terrible town of Riverdale has been subjected to a lot of torture! There have been stories and incidents that have led to lawlessness and violence on the streets of this city. And all these problems are solved by one gang. You know their names. Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge form a dynamic quartet! These four have always solved one problem after another for the city. In a way, Riverdale would have turned to dust without them. So they came back after graduation to help and rebuild the city. The dirty politics and crimes that have been going on for so long must end.

With the right gang in town, it looks like you can take the city back from Hiram Lodge and his thugs! After all, it’s not like the fans are witnessing an old-fashioned rivalry between Hiram and the entire city. Right now, the odds are not in his favor, and the empire is starting to crumble! Now we want to know what the members are doing.

A new beginning for Archie and Veronica!

After a few years, it was sad to see Archie and Veronica break up. Archie was very frustrated when he couldn’t finish school with the rest of his friends. In that rash moment, Archie decided to join the army and live out his life after college.

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At the time, Veronica married a rich and handsome man, Chad, who looked a lot like Hiram. Hiram and Chad were almost the same person, because Chad was just as bossy to Veronica. But, as befits Veronica, she just kept it at bay, just like her father. Finally, after seven long years, Veronica files for divorce; she decides to go back to Archie. Together they open the door to their former relationship. And it looks like the romance between Archie and Veronica will continue brutally in the coming seasons!

Will Jughead discover the moths? ( !)

After high school, Jughead began his career as a writer. He has published wonderful novels based on his life in Riverdale. Although Jughead lived a rich and prosperous life in New York, he went bankrupt. But after spending all his time in New York writing thrillers, he’s now back in Riverdale as a literature professor.

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At the same time, Jughead works for Pop to make some money while he can. Now that Dad has retired, his daughter Tabitha has taken over. With Tabitha’s help, Jughead embarks on a new mission to discover the allegedly alien moth species. Some people have confirmed that they have seen moths that have taken several people out of town.

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As Jughead’s suspicions grow scarier, he can only be accurate about what people say about moths. It also seems that a romance between Jughead and Tabitha is to be expected. A new chapter for Jughead after Betty Cooper and the high school romance.

Betty discovers that Glen is writing an essay about the Cooper family!

Like everyone else, Betty led a very active life after college. She worked for the FBI. She also investigates the disappearance of her own sister, Polly, since returning home. But with Polly still missing, the Cooper family is becoming increasingly worried.

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While working for the FBI, Betty teams up with one of her colleagues, Glenn, who is also in town to help Betty with her court work. But now Betty finds out something shocking about Glen. It turns out Glen is writing his thesis on the criminal history of the Cooper family. Black Mask, Chick and maybe now Betty have made history.

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Betty feels she has killer instincts and may have inherited the wrong values. Eventually she might kill someone and become another criminal of the Cooper family herself. But again, we never know what Betty is up to in the next few episodes. Betty herself helped the community and participated in the rebuilding of several churches. She also helped Jughead with the moths that fell somewhere in the Lonesome Highway area. She thinks the search for moths may lead to the search for Polly. But let’s see what happens next. There’s a lot to be done for Betty.

Major antagonist, i.e. Hiram Lodge

Since the early years of the series, there have been some great antagonists that have brought power to the series. At the beginning of the show, Black Hood appeared. In retrospect, he turned out to be Betty’s father. Even though Cheek became one of the more interesting villains in the Gryphons and Gargoyles era.

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But there was one man who didn’t know which side he wanted to be on. For now, we can assume that he is the main antagonist of the series. Hiram Lodge, the man whose money led to the corruption of the beautiful town of Riverdale. Since the gang is back in town, Hiram has been in control of the entire administration. He even started building his own apartment complex called SoDale. SoDale real estate is one of the main reasons that Riverdale’s economy has taken a serious slump.

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It’s not that Hiram didn’t care about his people. Even with Reggie by his side, he turns the city upside down to win his favor. But with Veronica and the rest of her team behind her, it looks like Hiram’s pernicious ventures can be stopped again.

As we all know, the fifth season has already aired. In this whirlwind of activity, we await the second part of season 5. A lot has to happen before Archie and the gang come to heal the town of Riverdale. The next episode will air in the first or second week of August. Until then, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up! Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica return for new twists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jughead dead in Season 5?

No, Jughead is alive and well in Season 5.

What happened in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 5?

The episode opens with Betty and Veronica in the kitchen, discussing their plans for the day. Veronica is excited to go to a party at Pop’s, while Betty is more interested in staying home and working on her novel. Veronica insists that she needs to get out of Riverdale for a while, but Betty doesn’t want her going without her. They decide that they’ll both go to the party together, but when they arrive at Pop’s, Archie has already left with Cheryl Blossom. Betty and Veronica are both upset, but they decide to go to the party anyway. They arrive at the party and find that it’s a costume party, so they dress up as Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. They dance with Archie and Jughead Jones, who are dressed as Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge respectively. The episode ends with Archie telling Cheryl that he loves her before kissing her passionately on the lips.

Are Cheryl and Toni dating in Season 5?

No, they are not dating in Season 5.

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