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Wendy is a character from the animated movie, “Pursuit of Happyness”. She is a single mother raising two children, Chris, her 5 year old son, and Jada, her 2 year old daughter. She works at a hotel and aspires to own her own business.

The next comic character in Sweet Tooth is towards the end of the third episode, Weird Deer S**t, when we follow the story of Aimee Eden. A woman, an original character, receives an unexpected gift in the form of a hybrid baby pig she names Wendy. Wendy, played by Naledi Murray, helps her adoptive mother establish The Preserve, a shelter for all hybrids. In the comics, Wendy finds herself in a sanctuary, but the place is nothing like the one we see in the series, on the contrary, it’s a scary and cruel death trap. Let’s look at the original Wendy. Wendy – Who’s Who Wendy was born in Texas, and for a time she and her family were blessed. Her father died before she was born, so Wendy grew up with her mother, and somehow they managed to keep a low profile to avoid being noticed by outsiders: Wendy was in fact a hybrid, born with the snout, ears, tail and hooves of a pig. As Sick continued to kill thousands a day, many terrified survivors turned against the hybrids, seeing them as the cause of their shame or as living specimens to seek a cure for the virus. Wendy didn’t even know it for most of her life, and she spent the first few years of her life carefree and happy: Her mother taught her to speak, read, write and draw (although Wendy needed her constant help with her hooves). They spent time together playing games, watching old movies with a blanket and a projector, taking hot baths, all thanks to an old engine Wendy’s mother used to generate electricity. Of course there were rules, and Wendy was not allowed to leave her home, but she was still happy and confident that nothing could break the spell….. But his mother had fallen ill, probably with the plague, and had been taken to hospital by men in aprons. Wendy was alone, but she was sure her mother would return safely: She spent her time drawing dozens of drawings featuring Piggirl, her superhero avatar, a gift to make her mother happy when she returned. She had enough food to fend for herself for a while, but she missed the games and fun she had with her mother. One night she tried to turn on the old engine to watch a movie, but she didn’t know how to use it and ended up setting the house on fire. Wendy – Who’s Who Wendy got out of the house just in time to watch helplessly as the fire consumed her home. …. a fire that had drawn a lot of attention and exposed her to the public. In no time, she was picked up by militiamen and taken to the Reserve, a military base that also served as a medical laboratory, a strict facility headed by one Captain Abbott. There were a lot of other hybrids there, and Wendy thought she could make friends with them….. But this was no haven, and all the children were kept in filthy cages, waiting for Dr. Singh to pick one of them for his research on viruses. Wendy soon found out that all her friends who had left with Singh would never come back, and she was old enough to know what that meant. Despite her predicament, Wendy manages to make friends with her fellow inmates, including Bobby the groundhog and Buddy the sailor, but they are not good company, as Bobby only knows a few words and Buddy is actually deaf and dumb. Apparently, Wendy’s talking hybrid was just a one-time event. …. until another hybrid, deer cub Gus, was introduced to the aviaries. Gus was just like them: he could talk really well (well, almost), and apparently there was something else special about him, because Dr. Singh treated him with special care, sending him from his lab back to the cages again and again, to prove that he hadn’t unlocked it yet. Gus also gave the other kids hope by promising Wendy that they would escape together….. And he kept his promise, for soon Johnny, the only friendly guard, opened their cages and led them out through the sewers. A wild alligator attacked Wendy and bit her arm, but Gus saved her. For the first time since she lost her mother, Wendy felt safe, protected by someone. Wendy – Who’s Who Wendy is a kind girl with a big heart, full of love and confidence, despite everything she has been through: Imprisonment and torture. It has pig-like features and an enhanced sense of smell, allowing it to track objects and people, and better detect approaching threats. As a member of the future breed, Wendy is warm wherever she goes and tries to be friendly to everyone. She builds a new world, case by case, without ever losing the smile her mother taught her, no matter how difficult the situation.


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