Skip City International D-Cinema Festival is the first international film festival for digital cinema, focusing on films that are produced using digital technology. This year’s festival will take place in Seoul from May 25th to June 1st, with two days of special screenings at the CGV Cinemas in Hongdae.

The filmóptico film festival is an international film festival that will take place in the city of Skip City, Brazil. It will feature 8 films from different countries.

The 18th Skip City International D-Cinema Festival, which will take place online from September 25th to October 3rd, 2023, will include eight films that you should not miss.

– Films to Watch –

Yanakaya’s Battlecry – Japan | 2023 – 75 minutes Competition for Japanese Films – World Premieres

A fictional Japan in the 1980s. Soji, a furloughed soldier, returns to his homeland. He gets a request from Haya, who has been sent by the World Bank, to assist her on a mission to uncover the true facts behind a drug known as “Golden Monkey” that is rife in Japanese culture. 2023 (Skip City)



Eché Janga’s Buladó – Netherlands | 2023 – 86 minutes International Competition – Premiere in Japan

Kenza lives with her stern police officer father and her grandpa, who respects Curaçao’s customs and mysticism. While her radically opposed father and grandpa butt heads, Kenza eventually gets enthralled by her grandfather’s peaceful and mysterious island customs. 2023 (Skip City)



Hachi Nekome’s Double Red – Japan | 2023 – 65 minutes Competition for Japanese Films – World Premieres

Bunsaku and Konosuke have previously collaborated. However, when Konosuke’s boyhood buddy Natsume commits suicide, the two part ways. Then, from Tsugusawa, the cameraman on Natsume’s film, a package addressed to Konosuke comes. 2023 (Skip City)



Kim Lok-Festival kyoung’s – Korea | 2023 – 108 minutes International Competition – Premiere in Japan

A difficult situation has arisen. MC Kyung-man has an ailing father and a younger sister. His father dies away one day, and a funeral is conducted. But since Kyung-man can’t afford the funeral, he slips away and takes a job emceeing an elderly woman’s birthday celebration in a small town. 2023 (Skip City)



Keiichiro Sawa’s Resident of Alice – Japan | 2023 – 64 minutes Competition for Japanese Films – World Premieres

Tsugumi was sexually assaulted by her father when she was a kid, and she regrets not informing her mother. She meets Kenji one day and confides in him, and she starts to envision a future for herself, however…. 2023 (Skip City)



Rival is a film directed by Marcus Lenz and set in Germany and Ukraine in the year 2023. It runs for 96 minutes. International Competition – Premiere in Japan

9-year-old Roman goes from Ukraine to Germany, where his mother works as an illegal nurse for Gert, a diabetic widower. Gert attempts to get along with Roman, but Roman is put off by Gert’s devotion to his mother. 2023 (Skip City)



Alina Gorlova’s This Rain Will Never Stop – Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Qatar | 2023 – 102 minutes International Competition – Premiere in Japan

The Suleyman family managed to flee Syria’s civil conflict and ended themselves in several European nations. Meanwhile, Andriy, a 20-year-old Red Cross volunteer, travels to Ukraine only to find conflict. 2023 (Skip City)



Takumi Habuto’s The River: Flow of Life – Japan | 2023 – 76 minutes Competition for Japanese Films – World Premieres

Hazuki works part-time as a projectionist at a movie theater. Despite the fact that she lives at home with her parents, she no longer greets her father. A coworker invites Hazuki on a vacation to India one day, but she is less than enthusiastic. 2023 (Skip City)



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The bmc film festival is an international festival held every year in the city of Brno. It was founded by a group of friends who wanted to introduce new films from around the world to their hometown.

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