The second part of the horror film ‘A Quiet Place’ is currently in theaters, and the sequel’s box office opening is pacing ahead of the first film’s. The film has grossed $40 million in its first two days of release, with an average of $21,000 per screen. This is an increase from the film’s opening weekend of $24.7 million, which is an increase of about 35% from the first film’s debut. The film has received positive reviews from critics, and the production team behind the film wanted to build on the success of the first film by making the sequel, which focuses on a new family.

Paramount Pictures’ A Quiet Place is the best horror movie of the year. Set in the near future, the film follows a family that survives in silence after a race of aliens terrorize the world. Keeping quiet may seem like a dream, but the quiet horrors of the aliens’ world are all too real for the humans.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a horror movie that delivers anything close to the level of fear and suspense you’d expect from Hollywood. Movies like ‘It,’ ‘Annabelle: Creation,’ and ‘The Conjuring’ have been released with the intention of scaring you senseless, but none of them really managed to do so, which is a shame, since any movie that can give you the kind of fright found in ‘A Quiet Place’ is a welcome sight.

Warning: major spoilers are coming for the movie First Quiet Place.

The original A Quiet Place was a huge hit, and director John Krasinski did something unique for its time. Not only is The Quiet Place set in an apocalyptic world where creatures attack when they hear sound, which forced Krasinski to make a horror film with minimal sound, but he also played a deaf actress (Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott) and focused much of the sound design on her. Although the film is not silent, the sound design went from typically aural to muted during Regan’s many close-ups. I really think these things are a big reason why The Quiet Place is so special and, for me, the perfect horror movie. So I had my doubts about the second part, because would it really be better or at least as good as the first?

First day opening

A quiet place: Part 2 begins with John Krasinski’s character, Lee Abbott, on the first day of the apocalypse. With some heartbreaking references to the first film, we see the Abbott family’s first encounters with the creatures and the introduction of family friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy).

It’s not quite the same, but having witnessed the first stages of a global catastrophe, I feel incredibly connected to this discovery. We all had to quickly adjust to the arrival of COVID-19 to believe that this entity had suddenly taken over the world, but it seems even more powerful when the Abbott family’s lives are turned upside down. Of course, the second part was shot before Pandemic and delayed to coincide with the theatrical release, but it’s incredibly appropriate.

At first glance, it seems like Krasinski wants to make sure he’s mentioned as an actor in the second part, but it’s actually how Lee handled the first signs of disaster that are important.

After the first part

We are then almost transported to the point where the first film left off; the Abbott family had just lost their father Lee and discovered how to weaken the creatures by combining Regan’s hearing aid with a stereo.

Although they have found some (temporary) solutions to cope with this life, it is clear that the family will face more challenges this time. Now they are a family that relies entirely on Evelyn (Emily Blunt), the only adult in the family, and of course they have to deal with a crying baby in a silent world. In an attempt to cope with life without Lee, they leave the farm in the first episode to seek help and an old family friend, Emmett, who has lost even more than the Abbott family.

Paramount Pictures

Family drama

The film A Quiet Place is not only a horror film, but also a family drama. The tone is similar in this episode, with more focus on the new character Emmett and Regan becoming the main character. Although Lee is no longer on screen after the opening scene, his spirit is still strongly present. He was always trying to do something to help Regan with his hearing, always looking for new ways to fight these unknown creatures and always putting his family first. Ironically, as we already know, it was Regan who found a way to defeat the creatures, but only after Lee died and sacrificed himself to save his children.

Lee clearly left those values and attitudes behind, and it’s Regan who wants to step forward to help his family and continue his legacy. Everything about this film, while just as scary as the first part, is just as heartwarming. Emmett’s character certainly doesn’t replace Lee, but Abbott’s family clearly challenges him to find his faith in others.

Krasinski is not only back as director, but he also wrote the second part. It manages to keep the tone and spirit of the first volume. There are a few foreshadowing moments that are perhaps too obvious, and a few that could have been more intense – some of the secondary characters and places the family encounters feel like rangy spectacles rather than adding anything to the story. But overall, Krasinski’s script is as good as it needs to be.

There was no shortage of actors in the first part, but it’s worth noting that the addition of Cillian Murphy improves the film, as does Millicent Simmonds, who plays a larger role. She was already great in the first part, but her leading role in the second part is mesmerizing. Murphy and Simmonds work well together on screen. What is particularly striking is how they learn to get along with each other. Emmett, played by Murphy, does not understand sign language and cannot speak words, and Regan Simmonds must find ways to communicate with him. The deafness came out well in the first part, but it could have been less of an issue for Regan, since her family obviously knows sign language. Part II certainly went a little further. The film shows how important it is for hearing people in general to be more inclusive. But it also shows that Regan is capable of anything and that her deafness doesn’t stop her from being a strong character.

Part I versus Part II

It’s a quiet place: Is part II better than the first movie? Personally, I don’t think so, but it doesn’t fall short of its predecessor. Ultimately, The Quiet Place was fresh; Part II brings nothing new to that and explores no new concepts. But impressively, the sound design of this suite is even better. Already very impressive in the first part, she was also very impressive in A Quiet Place: The second part will focus more on playing with sound. This film is louder than the first, but that’s okay – we understand this world now, so it doesn’t hurt to listen to the score when we know it’s quiet. In the first film, the family lived mostly on the farm, with occasional trips to other places. There’s more travel and family separation here, which means we get faster cuts and simultaneous events, giving the second half a purer voice.

A quiet place: The ending of part two, though well done, could pave the way for part three to become a trilogy. There’s certainly more to explore, but since part one was the perfect horror movie and part two was the perfect sequel, let’s hope that when it happens, it’s done just as well.

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