Lance Hornsby is probably best known for his role as a child actor in the 1979 horror classic “The Fog”. Since then, he has starred in a number of films and television series, including “The Big Lebowski”, “The Facts of Life”, “The Twilight Zone”, “The Wild Thornberrys”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”, “Modern Family”, and “Fox and Friends”.

Lance Hornsby was born on 30-May-1934 in Winston-Salem, NC. His father was an insurance salesman and his mother was a registered nurse. He grew up in nearby High Point, NC, where he attended the public school system and later graduated from Pine Crest College. After school Lance joined the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Korea with the 8th Bomb Squadron.

Another important member of the Commonwealth, Lance Hornsby, is represented by Josh Hamilton in the advertising pictures for the last season of The Walking Dead. Lance will be portrayed as a citizen of the new macro-community that will affect the fate of “our” survivors in the seventh episode, Promises Broken, but his precise position, both in the Commonwealth and in the broader narrative, has yet to be disclosed. Instead, if you want to know what he’s up to in the comics, look no further, and let’s read about who he was in the first place.

The life of Lance Hornsby prior to the Outbreak is totally unknown, but there are some elements we can easily deduce from his destiny after the apocalypse. He was most likely born in Ohio, got a superior education, and had a highly remunerated job, belonging to the upper class of whatever city he lived in. Of course, when the Outbreak came, nothing of that seemed to matter anymore: suddenly, money was useless in a non-monetary society, college education was pretty much useless compared to basic survival skills, and social contacts didn’t protect anyone from the masses of undead risen to feed of the flesh of the living. What Lance considered “his world” had no meaning nor a place anymore in the new, unique post-apocalyptic society… until he reached the Commonwealth, a huge community, actually a federation of different communities, ruled by a proper politician, Governor Milton. Milton believed that the old world was still worth saving, and valued the experience, title and social class people held before everything crumbled down: under Milton’s rule, Lance didn’t have to do jobs below his level of education anymore, and could finally come back to the life he had been used to, ordering people around rather than executing humble tasks himself. With his experience and background, Lance first was chosen to be the bookkeeper of the Commonwealth, and then he rose in ranks, becoming one of the community’s administrators, and eventually one of the people closest to the Governor, even acting as Deputy Governor from time to time. Life was good again.

Governor Milton trusted Lance implicitly, and when one of the Commonwealth’s radio operators, Stephanie, made contact with another community without authorization, while she was severely punished for doing so, Lance was sent with Mercer and a group of soldiers to greet Eugene and the rest of the delegation from the contacted community, Alexandria. What Lance was supposed to do was to question and interrogate the newcomers to assess their intentions, but much to his annoyance Eugene refused to say anything unless he was allowed to speak with Stephanie first. Since nobody in the Alexandria delegation seemed to be a menace to the Commonwealth, out of frustration Lance finally gave in, and organized things to let the new group visit the Commonwealth. While the people from Alexandria were surprised to see the level of well-being and organization reached within the Commonwealth, Lance had some pleasurable surprise also with the visiting group, as he found some people worth keeping within the community’s walls: namely, he discovered that one of them, Michonne Hawthorne, had a law degree, and he offered her a place as a lawyer within the Commonwealth, an offer that she enthusiastically accepted the moment she knew that her daughter Elodie, who she believed was dead, was actually a citizen of the Commonwealth. As Michonne would have soon learnt, however, the place came with a price: a resident, Anthony Keith, had the bad idea of confronting a police officer who had an affair with his wife, and as a result a bunch of cops beat him to a pulp. Wanting to test Michonne’s skills and loyalty, Lance tasked her with Keith’s defense, but made it clear that she needed to lose the case, as the people from the Commonwealth couldn’t lose faith in their law enforcement. After all, protecting paradise was worth some little compromise…

Lance Hornsby is a reborn man, a sophisticated and rich businessman who saw his world collapse in before of his eyes and, against all odds, managed to resurrect it. Lance is understandably proud of his town, and he is passionately protective of the Commonwealth’s order and social ladder, to the point that he is willing to go to any length to maintain the newfound status quo. Lance, a powerful man who refuses to relinquish his position, will do all in his ability to keep things from descending to the levels of barbarism that they previously did. Anything.

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