The wrestling community likes to think of themselves as a family, yet in truth, that family can be a toxic one if things are not properly managed. There are many cases in the past of disgruntled wrestlers forming factions and feuding with other wrestlers for questionable reasons. This year, we are going to see a faction form when a disgruntled wrestler who has a rivalry with one of this years wrestling stars decides to take matters into her own hands.

The film began with a flashback to Monday Night Raw in New York City, with John Cena and Batista working out their next moves as the singles wrestlers on the roster. As a sort of cautionary tale, the film showed the two of them chasing each other all around the Manhattan cityscape, getting in each other’s way, and eventually getting themselves pinned (or being pinned).

The 26th July 2023 is a Tuesday, meaning the movie is #12 on the 12th movie series, and it is the 11th movie of the 26th July 2023.. Read more about wrestling with the week and let us know what you think.

Another Wrestling Week #12 (26th July 2023)


Thank you for coming along with me! I’ll be mouthing off on a Monday about other wrestling events that grab my attention, in addition to giving you That’s Not Wrestling every Thursday and raving about PPVs on YouTube. This is Another Week of Wrestling, and I’m Danny Damage, writing for Geeks + Gamers.

<—Last week’s installment of Another Week of Wrestling!

This week, there seems to be just one subject on everyone’s lips, so let’s take a huge bite out of it. Also, it seems that I was mistaken last week!

In my defense, every year there is a whiff of CM Punk rumors, and everyone and their dog manages to capitalize on it. But I’m still wary, and I’ll have a small “I’ll believe it when I see it” in the back of my mind to keep my heart safe.

However, if Daniel Bryan and CM Punk appear in AEW, it is absolutely great! It’s not helping the ratio of ex-WWE to non-WWE talent, but a match or feud between the two should help AEW level up a bit. I can’t predict how well AEW will function after Punk and Bryan are gone, or if the boost their business gets will last or deteriorate with time, but I’m glad to sit back, observe, and give it a go.

Aside from the good news, I believe this could have been handled more effectively. Obviously, my problem isn’t with either of the wrestlers; it’s the SPOILER-WORLD WE LIVE IN that has destroyed how great this COULD have been!

The wrestling business, like video games, comic books, anime, music, cinema, and television, has a created sub-industry clinging to its teat for survival. Hollow (lack of) personalities that fake interest in whatever business they’ve entered are turning the gears of this machine. They’re excellent at smiling, brown-nosing, and enthusiastically reciting a cue card/teleprompter.

These are the individuals who used to label other people geeks and nerds because it gave them power at school and subsequently in high school. That was until certain businesses got lucrative; then it was time for these sleazy buggers to go out and get some over-sized glasses and a Star Wars t-shirt, label THEMSELVES a geek/nerd, and tell everyone they’ve always loved “all the sci-fi/wrestling/video games/etc.”

This isn’t a new phenomenon; it’s just that there are a lot more individuals doing it today, and they stand out a lot more. The studio panel at E3 2023 was strewn with them.

They are familiar with the lyrics, but not with the music.

There was a time when this was only seen in gossip magazines that stood out in newsagents, ruining soap operas and TV dramas. I’m not talking about individuals who post-mortem/discuss something; I’m talking about people who do nothing but ruin things and “report” on the tiniest of details as news. Whether it’s someone signing a new contract, revealing the path of a plot, or announcing their auto-tuned hair metal band is going on tour in two weeks, these are all indications that may help you figure out where your wrestling program is headed.

Now, I agree that this isn’t the main reason why people aren’t loving their work as much as they used to. Wrestling, films, games, television, and comic books have all become worse in recent years, but constantly discussing plot elements, discoveries, and shocks isn’t going to help anybody appreciate anything, is it? Why do you believe that is? Everyone has seen 90% of a major video game, TV mini-series, or Marvel film by the time it is released, due to two years of hype, longer trailers, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and press releases attempting to draw you in with whatever virtue is being indicated this time. If it isn’t done for this purpose, you’ll simply have someone ruining things in the hopes of getting more attention or money.

Unfortunately, wrestling is no exception. There is really little left to the imagination with all of the news, rumors, and knowledge of upcoming PPV bouts, etc. If you really like something, you can see why someone might want to go into it blind… you know, for the experience, not simply to fit in with the crowd and be a part of the discussion – any conversation.

Take a look at Malakai Black’s AEW debut from a few weeks ago. That was a pleasant surprise, and everyone enjoyed it. John Cena was greeted with a standing ovation as he returned to Money in the Bank. When The Hardy Boys made their comeback at WrestleMania, the fans went completely insane. Even Alberto del Rio had a huge ovation in WWE a few years ago when he accepted an open challenge, and virtually no one loves him. The unexpected arrival of familiar music took many off guard and prompted them to respond.

Speaking of familiar music (and returning to our primary point), AEW must not change the entrance music for Bryan or Punk the first time they arrive. I’m not sure why they’d do that for Punk, but it’ll be tempting for Daniel Bryan’s debut. Go ahead and demonstrate you hold the rights to Europe’s “Final Countdown” at a later date if you want to, but without hearing Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries,” his “surprise” arrival will only elicit a limited response. I’m not simply referring to the individuals in the audience; I’m sure they’ll all be familiar with Bryan’s past work. If they hear Bryan’s WWE theme on AEW, fans at home and that sought-after new/casual watcher will rush to their TV screens. Make the most of the magic!

I apologize to fantasy books, but imagine if we didn’t know one of these two were going to be on AEW. Consider what would happen if Daniel Bryan (or Bryan Danielson) stopped someone and marched to the ring, shocking everyone. With the crowd already buzzing, the sight of CM Punk confronting (or standing alongside) Bryan would have blown their minds even further. For some of the delicate little wrecks that mindlessly cheer for AEW, I’m talking about therapy-level effect. They could have had two distinct shocks; of course, I’m unhappy it was revealed before of time… if it was.

Chris Jericho is expected to make an appearance shortly to cash in on the excitement, but it seems that he has already been beaten to it. Kenny Omega has been droning on about the possible additions, hoping to steal some of the limelight. Daniel Bryan has been clearly superior than Omega since before Kenny first began “wrestling” kids and inanimate things on the toilet circuit, and CM Punk is actually recognized as “The Best in the World,” which will hurt tiny Kenny’s delicate ego by default.

I’m excited to see Punk and Bryan in charge of their own creative vision; they’re both professionals who are very talented and entertaining, and they have excellent judgment.

Last but not least, as I’m sure you’re both aware, none of you needs to work with Kenny Omega. Omega NEEDS to work with you two, not the other way around, much like Punk did with Triple H a few years back. If any of them is going to stay long enough to run for champion, please steal Omega’s belt first. Hopefully, they both avoid getting any of that crap on them, and their presence will motivate the roster’s sloppy amateurs to either improve or piss off someplace else.

PUTTING IT BLUNTLY: Here’s a shameless link to it: Just in case you missed the first one, here’s the sequel: The Spoiler-World We Live In!

That concludes this week’s activities. Think about it and talk about it! Remember to keep an eye out for “That’s Not Wrestling!” every Thursday on Take care, and I’ll see you on Monday to talk about #AnotherWeekOfWrestling!

Rachael Hope created the background artwork.

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The world of professional wrestling has changed in the last 10 years. Gone are the days where anything else but a wrestler could jump into the ring. The only person who used to have to make it in the ring was the champion, but now there are a number of wrestlers that need to be in there. Top stars like Neville, Harper and Orton have to fight for their world championship, while low-card workers like AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler have to fight for the honor to be in a main event.. Read more about wrestling with the week reddit and let us know what you think.

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