Daisy Midgley is a beauty. When she’s not working as the front desk receptionist at the local hotel she’s strutting around in designer dresses. She’s a very well put together girl, and when she’s on the hunt for a date with her equally attractive boyfriend, she’s always wearing the newest designer dress.

Ryan Connor, a young guy living in New York, has a great job, a cute apartment, and a beautiful girlfriend. But he’s not happy. He’s been down on his luck since his wife died years earlier. When a new girlfriend starts dating him, Daisy thinks Ryan is hiding something. She’s determined to find out what it is. After a night out with Ryan at the bar, Daisy is convinced she’s figured out what’s wrong. What she doesn’t know is that she’s about to be exposed to a secret that will change her life forever.

Coronation StreetSpoilers for the series revealed that Daisy Midgley set a trap for Ryan, leading to the breakup of the show’s star couple, Ryan Connor and Ala Nazir.

In the next week of the ITV series, Alya (Sairo Khan) and Ryan (Ryan Prescott) will have to put their dream of owning their own home on hold after the couple’s financial problems put their relationship at risk.

Ryan, wanting to spend the night with his girlfriend, finds solace with Daisy (Charlotte Jordan Evans) after Alya turns him down for his job.

Newcomer Daisy sees the opportunity to befriend Ryan, whom she has spotted since arriving in Weatherfield.

In the following episodes, Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) is recruited as a stage manager at a bistro, while Alya convinces Ryan of her qualifications. Although Ryan doesn’t want to at first, he agrees to try to save money for their dream apartment.

But Daisy discourages him and convinces him that he would rather work as a DJ than in a seedy bistro. Reassured by Daisy’s words, Ryan continues to spend more time with her now that they plan to start a business together.

SpoilerCoronation Street – Daisy Midgley takes on Alya Nazir in aoutfit showdown.

The new business partners begin their service with a promotional party for the 18th anniversary. Simon Barlow’s (Alex Bain) birthday party in Victoria Gardens.

When Alya arrives, Daisy invites her to a party and suggests she go to her friend’s shop in town to help her dress for the event.

Later in the episode, however, Alya arrives at the party and finds herself in an embarrassing situation when she sees Daisy wearing the same dress she had suggested buying.

Sensing it’s a trap, Alya tries to confide in Ryan, but is rebuffed for focusing on his success as a DJ.

Ryan is still overjoyed at the success of the party and keeps talking about how Daisy congratulates him, to which Alya jumps on him and claims Daisy is stalking him. But to Ala’s disappointment, Ryan defends Daisy and says she’s just jealous.

When Ryan travels to Salford for a DJ gig, Alya questions Daisy about her behaviour. But the villain adds new cracks to their relationship, which crumbles when she tells Ryan what happened and he apologizes.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Jenny McAlpine reveals Tyrone is jealous of Fiz’s new romance @soapoperaspy https://t.co/4AKvbNWQ5Y #CoronationStreet

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 2. July 2023

Coronation Street Spoiler – Daisy poisons Ryan with alcohol

In later episodes, Daisy turns into the villain she should have been by comforting Ryan when the show is cancelled.

While having a drink in the back room of the Rovers Return restaurant, she puts her hand on Ryan’s leg and offers him two cocktails she calls the Grumpy Girlfriend cocktail and the Daisy Wild Passion Night cocktail, asking him to choose.

Will Ryan refuse his offer?

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