It has been a lot of fun having ARES STUDIOS in the same neighborhood as many of our local clients, but alas, it appears that we are about to enter a new era. Of course, the new facility will be larger, which means more room for our growing film and television production company and more room for our clientele, too.

We are very excited to announce that ARES STUDIOS has moved down the street to a new facility in the heart of the city. The new location is just across the street from the old one, so you will still be able to see us on the street. It is a beautiful new building that fits in with the architecture of the neighbourhood, and it has a sleek and modern aesthetic. We are very happy to be here and we are looking forward to many years of success with our new location.”

ARES STUDIOS is a multi-media production company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We produce hard-to-find and unique content, and are on a mission to spread our quality product to the world. Our team of diverse professionals strives to provide our clients with a variety of great work, done fast and on time.

In 2017, ALEC PETERS closed the massive INDUSTRY STUDIOS in Valencia, California, and moved all of AXANAR’s assets – including the massive, unfinished Ares Bridge set – 2,500 miles across the country to Lawrenceville, Georgia. The new, much smaller space was named ARES STUDIOS, and the deck was actually completed and presented to the public by AXACON in November 2018.

Since then, Ares Studios has produced two Axanar movies, my own fan film based on the Axanar universe, INTERLUDE, numerous other fan films, several parodies of sci-fi, and a series of student films for the Gwinnett School District.

Located in a small industrial park behind a shopping center that houses (among other things) a doughnut shop next to a weight loss center(!!!), the 6,000 square foot space was perfect for the deck, captain’s quarters, other decorations, props, costumes and countless patches and other perks. There was also an office, a reception area, a second office that was often used as a cloakroom, a kitchenette and of course a toilet. You can see Ares Studios in this video I posted for Interlude Confidential…..


As good as the space and location were, the biggest drawback was the rent + utilities, which was about $4,000 a month. And even with Patreon providing monthly donations from hundreds of contributors covering about half of those costs, it was a huge waste of Alec’s personal financial resources, on the order of $20,000 a year!

Alec was (and still is) looking for land to buy and build a small metal building where he could store his sets and reduce his monthly expenses. But it takes a long time, maybe 2 or 3 years. Meanwhile, the lease on his current property was expiring and the landlord wanted to hire another tenant (which meant Alec wasn’t really under pressure to renew). So Alec and Dana Wagner started looking for a new location a few months ago, preferably less expensive, but large enough to accommodate sets, props, costumes and props, have an office and dressing/costume area, and be practical and functional for filming.

Many places were visited, but only one turned out to be perfect. Located three miles away, it is about 1,000 square feet smaller than the previous one, but the overall layout is much better. The new space will allow all the sets to be placed in the back and the offices and dressing rooms in the front. It was in a bit of a renovation – the toilets were in a state of disrepair, the walls needed to be moved, painted, carpeted, etc. But all of those things were relatively easy to manage. Even better, the monthly rent was $1,000 less!

The biggest challenge was to move this incredible bridge…. !

With the help of a dozen volunteers over three weekends, and under the careful direction of Dana Wagner, the pavement was carefully disassembled and placed on a truck with two forklifts (one borrowed from a new tenant who moved into the old Ares Studios because everyone in Lawrenceville is friendly), then moved to the new space and unloaded with equal care. In addition, other sets and scenery were moved, as well as countless boxes of props, extras, costumes and other items.

Now various parts of the bridge (dozens and dozens), control screens and other electronics are scattered across the floor at the back of the room, neatly arranged in relation to each other, waiting to be assembled. Dana estimates that this process will take about two months before the bridge is fully reassembled and ready for filming. Until then, we hope that inoculation is on track, that COVID restrictions on filming in Georgia are greatly eased, and that the final shots for the Axanar episodes can be scheduled and filmed at Ares Studios. (There will also be another great shoot in Los Angeles).

Meanwhile, Alec reports that work is progressing well on the radio play Aksanar, an acted reading of the entire script of Aksanar. Even though fans will never see the two-hour Axanar film in its entirety, we will at least be able to hear it. It is produced by the team behind the Excelsior, Lost Frontier and Continuing Mission fan audio games. Dana is the sound engineer and MARK EDWARD LEWIS (who was my sound engineer at Interlude) does the sound editing. In addition to a full script reading, the show will feature music and sound effects. Alec thinks the project is about halfway done, and he hopes to have it finished and presented to fans by the end of the summer.

To see the new facilities on the day after the final day of the move, check out the video Alec posted on YouTube…..

 ARES STUDIOS, the production studio behind the popular animated web series “The Playroom”, has been located in the historic district of the city of Elmhurst, IL since 2001. This past July, the owners decided to move the studio from its location at 612 South Park Ave into a new facility just a few blocks away at 607 South Park Ave. The new location offers better parking, more space, and a better visual appearance for the studio, which will also allow for easier access for the film’s production crews.. Read more about percy jackson and the olympians cast and let us know what you think.

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