Legendary sci-fi author Frank Herbert’s epic novel, Dune, is about power and its true meaning. His 1984 novel about a world at war with itself and a family destined to rule it is a sprawling story that explores a huge variety of topics, from the tragic history of the people of Dune, to the seductiveness of the Emperor. It’s a world filled with religion, politics, and the beginnings of a rebellion.

I’m a big fan of science fiction and I like to watch movies that explore new ideas. I’ve enjoyed both “Dune” and “Blade Runner”, and while I’ve never been a huge fan of “The Handmaiden”, I saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was a pleasant surprise. I thought it was a compelling story that offered a thoughtful and original take on gender and class dynamics.

Legendary sci-fi director David Lynch’s return to form with the new Dune reboot adaptation was brought to us by Legendary Pictures (The Dark Tower, Warcraft), director Denis Villeneuve ( Blade Runner 2049, Arrival), and writers McQuarrie and Broccoli (the Bond franchise), and the trailer is out now! The official synopsis of the film is: “The year is 3039. Our galaxy is ruled by Emperor “God-Emperor” Shaddam IV, whose rule is secure in the decades-long war with the Harkonnen. In his capital city of Arrakeen, the Emperor receives a message that will change the course of history. And from the depths of the desert, another message arrives…”

The most recent Dune teaser may seem generic, but there’s a purpose behind it.

The full-length “theatrical” trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was published by Warner Bros., and it has dominated the internet comments section. The film has received mixed reviews, with some praising its visuals and others praising Hans Zimmer’s grandiose soundtrack. The trailer also reveals a lot more information about the storyline than the previous teaser. Dune seems like technology has finally caught up with Frank Herbert’s vision from 1965, and the cast shines.

I couldn’t help but think the trailer was a little generic. Don’t get me wrong: I still think it’s fantastic. It focuses on assuaging fans’ greatest concern about the adaptation, which is how true it will be to the original material. Everything we’ve seen so far in the trailers about the film’s size, breadth, performers, music, and idea indicates Herbert would be pleased. And for a “original” adaptation that isn’t based on a sequel, Warner Bros.’ $165 million investment in the film proves its value.


However, the trailer, on a larger scale, repeats the classic rhythms that big-budget trailers are renowned for. The focus is still on the visual beauty rather than the characters and storyline. A few of jokes are also smuggled in, maybe to heighten the lightness of an otherwise serious and solemn experience, or perhaps as a studio requirement that the picture include some comedy wherever the original material allows. From the sandworm shown in the first trailer to Paul Atreides’ Fremen clothing to his ultimately siding with the Fremens, it builds to massive, tantalizing visual revelations before topping them with additional “shocked” and “surprise” moments. It’s also edited in such a manner as to remind viewers that this is a science-fiction “action-adventure” film.

The more I think about it, all of them are obviously intentional decisions. Dune has a lot riding on it for Warner Bros. From a pop-culture perspective, it’s been one of the most important projects in development. It’s been in the works for quite some time. Their creators are so committed that Villeneuve insisted on a two-film deal, while Zimmer abandoned Nolan’s Tenet to score Dune, for which he has created a three-volume soundtrack. Bautista appreciates being a member of Dune. And if it works, it may kick off a full-fledged series for Warner Bros. that might last a decade if the books are accessible.

The pressure of success is exactly what is driving marketers to play it safe in this situation. Dune, unlike Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, cannot be promoted as an offbeat big-budget character-driven epic, owing to the failure of such strategy in the latter film. Despite being phenomenally excellent and much anticipated when it was released in 2017, 2049 failed to make money at the box office. If Dune suffers the same fate, Herbert’s world is doomed. Warner Bros. does not want a sequel to Blade Runner 2049 or a sequel to Jupiter Ascending.

Another issue with Dune is that its source material is inaccessible. Those who have read Dune have frequently failed to comprehend, much alone picture, its ideas. Despite the fact that David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation was a failure, it helped introduce the tale to a wider audience. To bring it to the big screen and appeal to a broader audience, the film must be made more accessible, which means include aspects that audiences are used to seeing in other tentpole films. As a result, it’s no wonder that some of the tensions, dialogue, action, and narrative rhythms are familiar.

My genuine goal is that, despite the marketing presenting it as a simple, and despite Villeneuve’s efforts to make the picture accessible to all audiences, Dune maintains the originality that it brought to the table when it was published in 1965. Villeneuve is an excellent filmmaker, and I think he would have balanced the novel’s quirks and eccentricities with more conventional aspects, rather than allowing the economic side of Dune to overshadow his creative vision. To that aim, the trailer’s traditional style reflects Warner Bros.’ target demographic rather than Villeneuve’s intended film.

The film Dune will be released on October 22, 2023. On the same day, the film will be released in cinemas and on HBO Max.

The trailer for the upcoming Dune sequel has arrived and there’s a lot to unpack in the new footage. As expected, it’s a return to the original novel’s story, much of which was locked away in Frank Herbert’s grand tome. The new film also features a more diverse cast of characters, and the teaser trailer offers a glimpse into how those characters are portrayed.. Read more about dune 2023 and let us know what you think.

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