I hope you’re excited for the premiere of the newest season of The Good Doctor tomorrow night! I know I am! I am watching it live, but I will be sharing my thoughts with you afterwards. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to talk about this show, I first saw it when it premiered in 2016, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

While the majority of TV shows have a second life as a Netflix series, that’s not the case for The Good Doctor. Like many shows that didn’t get a second season, it didn’t have a lot of episodes to make it worth bringing back. But after just one more season, the show had provided nearly 11 episodes of compelling, character-driven drama starring Freddie Highmore. The way the show ended, though, was a little bit of a letdown. (It also looked like the show was going to end out of order, but someone at ABC got a hold of the final script and confirmed the proper time slot.)

After all the suspense, thrills, action, and adventure, people need some feel-good shows to make you come back to normal. And there are only a few of those out there. But, among all the noise and excitement, there is some more good news coming your way. The Good Doctor is coming back for a fifth season! After four miraculous years, this show has never lost its touch. With Shaun being the pivotal character who lives on the autism spectrum, he still pulls through to be one of the best neurosurgeons around. But, of course, he is not the only character that people are interested in with side characters such as Claire, Morgan, Alex, Dr. Glassman, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Lim, and many others. These characters have made their little universes in which they all have a different story to tell.

Of course, after four seasons of constantly saving patients with severe medical issues, this team is the best out there. Now, the show is gearing up for the fifth season, which might be full of many fortune cookies. To explore some more happiness, what are the most exciting parts about to take place in Season 5.

Goodbye, Claire

One of the most beloved characters has now bid farewell to us. In the finale of the fourth season, all the doctors went to a medical camp situated in Guatemala, where Claire felt the loving company of all her doctors there. Of course, so did all the other doctors. But since we know how affectionate and accepting Claire is of many scenarios, her personality was attracted to the people of Guatemala who have constantly been looking for help.

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Of course, this is not the most desired part of the show. Claire Browne was a fan favorite right from the very start. Her medical expertise and her absolute control over her emotions made her the loving surgical resident she was.


In the fourth season, Claire was facing a personal struggle when her father returned to her after several years of disappearance. He suddenly came back into her life which was too much to process for her. As much as Claire’s father asked him for forgiveness for his immaturity and selfishness, Claire felt adamant about not forgiving him. But eventually, she came around and found it in her heart to accept his apology. Although Claire’s dad does feel a lot of guilt after his return, she tries to comfort him in ways she knows best. But this is now the end for the actor, Antonia Thomas. She is now going to take leave from the show. Hopefully, she makes some worthy cameos in the future, or better, come back to the show in due time!

To new beginnings: Shaun and Lea getting married!

When Shaun first met Lea, he found her quirky and off-putting, as she was rather clumsy and driven crazily. But now, when Shaun has finally adjusted with her after all they have been through, things have started to turn around. Both Lea and Shaun love each other very much.

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At the end of the third season, Lea and Shaun presumed their relationship. This was when Shaun saved Lea from the building collapse that took a few lives. In the fourth season, the couple dealt with Lea’s pregnancy and how they were so excited to have a baby come into their life. But when Lea got to know that her pregnancy had failed, she was driven by isolation, depression, the sadness of all kinds. When in Guatemala, Lea was taking care of a couple and their newborn baby which reminded her of her own baby if it was to ever be born.

During this time, Lea felt that she needed to take some time off but instead, she then proposed to Shaun as they were leaving Guatemala and the medical camp. So, in Season 5, the couple will get married and spend the rest of their lives together! Undoubtedly, the best surprise of the show, hands down!

The start of a beautiful relationship: Morgan and Park

After several quarrels and disagreements, it looks like Park and Morgan finally landed on the same page. The fourth season was filled with their friendship which was set to annoy both of them. When they first started, Park came to live with Morgan because he did not have enough money to buy a place of his own. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he then landed up with Dr. Reznick as she offered him her place to stay.

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At the start, the fans already started hinting at the fact that Morgan started having feelings for Park. Although she was trying to retract them and keep the adamant and bossy attitude, Park still took her hints. And then after all that, they ended up in a relationship where it was only sexual. After getting over a sexual relationship, Park then willingly took a decision for both of them they might just keep things platonic.

When Park started dating another woman, Morgan started feeling jealous and created difficult situations in which would Park give awkward reactions. Then, when Morgan did not feel comfortable, she stuck to the part of just being a colleague to him. From that point on till Guatemala, they only considered each other as acquaintances. Well, at least Morgan did.

What can we expect from the 5th season?

There is a lot to expect from the coming season. With Dr. Lim, she plans to date the man she met within Guatemala. The man plans to move to St. Bonaventure, but let’s see what happens in due time. Dr. Andrews will be getting a divorce from his wife. But will he develop feelings for someone new in Guatemala? The question remains unanswered.

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As for Dr. Glassman, he might still try to work out his relationship with Debbie. However, he is all alone in his time. At the ending of the fourth season, we saw that Debbie needed some time off from Aaron. But will she come back? As he loves her so much, he will try to pursue that very love. Morgan and Park will continue their beautiful relationship and will finally reach mutual understandings. As for the biggest giveaway, the season will kick off with Lea and Shaun’s wedding. It is going to be the biggest event in the show.

And right after that, the neurosurgeons will then be back to saving the lives of any in need. The Good Doctor Season 5 is confirmed and will air soon. Keep up with the updates. A release date will be arriving soon. Till then, sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the first four seasons of the show!

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