A blogger from a blog called “movieexcite” wrote a post a few days ago about a scene from a movie called “The Judge” that he didn’t like. In the post, he shared a list of characters from the movie that he thought were funny/cool. The post is interesting, but it didn’t have a title, so I decided to take it from him and add a title to it.

In the year 3013, a judge who was blind as a bat stumbled into the midst of the most tumultuous competition in the history of the world, and he’s been ruling the games ever since. No one knows his real name, but everyone calls him Arishem, and he’s so impartial he has a laser eye to measure the speed of a race.

Arishem the Judge is a fictional character played by Mousa Jaber in the popular Arabic television series “The Judge”. The character is presented as an intelligent, handsome, and hard-working prosecutor, but is often presented as being arrogant, childish, and insincere, as well as being prone to losing his temper. Arishem’s personality is based on that of a real-life personality, the Lebanese judge Abdul Hamid Al-Hout, who was known for being extremely critical of subjects he dealt with. The character has become extremely popular, and has inspired a number of rap songs and numerous memes.

“Arishem the Judge – Who’s Who” is the official blog of the upcoming movie “Arishem”, which is a short film by Aaju G.V. It is a story about a little boy who is seeking justice and retribution for his parents’ murder. The cast and crew members of “Arishem the Judge – Who’s Who” would like you to join them and spread the word of “Arishem” by sharing this link on all of your social networking sites.. Read more about arishem the judge vs galactus and let us know what you think.

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