Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. With a Battle Royale mode and a wide variety of weapons, this game has been a hit with players since its release. Players have created some pretty interesting maps to play on, but there are also some really scary ones out there too. Here are 20 horror maps that you should check out if you want to get scared while playing Fortnite!

The fortnite horror map codes 2 player is a list of the 20 best Fortnite horror maps that have been updated in the last year.

The greatest Fortnite maps are the goofy-spooky ones and the ones where you can’t move around easily. These difficult terrains add to the game’s intrigue and are therefore enjoyable to explore.

When you become tired of playing your regular Fortnite game, consider exploring these maps and their architecture to improve your experience and learn more about the game. These Fortnite horror maps include all of the frightening features and monsters that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole game. Let’s see which Fortnite Horror Maps with Codes are the finest.

Horror Maps in Fortnite

20 Best Fortnite Horror Maps With Codes (2023 Update)

These are the finest Fortnite Horror Maps that will bring back memories of Halloween like it was yesterday.

1. Fortlight Death

8099-5981-3796 code

This is a clever parody of the horror game Dead by Daylight, in which a monster slasher pursues a pair of oblivious teenagers as they escape.

In Dead by Fortlight, survivors are tasked with destroying generators, which grants the murderer an infinite blade. Meanwhile, the murderer continues killing the survivors as they flee for their life, hiding amid the corn stubble to distract the attacker and escape.

The Creekwood Tracks are number two on the list.

0043-5459-2704 is the code.

There have been many horror tales recounted in Fortnite, but just a handful that I would consider decent. Creekwood Tracks tries all it can to fall into the latter group.

You uncover something far larger than the two of you while looking for your sister who seems to have gone lost deep in the woods. There are some really scary moments, yet it only lasts around 20 minutes. The minigame, on the other hand, is well-designed, so you won’t get confused wondering where to go next (a problem very common in Fortnite stories).

3. The Unspoken

1025-3672-3175 is the code.

Discover the truth about “the Whisper,” a strange person who can bend the laws of reality around them, by exploring the depths of a secret mine armed only with a flashlight. A fun horror game that combines the finest aspects of first-person and third-person views.

4. Freddy’s Nightmares (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

1393-6270-2901 is the code.

Now he’s in Fortnite, you know who he is, and you love/hate the tens of thousands of YouTuber careers that have sprung up as a result of the game. FNAF’s camera-monitoring mechanisms were modified to operate inside Fortnite’s toolset by the developer void-underbite, so congratulations to him.

Mystic Mansion is number five on the list.

9872-3680-6180 is the code.

With the combination of Haunted Mansion and Mario Party, playing with friends (and even strangers) is surprisingly fascinating and entertaining. There is no such thing as an honor system when it comes to rolling dice. You can only move as many places as you have earned. There are seven mini-game activities in all, including pinball obstacle courses, kart racing, and parkour tasks.

6. The Invisible Man: Hide and Seek

8112-0478-9776 is the code.

Despite the fact that I have yet to watch the contemporary Invisible Man film, which I have heard is fantastic, this hide-and-seek map catches the old black-and-white horror feel well. Fearful of being discovered, some players become invisible and are handed harvesting equipment and revolvers, while others seek shelter in an obliquely constructed tower to escape them.

Alverton Hills Asylum is number seven on the list.

9957-4857-6309 is the code.

This was one of my most complex and lengthy horror stories. Basically, you’re a journalist trying to learn more about the Alverton Hills Asylum, but you end yourself imprisoned inside with no clue how you got there. Then you follow in the footsteps of others who have come before you, and this one is unique. I’m not going to say what it is.

8. Raccoon City Police Department

9201-6033-0988 code

Despite its faults, the first level of the Fortnite recreation of Resident Evil 2’s famous police station had me laughing. Along the journey, there will be lots of riddles and monsters to solve. While there is some inexplicable checkpointing in this game (which goes beyond Capcom’s punitive approach), it is delightful in its own right.

Caeli Lysergica

3139-3620-6848 code

This first-person horror game offers decent thrills thanks to solid directing and a few real shocks. You come across an entity that reminds you of PT’s storytelling style in a decrepit old home. Because of the darkness and weak lighting, Fortnite’s first-person view seems more intimate and personal.

Resident Evil 7 is the tenth installment in the Resident Evil franchise.

6496-9997-4696 code

Resident Evil 7 breathed fresh life into the long-dormant survival horror series, and this is a very accurate representation of the opening chapters. “Welcome to the family, son,” shouts a gigantic Fortnite zombie.

11. Outlast Recreation in Fortnite

8752-7425-3922 code

Outlast is widely regarded as one of the greatest horror games of this age, having influenced a new generation of game creators and YouTubers that like scaring themselves.

This map is a realistic replica of Mount Massive Asylum, as rebuilt by IceFrost Origins, for a Fortnite creation. It’ll feel like you’ve awoken in a Zelda nightmare, with the urge to unlock, repair, or turn this thing on. In addition, you’ll be pursued by unstoppable foes, although checkpoints seem to be plenty.

One individual even uses the term “little pig.”

Siren No. 12

7297-6337-4306 code

Despite the fact that this Fortnite tale is a little muted, it’s still a fun spin on the Sirenhead series. When you first start as a park ranger, you’ll look into strange radio frequencies and attempt to find out why your little watchtower is crumbling around you.

The 9th Curse is a story about a curse that affects a group of people.

2206-8648-3734 is the code.

The story follows a piano prodigy who has reached the end of his sanity and is attempting to deal with his predicament. You may play in first-person or third-person, and the checkpoint system will keep you from becoming irritated with the challenges.

104th patient

5553-3300-1757 is the code.

This is the kind of scary Fortnite experience I like the most: one that doesn’t involve any illogical leaps of reasoning. Rynex, the game’s designer, has done a great job of building a creepy little hospital with a good mix of puzzles, exploration, and general mischief. You jerk, the jump fright did me in.

The Cursed Forest (#13)

6024-5002-6192 / 6024-5002-6192 / 6024-5002-6192

The Cursed Forest is a fun little adventure with romps through a forest (obviously), gloomy passageways, and graveyards. Because of the lighting, even beginner maps in Fortnite seem terrifying (especially on PC).

Spencer Mansion is number fourteen.

6345-4201-8801 is the code.

That’s accurate; you read it properly. Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil is available in Fortnite.

You start in the woods and must escape a group of Fortnite zombies before approaching the house, much as in RE1. The layout reminded me of the early phases of that famous survival horror locale, despite the fact that it’s far from a 1:1 replica.

Halloween Story No. 15

9312-2909-8471 is the code.

My favorite kind of game is spooky. It’s not Silent Hill, but if you want a well-designed challenging adventure with a lot of pumpkins, this is the game for you.


4629-1310-1794 is the code.

Horror Map is a great option for people who like gloomy maps. Classrooms, corridors, staircases, and basements are just a few of the totally abandoned areas in this abandoned school.

EVIL AWAITS 2.0 is the seventeenth installment of the EVIL AWAITS series.

9663-1874-2583 is the code.

The frightening environment, which is encircled by concrete walls and is populated with numerous adversaries and strange creatures, has a vast and eerie look. This map has only been finished by a handful of people. Terror is a formidable foe.


6024-5002-6192 / 6024-5002-6192 / 6024-5002-6192

It is one of the most terrifying Fortnite maps to explore the Cursed Woodland, which allows players to explore a bleak forest at night. Cursed Forest features one of the most frightening sounds, in addition to a lonely look.


5028-1548-0889 is the code to use.

The Fortnite map code for the aforementioned horror map is one of the most sought after by users, due to the fact that Jag’s Horror Home allows players to travel through a scary house in the dark with just a flashlight. Furthermore, this map is chock-full of creepy surprises.


6003-4995-1704 is the code.

The gloomy look of House Of Torment, as well as the high degree of difficulty, make it stand out. It contains a huge area with a forest and numerous abandoned buildings that must be completely investigated in order to finish this terrifying minigame.

The Best Jumpscares in Fortnite Maps

20 Best Fortnite Horror Maps With Codes (2023 Update)

1. The Beginning of the Paradox

6152-3603-0539 code

THYROSX’s Paradox: The Beginning, one of the longest Fortnite horror maps featuring jumpscares, is included on this list.

The player awakens in a strange cabin on this map with no recollection of what occurred. It is now up to them to decipher the clues and find a way out. For this game, there is just one participant.

2. A Quiet Area

3739-2232-6062 code

YOJJ47 composed the song. To get out of a nightmare map packed with riddles, you must solve puzzles. However, a mistake may have disastrous repercussions. There is also a single-player mode.

3. Evil 14: First-Person Shooter

7710-0034-8827 code

In Evil 14 Awaits, there are lots of jump scares, including endless corridors, a time loop, and jumpscares. The players must find their way out of a frightening home.

The single-player map was made by JKR JULIAN.

4. Getaway to the Carnival (Horror)

2385-3342-5568 code

Carnival Escape, a Fortnite horror level featuring jumpscares, is not for the faint of heart. An audience attends a July 4th carnival with the idea of having a good time, only to be trapped and unable to leave.

WISHBONE 45 designed the map, which may be played alone or multiplayer (up to 16 players).

5. Japanese Horror Map by Oliver

5279-5436-2390 code

Oliver’s Japanese Horror Map will push players’ stress levels to the max if they are afraid of demonic clowns.

Players must navigate tight, eerie passageways to escape from a frightening clown in this level. This single-player experience was developed by ROYSTORYQ.

6. I’m Lost in the Dark

5312-0287-8262 code

Lost in the Unknown is one of the scarier and creepier horror maps in Fortnite. Players will survive an aircraft accident and end themselves in a forest on this map. It won’t be long until they understand they’re not on their own.

This map may be played alone or with a buddy. ARMYSETS designed it.


2951-2235-6812 code

Alverton Hills: Livingston is a horror/thriller creative map unlike any other. SUNDAYCW has developed a game that blends fantastic narrative with a well-designed map.

A maximum of four players may play the map at the same time.

Metro Zombie Invasion is the eighth game in the Metro Zombie Invasion series.

Players must work together to fight off hordes of zombies while upgrading their gear, patching themselves up, and saving money to repair generators on this entertaining, imaginative level.

Although it may seem simple at first, collecting enough money for each upgrade gets more challenging as the number of participants grows. To finish the level, players must repair four generators and destroy the zombie spawner. This easy-to-learn game can help your team interact more effectively!

9. Be afraid! Part II of The Thirteenth

9651-4257-2527 is the code.

Scare was created by JXDVN, a famous creative mapmaker, last year! The 13th of October is Halloween. Part two seems to have more detail, balance, and weight than the first. As a slasher, your goal is to survive. Playing this fantastic asymmetrical multiplayer game is the best way to pass the time.

ten. options

4147-1805-2195 code

Choices are eerily similar to the Saw films in that we are faced with difficult choices that may lead us to question our own friendships or even ourselves. Playing this game with at least one other person necessitates making unexpected concessions. Because everything in Fortnite is transitory, the maps aren’t permanent. However, you may still play it with your pals!

Which Fortnite Map Is The Scariest?

The greatest horror Fortnite map is “Patient 104.” People often despise the notion of haunted hospitals in general, and haunted hospitals in particular, thus this has a unique feel to it. You’ll find yourself alone in a hospital bed with no one around, and you’ll have to figure out how to get out and to other places.

The 2 player horror map is one of the best maps in Fortnite. It has a lot of secrets and loads of scares, but it’s not for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scariest map code in fortnite?

The map code for the scariest map in fortnite is L7L4.

What is the code for the first person horror map in fortnite?

The code for the first person horror map in fortnite is X-8R4-2D3.

Is fortnite a horror game?

Fortnite is a multiplayer online battle arena game where players can build fortifications and fight against each other. It does not contain any horror elements.

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