I have been working on a new website project that is dedicated to movie nerds from around the world. It will feature reviews, news, and other features from a bunch of my friends at the site, as well as new contributors. I will be using the domain MovieExcite.com, and I have already obtained it. The site will be all about movies and their stars, so we will be looking at who is related to each of the major movie stars (including their siblings, parents, etc). Anyone can participate in this project, regardless of their experience. Anyone with a valid e-mail address can become part of the team, and it will be a great experience. If you are interested in participating, contact me at eradicator@

The cast of this movie may be small, but its size has come with a lot of experience. Most cast members have appeared in blockbuster movies such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. As a result, they know how to pull off the perfect performance for a film that will be seen by millions.

The Devil is in the details. And in this case, that’s not just a metaphor. His name is Jack Black and he plays an exterminator with a weakness for women in this quirky comedy about a charming little town that is about to be overrun by a mysterious killer. After the local paper loses its top writers to a sinister sitcom, a desperate editor (from a non-descript middle- of-the-road TV station, played by Catherine O’Hara) decides to turn the town into a punchline. But instead of giving the town a cold shoulder, she sends in Jack Black, an exterminator with a weakness for women, to solve a series of grisly murders.

Superman & Lois continues to establish itself as the CW’s best series to date (not by much, given the competition, but it’s really quite good), and the latest episode introduced an important comic book character, albeit in embryonic form. In the movie Oh, Mommy, Where Are You? Morgan Edge’s entire plan involving the creation of Superman’s mother Lara, the Exterminator, is revealed. The Eradicator is an artificial intelligence that can store Kryptonian consciousnesses and implant them in human bodies. He is controlled by the brilliant scientist Dabney Donovan, but his full potential is only revealed when Lara takes over Lana’s body and begins working with him again. For now, the device is just a probe, but if things go as they do in the comics, it will soon take humanoid form: Let’s see.

Eradicator – Who’s Who

Over 200,000 years ago, an extinct alien race entrusted all their memories to the last of them, the Cleric, who traveled the galaxy with his message of hope and faith. The cleric eventually landed on Krypton, where he gathered followers who were all opposed to cloning technology, the basis of Kryptonian culture: Kem-L, a xenophobic scientist, has been tasked by the Science Council to put an end to the heresy, and to that end he has built the Eradicator: The device had been programmed with Kem-L’s idea of protecting Krypton and his legacy, and he immediately began acting accordingly. A small missile-like droid attacked the cleric and nearly killed him, and later even some of the rebels among his followers. To preserve the integrity of Krypton, the Exterminator began patrolling the planet’s outer atmosphere, preventing alien races from approaching the planet, and even preventing Kryptonians from leaving, by altering their DNA so that they become weak and die the farther they get from their home planet. Finally, Cleric escaped with his Krypton Eradicator: He hid for hundreds of thousands of years until he met Superman, the last living Kryptonian, on the planet Warworld. The Eradicator immediately transformed to protect the last son of Krypton, and by the time the dying cleric handed the machine to the hero on Earth, he already had a new Prime Directive. Once on Earth, the Exterminator begins to influence Superman to become a true Kryptonian: He reconstructed the ice of Antarctica to create the Fortress of Solitude, and even brainwashed two human scientists to open a portal to the Phantom Zone and import some Kryptonian devices, including clothing. Under Eradicator’s influence, Kal-El abandons his human habits, calling himself by his real name, wearing Kryptonian clothes and becoming increasingly reckless, to the point where he almost kills the alien gladiator Draag for no reason.

Eradicator – Who’s Who

Professor Hamilton noticed these disturbing changes in Superman and tried to restore his memories, but only succeeded when the Exterminator nearly killed Jonathan and Martha Kent, prompting the hero to break the programming. Superman tried to throw the device into the sun, but it not only withstood the intense heat and turned into pure energy, but even started turning the sun into a red dwarf, like the Kryptonians. Superman and Professor Hamilton stopped him, after which the hero went to the Phantom Zone, where the spirit of Kem-L asked him to officially join the House of El : After a rite of passage, Eradicator finally obeys Superman, and when Superman orders him to turn off the device, Eradicator obeys. The Eradicator lay dormant in the Fortress of Solitude for years, until Superman was killed in battle by Doomsday: On an emergency command, the device awoke and rushed to Superman’s grave in its energy form to take over the hero’s body and revive him, preserving Krypton’s legacy, but it failed. Instead, he takes the body back to the fortress and builds himself a facsimile body, a replica powered like a solar panel by Superman’s corpse: The Exterminator now looks like Superman, has some of his powers and even some of his memories, so he’s considered real for a while. But his approach to crime fighting was more ruthless than ever: He killed and mutilated criminals without mercy, and while some Metropolis residents feared him, others revered him as a kind of messianic figure. Eradicator even confronted Lois Lane and Kyle Rayner about his methods, but could never question them… until Staal talked some sense into them. However, there was a new threat on the horizon that might require a more extreme approach, e.g., “The world’s most dangerous place is the world’s most dangerous place. Eradicator…..

Eradicator – Who’s Who

The Eradicator is an artificial intelligence programmed to protect and preserve the identity, heritage and existence of the Kryptonians. And he does so with absolute determination and without mercy, by whatever means he deems useful. The Eradicator is a rocket-shaped probe that can fly, fire powerful energy blasts, rearrange and reconstruct molecules, control the minds of sentient beings, manipulate weather and even time, and teleport; In his current cloned body, he has all the gifts of a Kryptonian under the yellow sun (superhuman strength, speed, endurance and durability, enhanced senses, flight, ice breath), except for the ability to see, which he does not have or cannot control, and therefore must wear special glasses to see without damaging his own super-sight; Despite his appearance, he is a being of pure energy, and can absorb, manipulate and redirect most forms of energy, mostly through discharges from his hands, and as an artificial super-intelligence he can control any digital or cybernetic device. The Exterminator is neither a force for good nor for evil. He pursues his sole purpose with cold calculation and implacable efficiency: Everything that stands between him and his goal of keeping Krypton pure will be destroyed, even the other Kryptonians.


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The latest installment of the Eradicator franchise, “Eradicator – Who’s Who”, is full of action, suspense and plot twists. The story revolves around a mysterious villain who uses a deadly virus to take over the bodies of ordinary people, turning them into his own private army in which he carries out his dastardly deeds.. Read more about eradicator prime earth and let us know what you think.

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Who made the eradicator?

For over 20 years, the classic movie Eradicator is credited for inspiring over 30 other films, including the Terminator series, Men in Black and various video games. This movie has some pretty interesting facts, that will make you wonder if the real Eradicator is a real life time traveler… Or a very evil person… This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

Is eradicator a villain?

I’ve been writing about movies for more years than I care to admit. I now have a new passion: the movie villain. Can you really take a villain out of a movie? Or is your favorite villain just someone who’s on screen for a minute or two? I decided to find out! I’ve been watching some movies this spring to see what kind of bad guys show up, so I decided to do a little research. I reviewed a bunch of rankings on movies that had amazing bad guys and found a lot of interesting things. For the past few years, the word “villain” has been used in an opposite way than it was originally intended: to refer to a character who has noble, or justifiable intentions, but who is really a villain in the eyes of the audience. Think of the O’Briens in Lost, or the Scoobs in The Wire, or even the Foyles in The Descent, or the Capaes in Memento, and you can see how this blurring of the lines between good and evil can be effected. But for the most part, the term “villain” has been used in a more general, less ambiguous way.

What happened to the eradicator?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. It’s a terrific movie. It’s a great thriller. It’s the kind of movie that leaves you thinking about it for days and days. It’s the kind of movie that would be worth making into a series. And yet, when it was released in theaters in 1985, the response was muted. The movie opened to about $1 million in ticket sales and earned generally mixed reviews. The word on the street was, “What happened?”

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