A Day of Judgment is an American Christian film directed by John Huston. It was released in 1981 and stars George C. Scott as the protagonist, a man who must choose between being saved or damned on Judgement Day. The film also features Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft, Paul Newman, and James Earl Jones.

A Day of Judgment is a 1981 film that has been released on Blu-ray by Severin Entertainment. This review will discuss the film’s strengths and weaknesses.



A Day of Judgment, directed by C.D.H. Reynolds, was most likely shown in churches and town halls at one point. I challenge congregations to do so right now.


A tiny village in the 1930s is full of sinners, and when the local preacher departs for good, the grim reaper pays a visit to all the sinners.



After the war to end all wars has left America complacent, the local pastor in a tiny town looks over his congregation of three elderly widows and despairs that he has let his flock – and the whole community – down. He’s haggard and sad, unable to pay his bank bills, and his church is about to be foreclosed on, so the pastor decides to go to the bank one more time to announce that he can’t pay what he owes and that he’ll be leaving town for good, most likely to crawl under a tiny rock and die. He leaves his congregation in the hands of another preacher, presumably one more capable and convicted than himself, and he packs his few possessions into a horse and buggy and rides away. He raises his hat to the angel of death – or the grim reaper – that coagulates from the mist as he walks out, and he prays for compassion for the community he has just left behind. The town, on the other hand, is full with deceitful, greedy, and adulterous sinners. Some are even men’s murderers and animal killers. Some people hate their parents and wish that they would die. The banker has undoubtedly lived a wicked life, insulting God and compassion, and even the elderly woman who lives alone despises children and poisons their adorable little goat to death just to punish them. Yes, of course. The angel of death is on his way to claim them all. Please, Lord, have compassion!


A Day of Judgment is a faith-based supernatural slasher thriller with a “just kidding!” closing act that exposes the whole movie to be a shaggy dog joke, but it’s still a doozy for anybody who believes they’ve seen everything. The film is sluggish and boring, but it’s worth it for a few spectacular moments when the most nasty characters receive their comeuppance, including one dramatic decapitation and another sequence where the wicked old woman is eaten up by ravenous zombie hands that grow from the ground. Every 15 minutes or so, the grim reaper figure (who takes all of his victims to a strange-looking hellscape) appears in a flash, which makes his arrival all the more pleasant. A long, bloodied sickle gleams in the moonlight as his weapon. A Day of Judgment, directed by C.D.H. Reynolds, was most likely shown in churches and town halls at one point. I challenge congregations to do so right now.


A Day of Judgment has recently been released on Blu-ray by Severin, and it shines in a fresh 2K transfer. I had never watched this film before and really liked it, so get on board and enjoy the trip. An interview with the author of the book “Nightmare USA,” as well as conversations with the producer, screenwriter and director Worth Keeter, are among the special features.



A Day of Judgment is a 1981 film directed by Sidney J. Furie and starring James Mason, Robert Mitchum, and Christopher Plummer. The film is about a man who wakes up to find himself in Hell with no memory of how he got there. Reference: severin films.

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