Kaleidoscope – Who’s Who by Michael A. Strub has been referred to as a “must-read” for anyone interested in the New York theater scene. The book is a comprehensive look at the major players in the theatrical world, and while it’s easy to pick out the names like Tony Kushner, Neil LaBute, and John Leguizamo, others in the book have been very influential without being household names even to theater fans.

In 2013, Hollywood lost three of its finest actors. Alan Rickman, Robin Williams, and Christopher Reeve, all passed away within a few months of each other. Their legacy is so great that many people had their eyes set on replicating their performances in their own films. The result is an abundance of remakes, prequels, sequels, and reboot movies. Chances are you’ll find one in your local theater. Whether you’re a fan of these films or not, it’s hard not to notice the coinciding trends.

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Another minor appearance appears in The Suicide Squad as the second and last character (if I missed anybody, please let me know the normal manner). When Amanda Waller brings Bloodsport and Peacemaker to visit Ratcatcher at Belle Reve’s female wing, she notices a lady with a strange skin condition who seems to be very pleased to see some well-shaped men: this is Kaleidoscope. She’s played by Natalia Safran, and she’s a Z-list villain who only appeared in two issues of Superboy in the 1980s, so no one ever knew she existed. Let’s have a look at who she is.

The mysterious Kaleidoscope was a magic being created by The Master, one of the identities Robert Reed, the original owner of the H-Dial, had split himself into. The Master was a power-hungry villain, and Kaleidoscope served him along with her “brothers”… but things became much more complicated when the Master achieved one of his greatest victories. A water witch, Naiad, came to the Master’s hideout to forge an alliance, but she wasn’t who she claimed to be: she was really Chris King, one of the new owners of the H-Dial, who had become the shapeshifter Any-Body and turned into the witch to infiltrate the villain’s base. Unfortunately for him, the Master didn’t care much for new allies, and as soon as he saw the Dial on Naiad’s wrist, he took it, claiming it for his own. The Dial worked far too well on the Master, and turned him into the mighty Great Jupiter… who had quite an heroic personality. As his first heroic act, Great Jupiter knocked out one of his own goons, the Marauder, while Kaleidoscope and the remaining lackeys, the knife-wielding Blade and the demolition expert Chain Master, watched in shock. Not knowing how much the transformation would have lasted, there was only one thing the criminals could do: they turned on the Master before he could attack them, hoping that his Great Jupiter identity would have worn off before he could arrest them all out of his newfound sense of heroism.

The Blade fought well, but the Great Jupiter was impervious to all the weapons he could conjure up, so he was easily defeated: Kaleidoscope and Chain Master realized they had no chance in a one-on-one fight, so they attacked him together. While Kaleidoscope used her illusion casting abilities, making her enemy believe he was reduced to the size of a gnat, Chain Master attacked him physically, and when Great Jupiter tried to recoil, she confused him enough to send him crash against a wall. The Great Jupiter was tough, though, and came back to his feet, using on his foes his secret weapon: the Red Spot, a powerful laser beam… but laser is light, and Kaleidoscope controlled light, so she was more than able to deflect the ray and protect herself and her partner. In difficulty for the first time in his short life, the Great Jupiter decomposed in one of the many gases he was composed of, and sent both his foes to sleep. Just as she was losing consciousness, Kaleidoscope had a glimpse of a new player coming to the field: the Visionary, the heroic identity assumed by Vicky Grant, the second holder of the H-Dial. Together with Chris, Vicky managed to strip the now invincible Great Jupiter of the Dial, turning him back to normal… and bringing also the life of his poor lackeys back to normal, with a boss who finally remembered he was a villain, and over all that he had his creations’ undying loyalty.

Kaleidoscope is a mystic creature given to life by the Master; she lives and dies for him, using all of her incredible abilities to serve him. She can bend light to her will as a creature of pure light, creating incredibly vivid illusions and hallucinations that are lifelike enough to deceive even the most trained intellect. Kaleidoscope is devoted to her Master to the point of obsession… as long as he doesn’t turn into his own worst enemy, of course.

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