In last night’s episode of “A Discovery of Witches” (2×04) the tension between the Coven and the Langdon faction continues to build as witches sort through who to trust. But while the witches in the Coven are skirmishing over their differences, the witches in the Langdon camp are still struggling to stay alive. As the Coven’s witches track down the witches in the Langdon camp, a shocking discovery is made regarding the nature of the transference.

After getting stung by the villagers, Diana has no choice but to follow Ives to his abbey. She sneaks into his quarters where she finds him awakening from a long sleep. As Diana watches the sleep-ridden man, she learns that she is all that remains of Ives’ life. She hears his story and sees his research, but he doesn’t remember her as she had earlier hoped. She watches him walk into the courtyard, only to be confronted by his assistant, Ives IV, who explains to the confused Diana that the man she has seen is her husband, William. His story is a warning to Diana, and she is sent on her way.

Last week, Diana and Matthew were brought before the Queen and then summoned to France by Phillipe de Clermont, Matthew’s father, who heard about Matthew’s nuptials to Diana (which still hasn’t occurred). But while they journey, there is trouble in the present. Marcus is questioned in his responsibilities as Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus.

Let’s recap!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!

Present Day

A bystander is suddenly attacked by an unseen vampire and left there. Horrifying, the authorities are stumped, except for the detective who contacted Gerbert (Trevor Eve) and Domenico (Gregg Chillin). The two are determined to track the attacks back to the Clermonts.

Meanwhile, we finally get to meet Phoebe Taylor (Adelle Leonce)! And so does Marcus (Edward Bluemel). We already love these two together. He meets with her at an auction house to discuss purchasing a couple of lots, one being the pair of portraits of Diana (Teresa Palmer) and Matthew (Matthew Goode) that had been given to Jack.

Knox (Owen Teale) confirms that all three species, vampires, witches, and daemons occupy Sept Tours, creating a covenant to protect Diana and Matthew as they track down the Book of Life.

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Wherever There’s Trouble There’s a De Clermont

Domenico meets with Marcus to alert him about the vampire attacks, including the one that occurred at the auction house where the small portraits had been stolen. It becomes obvious that Diana and Matthew are the main targets.

Marcus tried to deflect the importance of the portraits when Phoebe started digging around for answers. That still doesn’t stop the two of them from growing closer and quickly becoming our next favorite couple. Her natural curiosity and his tender heart have us at their mercy.

Phoebe reminds us much of Diana. Both of them have a strong instinct to explore and find answers. And when she finds photos of him from deep in the past, she demands answers of him, and much like Matthew with Diana, he needs to tell her about himself. And he has to do it carefully which is why he just comes out with it instead of nudging her into it.

Unfortunately, there is only been heartbreak waiting at the end. The major difference between her and Diana is that Diana had been born into this life while Phoebe is a mere human. So, her rejection of Marcus’s confession is understandable.

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Planning Ahead

Marcus and Miriam (Alysha Hart) help Sophie (Aisling Loftus) and Nathaniel (Daniel Ezra) figure out whether their baby will be born a daemon or a possible witch. Having discovered complications, Marcus believes she should look into a hospital birth rather than a home birth but Sophie is worried about the Congregation getting their hands on the child. Marcus swears that he won’t let any such thing happen. Matthew is right to put his trust in his youngling. Though a vulnerable little vampire, he’s proven himself time and again that he can handle being the head of the covenant. He has a way of putting everyone at ease, much like Matthew and Marthe.

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Even after a visit from Baldwin (Trystan Gravelle), he stands his ground, respecting Matthew’s wishes. He isn’t giving up his Grand Master responsibilities even with a deadly vampire making headlines as #DractheRipper. Yeah, we’re never letting that hashtag go.

Learning about the blood rage that runs in the de Clermont isn’t easy for Marcus, especially since he is identified as a carrier of it. It is why the vampires he had made are destroyed. They have blood rage. Feeling betrayed for not being told by Matthew and only being told when it put everyone in danger of being revealed.

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Working together

Emily (Valarie Pettiford) and Sarah (Alex Kingston) work to protect themselves as Gerbert reaches out for a meeting with Ysabeau (Lindsay Duncan). Sarah quickly loses her s**t after learning that Emily has been trying to contact Emily and goes into panic mode. Contacting the dead is dangerous business.

Gerbert and Ysabeau’s meeting is tense, especially after he tells her that he knows the vampire that is on the loose has blood rage, a deadly disease that runs in the de Clermont line. He offers her a deal. If she aligns with him, he’ll keep her out of the investigation. Ysabeau golds strong and refuses to let him bait her.

Meanwhile, Emily breaks her promise. She contacts Emily once more. It doesn’t last. Emily’s power isn’t what it used to be, and she is left heartbroken. While we understand that she only wants to help Diana, doing so much could seriously hurt her.

Hell, with so much unraveling in the present, we can’t help but worry if this covenant will hold out long enough for Matthew and Diana to return. One thing is for sure–everyone needs to start relying on one another if they hope to hold out until they return, especially with Knox, Domenico, and Gerbert circling around them, ready to strike.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let’s chat in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us @TheSeriesRegs on Twitter!

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