A new chapter in the life of a young woman who has been through a lot. She is now ready to start her life anew and rebuild relationships with those she left behind.

The ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ anime series has begun production on a new animated feature titled ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light,’ after a successful five-season run. The film was supposed to premiere in Japan in October 2023, however it was postponed owing to the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed Light’, on the other hand, premiered in Japanese theaters on July 2 to critical praise, earning over 122 million in its first weekend, and will now be available for streaming on Netflix starting October 1 in a dubbed and subtitled version. The narrative continues up after the events of the Holy War seen in chapter five, “The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement,” and is still based on Nakaba Suzuki’s Manga series of the same name.

Victory, Rebuilding Relationships And A New Start
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Takayuki Hamana, who helmed ‘Chocolate Underground,’ ‘The Prince of Tennis,’ and ‘The Two Samurai: The First Game,’ is the director of this anime. Yuki Kaji from ‘SK8 the Infinity’ ‘Fate/Grand Order,’ ‘Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia’ provides the voices of Meliodas and Zeldris, Sora Amamiya from ‘Mieruko-chan’ ‘Battle Girl High School’ provides the voice of Elizabeth, and Misaki Kuno from ‘Fairy Tale: Final Season,’ ‘Magi: Adventure of Sinbad’ provides the voice of Hawk. This movie was created by Studio Deen, which was also responsible for the fourth and fifth episodes.

The narrative takes place following the events of the fifth installment, as previously stated. The Holy War against the Demons is won by humans, gods, and fairies, all with the aid of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Deamon King is eventually defeated, but not without a price: the Lion Sin of Pride Escanor perishes in the great fight.

The world is completely at peace now that all the troublemakers and threats have vanished, so the Deadly Sins no longer have to stay together unless they want to. Meliodas, who was on the brink of becoming the Demon King in the previous season, goes with Elizabeth to a location full of heartwarming memories. He runs across his younger brother Zeldris while remembering. Peace on Earth, however, does not last long, as a new danger in the shape of fairies emerges, requiring the Deadly Sins to gather once again to defeat the new foe.

Throughout the film, there are many fights; however, the major one is the stand-off with the Supreme Deity. The title places a strong emphasis on family, particularly the acquired family phenomena, which is more prevalent among the characters than biological connections. There is no question that all of the Sins have a close connection and that they all trust one another.

Additionally, they have fought and won many hard fights together throughout the years. The connection between Meliodas and his brother Zeldris, on the other hand, is strained and serves as the film’s primary focus. Zeldris is the next in line now that the Deamon King has died, and it is obvious that Meliodas’ allegiance rests with Elizabeth, who has been his love interest throughout the story.

Meliodas was a baddie in his previous existence, as fans will remember, who battled valiantly to conquer his dark side. In order to keep mankind safe, he chose to change his ways and leave the demon realm. This choice did not go down well with his fellow nasties, who all see him as a traitor. He also brought the demon King to his knees, making him the demon elite’s number one adversary. Audiences discover through his own admission that his connection with his father was strained, and he blames himself for not being there for his younger brother and not performing the role of a big brother when he was in desperate need.

This illuminating revelation serves as a turning moment for the brothers in ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by the Light.’ Meliodas is willing to provide second chances in order to save his relationship with Zeldris, but she isn’t interested. Despite his unwillingness to mend his strained connection with his brother, Zeldris joins him in Britannia to fight the Supreme Deity’s battle.

Audiences discover that the impending adversary, The Supreme Deity herself, is actually Elizabeth’s mother, as the film continues to emphasize the importance of families beyond biological ties. This does not sway Elizabeth’s opinion since she is related to her. Instead, she forms groups with people with whom she has always worked and spent time. Those who have grown to be her closest friends and relatives throughout the years. These are the same friends who have always given her a shoulder to cry on in times of need and have always loved and supported her unconditionally. She joins Meliodas and, together with the other Sins, brings the Supreme deity’s rule to an end, just as the foes before her did.

Meliodas and Elizabeth eventually get married in front of their friends and family, completing their happy ending. The gap between the groom and his brother also seems to be fading or on its way out, since the two can now afford to have a drink while having a very normal discussion, despite the fact that they previously couldn’t agree on anything. To demonstrate that he is ready to give his brotherhood another opportunity, Zeldris invites his older brother to the Demon Realm so they may spend more time together and make up for lost time while continuing to work on their relationship.

The plot is captivating. The art and animation are fantastic, and there are some fantastic new characters to meet. Some of the series’ regulars also received greater screen time, giving viewers a better understanding of who they were. It’s a stunning visual treat that’ll delight both longtime fans of the series and manga and newbies to the brand.

The film ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By The Light’ is now available on Netflix.

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