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Morgan and Sam are determined to get rid of the witch Elizabeth, who appears to be quite dangerous. While on the hunt, they find out that she is connected to people they know, and soon they’re on the run from the authorities and the witch’s own female coven. Meanwhile, the witch’s daughter, Claire, is still in the dark about her mother’s real nature, and she’s determined to find out.

Last week, the mind-blowing premiere shot us into the past where Diana and Matthew each faced new challenges. Diana was desperate for a teacher to help her learn magic and succeeded in finding the only other witch like her, Goody Alsop. Matthew on the other hand was forced to reckon with his past demons, including being an inflictor of torture for the crown. This week, the two of them faced new challenges including meeting Queen Elizabeth and preparing for a long trip that will get them closer to the Ashmole 782.

Let’s recap!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!

In the Present

Domenico (Gregg Chillin) is spotted at a crime scene of a vicious murder. The victim had its throat ripped apart, like that of an animal attack. His interest is mild and he doesn’t stay long, having gained whatever info he needs about it–that it was done by a creature. He meets with Gerbert (Trevor Eve) to boast about what he’s found, which is, in fact, an uncontrolled feeding, and to offer up a deal. He wants the city of Venice back in his control and he is willing to give Gerbert so much more than this intel for it.

If you’ve read the books then you have an idea that this could’ve been done by Benjamin. Will we be seeing the nightmare of a vampire so soon?

Meanwhile, Emily (Valarie Pettiford) is practicing some heavy-duty magic trying to gain a leg-up for Diana. She tries contacting the ghost of Rebecca, Diana’s mother, but it goes awry. Ominous and dark, Emily isn’t playing around. And doing this kind of magic without Sarah? We can’t stop wondering what the purpose of needing to contact Rebecca is and we definitely can’t help feeling like Emily is putting herself in a lot of danger.

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Thy Will Be Done

Diana (Teresa Palmer) is contacted by Mary Sidney (Amanda Hale) to practice alchemy and learns of the place where Mary gets her books on the subject. There she discovers from renowned astrologer, Dr. Dee (Struan Rodger) that the Ashmole 782 had once been there. The book had been stolen by Edward Kelly, Dr. Dee’s scribe before it arrived in this shop. Edward figures he could use the book to gain immortality. Matthew (Matthew Goode) and Diana find themselves at a standstill in finding it, but promise Dr. Dee they’ll find Edward.

Father Hubbard (Paul Rhys) finds Matthew praying for forgiveness and is asked of it as well. He is vague about giving it, but Matthew is troubled enough about his deed of killing Caldwell that he even offers to contact Phillipe and tell him of his goodwill. Matthew then is forced to confront Cecil (Adrian Rawlins), with Diana by his side. The two learn that their relationship is to no longer be kept quiet. It is to be presented before the Queen to be observed. Both Diana and Matthew become a wreck of nerves.

Matthew visits Kit (Tom Hughes) multiple times and though he’s given him many chances, Kit has betrayed Matthew and nearly gave Diana a death sentence. For that, Matthew banished him from his life. In the end, it isn’t Kit that gives Diana away. And if not him, then who?

Mary comes to Diana’s rescue, preparing her for court. The meeting of the queen goes as expected. Diana has to pick her words carefully as the Queen questions her and contemplates her being a witch. While discussion of the Ashmole comes up so does that of the Philosopher’s Stone, a stone considered to bless one with immortality–also what Dr. Dee suggested. This gives the two of them an opportunity. They can look for the book under the guise of looking for Edward and the stone.

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First Lesson as a Witch

Diana attends her first lesson with Goody Alsop (Sheila Hancock) and other witches. With their help, she learns to see the threads of life and understands how spells are created by connecting them with magic and the elements. She has to figure out which element calls out to her but is faced with difficulty because as she reaches out no thread comes within grasp, confusing and worrying everyone including Diana.

Goody doesn’t allow Diana to beat herself up about it, however. Instead, the two come to the realization that there isn’t only one element that calls out to Diana but all of them. With their next attempt, Diana takes each thread, one at a time, and learns to tie each element together, a knot of three as it is called. She struggles with tying the third knot of magic and winds up releasing a rush of power so stunning and magnificent. A tree all aglow sprouts upward over her, lighting the room and revealing a rowan tree that further proves her power.

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Summoned Home

As Diana and Matthew prepare for their long journey to search for Edward, they are greeted by Gallowglass (Steven Cree), Matthew’s nephew through the vampire family tree. We’ve been waiting on the edge of our seats for Gallowglass and we might’ve let out an excited squee at him finally making an appearance. A lively and outrageous spirit, the vampire stands out as a major favorite in the book trilogy. Right from the get-go, we feel the same with the show. While the reunion with Gallowglass is a joyful one for Matthew, there is much concern to be had. Phillipe has summoned Matthew home and he must bring Diana.


While they have to go, that means Diana’s lessons will be put on hold and Jack will have to stay behind for his own safety. Hoping it’s not forever, we know Jack (Joshua Pickering) will not do well in a place with vampires. However, we can’t help but feel anxious about Diana meeting Phillipe. He’s not a major fan of witches, much like the Queen actually. We can’t wait to see how it’ll go.

What did you think of this week’s episode? So much is going on that you can’t blink. Let’s chat in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us @TheSeriesRegs on Twitter to keep up with other shows you love!

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