Having spent the past twelve months locked in a deep sleep, Geralt of Rivia (portrayed by Polish actor Henry Cavill) seems to have awoken from his extended slumber in the recently released The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The action-RPG sequel has already been hailed by critics as one of the best games of 2011.

The Witcher 2: Geralt of Rivia is back after the attack of the Nilfgaards! After the events of The Witcher: Wild Hunt, there is no greater quest. The stakes are raised. The danger is greater. And the reward is also greater: you are Geralt of Rivia, a witcher of the most elite kind.

The Witcher 2: Geralt of Rivia, more commonly known as The Witcher 2, has been out for a little while now–it just so happens to be the game that broke the record for the most sales in 24 hours. It also broke a few others, including the record for the highest amount of pre-orders. The game has also received a fair amount of media coverage, with reports that it has sold over 1 million copies in two weeks.

The Witcher series, which can be considered one of the best action movies of all time, has long captured hearts. It was so exciting to see Henry Cavill briefly step out of the mantle of the son of Krypton and take over the role! Seeing him as the fighting wizard known as The Witcher is a sight to behold! But after all that excitement, it’s now time for season 2 on Netflix! That’s right. The creators of the series have announced that Geralt will be returning for a new season, with Henry Cavill in his role as the titular hero!

Geralt’s life right now

Geralt, as we have already seen, fought for many years and survived many battles. It was a long road from the first battle with the Kikimora in 1231 to the battle with the invaders of Nilfgaard. Someone who is causing Geralt a lot of trouble is an antagonistic wizard named Stregobor. He’s been making things difficult for Geralt ever since he rejected his request to kill Renfry. Since then, Stregobor has sent his bandits and henchmen after him. He has now teamed up with Jennefer von Wengerberg, an elf witch who can cast spells.

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Another major character we really like is Ciri, played by the lovely Freya Allan. In the series, she is the granddaughter of Queen Kalantha, and fate has linked her to the wizard before she was even born.

However, the first season ended on a very cold and tense note. The Nilfgaardian attack resulted in heavy losses. What happened, however, was that Geralt was injured and lost consciousness. So Season 2 will begin after the aftermath of the attack. What is happening today is happening despite the recovery taking place after the attack in Nilfgaard.

Netflix’s Witchercon

Netflix has launched a new project in partnership with CD Projekt Red called Witchercon. A trailer for the film has even been released. As seen in the trailer, the Wtichercon will be in the light of what is to come. Fans can expect some gripping details from the second season. There will be a live interview with the main characters of the case, Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan. The series’ creator, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, will also be in attendance.

The event promises a deep dive into the subject of The Witcher game development and how to properly craft the series’ story. There will even be exclusive footage from the second season to shock fans. Additionally, fans can look forward to an update on the upcoming season.

The event will take place on the 9th. of July on CD Projekt Red’s YouTube channel and on all Twitch channels. So listen to Witchercon if you want to know more about the upcoming season!

The WitcherSpin-Off

It was recently announced that The Witcher will be getting a number of other spin-off projects. In January 2023, the creators announced that an animated The Witcher movie based on the series would be made: A wolf’s nightmare. The film will only focus on Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir. The creators of the series are now working with the production company Studio World. It was said that the film would be released later this year. The exact dates have not yet been announced.

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Besides the animated film, there’s something else for the party. A real-time prequel is also planned for next season. While the second season is currently the main event of the series, there will also be introductory episodes that tell the story of the series. Netflix announced it in July 2023. The game is set 1200 years before Geralt’s time and tells the story of the rise of witches. It tells the story of how a race with magical powers came to life to fight as ruthless swordsmen. It’s safe to say that a lot of good content will be passed from creators to fans. And The Witcher series can only get better.

While fans wait patiently for the second season, there are a few other series to look forward to. Some of these shows had a brilliant response and a great cast and crew.

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One of the series that has attracted people is Netflix’s Curse. In this series, none other than Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why, plays Katherine Langford.

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Amazon Prime’s original series Carnival Row is another series that has raised the bar for dystopian dramas. It’s a show with Orlando Bloom and, surprise surprise, Cara Delevingne. The show gave Kara a chance to enter the filmmaking arena as she went from model to actress. She got off to a good start with her counterpart and delivered a solid first season.

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And another series that has several seasons behind it is the famous war drama Vikings. This show is one of the most acclaimed shows in recent years and rivals many television shows when it comes to absolutely golden content! So while we wait for the return of the second season with Heralt, we can watch these series without having to wait.

Season 2 ofis coming up!


The only thing we can look forward to now is that the new season has many surprises in store! There is no confirmation yet if and when there will be a third season of the series. Right now, as far as fans know, the production process for season 2 is complete! Season 2 has a lot to offer fans. With the return of Geralt, Jennefer and Ciri, one can only imagine how the plot will develop. As for the video games, most of the plot has already been revealed, but we’ll have to wait and see if there are any special twists to the series. Meanwhile, play video games, watch the first season, and wait patiently for the next! The Witcher season 2 is coming out later this year!The Witcher 2: Geralt of Rivia is back after the attack of the Nilfgaards! :D. Read more about geralt of rivia notable aliases gwynbleidd and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did geralt come back to life?

The answer is that he didn’t.

Is Geralt in The Witcher 2?

No, Geralt is not in The Witcher 2.

How did Geralt of Rivia die?

Geralt of Rivia died in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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