As a long time fan of Arthurian stories, I’m always fascinated by the ladies of Camelot. Most everyone knows the names Guinevere, Morgana, and Morgause, but few know the names of the women who assisted the legendary Arthur and his knights in his quests. Unfortunately, names like Ygraine, Morgause, and Elaine are rarely mentioned in any modern Arthurian stories.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a delightful conversation at your favorite coffee shop, then this post is for you. Sylvie Lushton is an independent character actress who was born and raised in the New York City borough of Queens and attended college at NYU. Her notable credits include: “The Act” (2001), “Drop Dead Gorgeous” (1999), “Vampirella” (1994) and “Take the Lead” (1996).

This week’s episode of Loki officially confirmed the identity of the character last seen in full glory in Variety, though that’s already a spoiler. Our good (?) Loki is forcibly recruited by the Time Change Authority to track down another version of himself, and he finds him literally at the end of the world, hiding in the apocalypse….. and it turns out he’s actually a woman. This Lady Loki has actually merged with another character from the comics, as she states that she prefers to be called Sylvie now: In the comics we have Sylvie Lushton, who has had a deep connection with Loki since he was a woman, but she is not an alternate Loki, she is one of his creations. Let’s see.

Sylvie Lushton (Enchantress) – Who’s Who

Sylvie Lushton was born in Broxton, Oklahoma. Despite all the signs that she was an ordinary girl like many others, she always believed that she was something more, destined for something greater. When the fairy tale kingdom of Asgard was transferred directly to Oklahoma, Sylvie’s dreams were confirmed, and even more so when she woke up one morning and discovered she had magical powers. She didn’t pay much attention to why she was suddenly very adept at sorcery: her natural (?) conclusion was that she was actually a born Asgardian who had been exiled to Earth for some reason since childhood. Excited by her new gifts, she began to speak like an Asgardian, albeit with a gasping sound, and even sewed herself a green costume, inspired by the one worn (at the time) by the late Amora. When Amora left, Sylvie found it natural to take her place and declared herself the new Enchantress, ready to redeem her legacy and use her powers to protect the weak and fight evil. The young Talisman presented herself in the story she had made up: an exiled Asgardian who thought she was human, but her true origin was very, very different: Loki, who had secretly regained consciousness despite his brother Thor’s attempts to stop him, wanted to conduct some experiments, so he endowed a mortal woman with the powers of Asgard and made her believe she was actually a goddess. He even told Norman Osborne about her, this time with the impression that he had created her from nothing and that all memories of Sylvie Lushton’s life before the discovery of her powers were false….. But after all, he was the God of Ignorance, and it was unclear whether Sylvie was really a person with his magic or a magical construct. In short, the world has a new sorceress.

Sylvie Lushton (Enchantress) – Who’s Who

Talisman wanted to take advantage of her skills and was recruited by the Six Armed Herb into the Young Masters team, where she began dating the only man as selfless and dedicated as she was – Team Leader Melter. However, the team turned out to be nothing like they had dreamed, as everyone but Melter was ambiguous at best, if not downright mean. As the Young Avengers pursued her, Enchantress ceased the fight and used her powers to force her teammates to audition for her rivals… and an audition only she passed, surviving a series of trials with Wiccan and Hulkling. The Young Avengers were exactly what she was looking for, but she wasn’t destined to spend much time with them: The two Young Masters, the android Egghead and the white adept Zero Black, had sent the Seer data on Sylvie so that he could find out her true origins, which were very different from what she had told Wiccan. Knowing that it was Loki’s work, Wiccan correctly realized that it was a magical time bomb, an unintended trap that Loki could use to destroy the team’s magical defenses, so he quickly steered it away from the Young Avengers’ hideout without saying why, fearing that Loki would hear about it. Humiliated, abandoned, and hurt, Talisman returned to the Young Masters and asked her comrades to avenge her ….. And since the team had just teamed up with Osborn’s Dark Avengers, the opportunity came pretty quickly. The Young Masters supported the Dark Avengers against the Young Avengers, but on the battlefield Wiccan finally revealed the truth to him: He tells her that she received the power from Loki and that sending her away without a word was a temporary solution to an emergency, but that the team still needs her. Rather confused, Talisman saved the young heroes by teleporting Sentinel, the main weapon of the Dark Avengers, and then, on Melter’s orders, also removing all Young Masters from the battlefield. Talisman now knew that despite her heritage, she had to decide her fate and choose whether to be a hero or a villain.

Sylvie Lushton is a rather jaded soul, a young woman who very much wants to be a hero, but for some reason always ends up on the side of the bad guys. As a witch, she has incredible magical abilities that she has mastered on her own and without formal training: her abilities include teleportation, flying, interdimensional travel, mind control and manipulation, transmutation (she has turned people into dogs and frogs), creating force fields and energy explosions, telekinesis, and probably much more. Even without a mentor or training, the new Enchantress has proven herself capable of taking on magical heavyweights such as Amora, Wiccan, Clea, and even Doctor Strange, demonstrating unlimited potential: It remains to be seen if she will become a formidable threat to the Ten Kingdoms or rather one of their greatest defenders…..


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Who is Sylvie in Marvel?

The comic book and fantasy movie world is filled with characters you might have heard of, but not many of them have star-studded careers. Take for example the Marvel villainess, the Enchantress. Though she has appeared in a number of movies, she is best known for her role as the main antagonist in X-Men: Apocalypse. She has also starred in the Disney Channel movie The Descendants, and is a recurring character on The Walking Dead. The Enchantress is one of the most enigmatic characters in Marvel’s comics: one moment she’s the Guardian of the Soul Gem, then she’s a villain and turns on the heroes. In the comics, the Enchantress has a long line of adversaries, but in the recent movies, she’s been played by actress Eva Green. And while Eva Green is a fantastic actress, creating the Enchantress has been a challenge for writers to explain: we’ve never met her before in any of the movies. So, who is she and how did she get her powers?

Who is Sylvie in Loki?

The evil sorceress from Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, the first Marvel movie to receive an R-rating (and the second Marvel movie to be rated at all), is played by British actress and burlesque performer, Sylvia Lushton. Let me introduce you to a powerful Asgardian called Sylvie Lushton, who plays the role of the Enchantress, Loki’s sister in the Marvel film The Avengers . In the movie, she is a strange, ethereal creature with a pale face who can produce a deadly mist to fight off her enemies. In the comics, she is a powerful sorceress who was turned into an Asgardian after she was plunged into the enchanted waters of the Well Of Wishes by Hela, the goddess of death and ruler of Hel, the underworld. She later returns to her old form after being rescued from Hel by Thor and Loki.

Is it Lady Loki or enchantress?

Lady Loki is the English-language debut of Icelandic actress Sólveig Dögg Sveinsdóttir, who has appeared in a number of feature films and TV productions in Iceland. Born in Reykjavik, she grew up in South Iceland and trained at Thordarstöð in Reykjavik to become an actor. Her name means “rain of light” in Danish, and she was often referred to as Loki in the popular press. Since it was a common name in Iceland, it was sometimes assumed that she was named after the Norse god. A few years before she began her acting career, Sveinsdóttir changed her name to Sólveig, and took English Call me crazy, but there are only two possibilities to this mystery woman: Lady Loki (played by Hiddleston) or enchantress (played by Lushton).


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