Spider-Man has been around for over 50 years, and his popularity is only continuing to grow. There are many iconic quotes from the web slinger that have become part of pop culture. Here are 25 of the best Spider-Man quotes that should be in your arsenal.

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes in history. He has had many different incarnations and actors, but he always remains a favorite. Here are 25 quotes that will show you just how great Spider-Man is.

Spider-Man is a well-known comic book character who requires no more explanation. According to most surveys, Spider-Man is the most popular superhero in the world, and we can only agree that Marvel struck the perfect mix between humor and seriousness with this character. His fame grew when he featured in live-action films and television shows, as well as animation and video games. As a result, Spider-Man has his own piece today.

This article will contain a list of the 25 greatest and most memorable Spider-Man lines from Marvel’s fictional canon world, as we’ve heard them. We’ve gathered some memorable quotes from movies and TV programs, and we hope you like them!

“Do not be afraid!” says number 25. Spidey is arrived!”

We felt this would be a good statement to start the post with since it establishes the tone for the rest of the quotations. Spider-Man is the most popular superhero in the world, and his distinct personality has undoubtedly contributed to his success.

24. “I’m the one who’s to blame. I put them up against a foe they aren’t even close to being prepared for. They’re going to perish now. And it’s all because of me… Exactly like Marla… Uncle Ben is the same way. I didn’t intervene to rescue him. He died as a result of my frailty. I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t good enough. That day, I made a promise to him that I knew I’d never be able to keep… But I promised I’d never give up. I’m well aware that I’m not good enough. I’ll never be one of them. That isn’t a reason to give up the battle. It doesn’t matter how much it terrifies me. Regardless of how much it hurts. That was taught to me by Ben Parker. And nothing terrifies me more than disappointing him.”

Uncle Ben and Spider-Man had an immense and profound bond. Ben was Spider-father Man’s figure, and he taught him many valuable lessons about life and morals. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that Spider-Man had such a tremendous desire not to disappoint Uncle Ben, and that this drive pushed him ahead in most circumstances.

“There’s no way out!” says number 23. She’d never accept me the way I am–and I can’t stop being Spider-Man! As a result, she’ll marry Leeds and live the peaceful, boring life she desires! Only one thing remains for me to figure out–how can I forget about the girl I adore??”

Throughout his crime-fighting career, Spider-Man has been linked to love triangles, whether it’s with Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, or Black Cat. He was a kind man, he was attractive, and he was Spider-Man, so it’s easy to see why they were duped. The major problem here is that he had to reconcile his life as Peter Parker with his life as Spider-Man on a regular basis.

22. “You won’t be able to detain me. “I’m the nice guy,” says the narrator.

The cops didn’t like Spider-Man at first, and their relationship wasn’t exactly productive. Because Spider-Man was once a stand-up comedian, this phrase represents both his relationship with the law and his own carefree attitude, as he is renowned for cracking jokes while combating crime.

21. “I believe I am capable of completing this task. It’s not out of the question. That is not the case for me. I have a lot of power, resources, and willpower. And I’m going to make it happen. Not for Uncle Ben, Captain Stacy, Gwen, Marla, or any of the others with whom I have already failed. This is for you, the living, and everyone else out there! I’m going to make everyone proud of me. You’ll see what I mean. “I swear.”

This one also alludes to Spider-strong Man’s sense of duty, which he learned from Uncle Ben. Spider-Man was arguably the most responsible of Marvel’s superheroes, recognizing early on that he had a duty to perform in society. That viewpoint is reflected in this line.

20. “I can’t afford to be sidelined by an ordinary cold!” Otherwise, if I get dandruff… or chaffed lips the next time around, I’m going to cry uncle! I may even become the town’s only super-hero who refuses to battle because he has acne!”

Spider-Man delivers another another hilarious comedy, but this time with a twist that reflects his social responsibilities. Spider-Man, like any other person, was susceptible to illness, however, although he tended to exaggerate his symptoms as young people do, he was also conscious that he had to keep going anyway.

19. “Which is the worst…?” Staying in the background as the other men fight…? Or do you want to fight in a war that no one wants… against an enemy you don’t even despise?”

Don’t you think this one is very deep? Sure, Spider-Man was youthful and lacked knowledge – wit, maybe, but not wisdom – despite the fact that he was surrounded by smart people. Still, this phrase represents his personal feelings about superheroes and the battles they face when battling crime or evil.

18. “Wow!” Since watching C-coverage Span’s of Congress yesterday, I haven’t seen this many criminals, thugs, and lowlifes in one place!”

Another political line in Spider-tales Man’s that we don’t frequently see, but it’s also a really funny one since it’s based on his personal experience at the time. Spider-Man loved to make jokes and would never stop telling them, no matter what the occasion or circumstance.

“Because Flash Thompson is a buddy of mine!” And if you think you’ll get away with him, you’re– –right– –apparently.”

This is one of those strange scenarios that Spider-Man often discusses. The enemy just vanishes during a conversation that seems to be very grand and inspired, making the scenario inadvertently hilarious, since this is Spider-Man.

“And we will be known as… the Fellowship of the Ring.”

This one had to be included because – Spider-Man. The man tosses in a Tolkien joke and gets away with it with applause, just when you anticipate something big, epic, and serious. My dear gentleman, kudos to you!

15. “I’ve always felt somewhat responsible for Uncle Ben’s death, since he was murdered by a criminal whom I failed to apprehend! And now it’s Aunt May’s turn! The two people I loved most in the world–who treated me as though they were my own father and mother–! Yet, their compassion to me, their love for me, has only resulted in disaster! But it’s not going to happen again! It can’t be! It can’t be! Certainly not to Aunt May!! She’s been much too good–far too generous–! I’m not going to be able to repay her in this manner!! There’s got to be a way to rescue her! Surely there is! And I’ll track it down! I’ll locate it somewhere, somehow! I’ll rescue her no matter what it takes!”

Uncle Ben’s responsibility mantra became ingrained in Spider-psyche Man’s and served as a motivator throughout his career. Not only that, but he also felt a duty to respect Uncle Ben’s memory by becoming the greatest version of himself and protecting all of his loved ones, particularly Aunt May, from danger.

14. “The more I put my life on the line… the more dangerous risks I take… the less good it appears to do! Why can’t I ever put things right with all my might… with all my abilities?”

Self-doubt is a healthy thing for a superhero to have. If you are overly confident in yourself, you will become arrogant, which will ultimately bring you down. Now, being sad about things isn’t going to help you, but you must continuously work on yourself.

13. “If the price of quiet is the country’s spirit… If the price of implicit support is the loss of the very characteristics that made this country the greatest in human history, then the price is too high.”

Okay, a little Captain America from Spider-lips, Man’s but he did spend enough time with Cap to learn something. This was more of a political statement than anything else, but it does reveal a side of Spider-Man that we don’t frequently witness, which is why we included it on our list.

12. “Perhaps you might consider that what you would term weakness– and what others might call compassion– isn’t necessarily such a terrible thing.”

Compassion is frequently misunderstood by comic book characters, particularly villains, as a sign of weakness, but Spider-Man, who has dealt with every emotion imaginable, understands otherwise. He understands that compassion is a sign of strength, and that people who believe they are invincible generally have flaws.

11. “Wait, what? Perhaps I should have dressed myself as a bat rather than a spider. Instill dread in my foes… Nah. “Wrong idea.”

This one is fantastic since it’s funny. Spider-Man and Batman make an excellent team, despite the fact that they are diametrically opposed. It was a jab at DC, but it has such a large fan base that we doubt even the most ardent DC Comics fans would be offended. It made us laugh out loud.

10. “Fate has bestowed upon me some fantastic super-powers, and I now see that it is my responsibility to utilize them… without question… without hesitation!! … And that means Spider-Man will be back in action! I’m going to fight like I’ve never battled before!! Nothing will be able to stop me now! Because I’ve finally realized that a guy can’t alter his fate… I was destined to be… Spider-Man!!!”

Well, he wasn’t really born to be Spider-Man; it was an accident, although destiny may have had a role in it. Spider-Man wasn’t always pleased with his position as New York’s superhero, but he grew into it, and this statement exemplifies how strongly he connected with and valued the role.

This is a reference to the storyline of Civil War (both the comic book and the movie), in which Spider-Man discusses his feelings on superhero registration. This issue wasn’t quite simple, and Spider-Man just wanted to avoid regulation, but he wasn’t opposed to registration.

8. “It’s not going to happen. I’m not going to give up on you. You, any of you. There have been several occasions when I’ve felt like giving up on myself. When almost everyone dismissed me. However, there was always someone who did not agree. Some of the individuals are still alive, while others have passed away. They had faith in me. And there’s no way I’m going to disappoint them. I have faith in you. And look at this foot! I realize you’ve had a lot to deal with. Things that no one should have to deal with. But I’ll show you that there’s always another option.”

Another bit of inspiration from Spider-Man. Spider-Man wasn’t much of a philosopher, but he understood how to inspire others, and the greatest part was that it was completely genuine, coming not just from the heart, but also from his own experience with uncertainty and difficulty.

7. “I’m Spider-Man, too.” Strange things happen to me on a regular basis.”

Don’t you think that’s a very good start? Without a doubt, we would fall for it. And it’s entirely accurate. Sure, Spider-Man had his moments, but some of his interactions were really odd, and it’s understandable that he would introduce himself in this manner.

6. “That’s one of the things I like about this city. Some guy jumps up and offers every time I need to strike someone really, very hard.”

Spider-Man is a native of New York, and although he had a strong bond with the city, he also had a more casual connection with it, particularly since he knew there were criminals all around him. Even when he had to kick someone in the shins.

5. “I must not give up, no matter how insignificant I am–no matter how dismal everything seems! It doesn’t matter how big I am! It doesn’t even matter whether I live or die! No one can win every war, but no one should ever give up without a fight!”

Spider-Man was a superhero known for his tenacity. He seemed frail – tiny and frail – yet he was tough and determined to see his battles through. Even when confronted with much more powerful dangers, he did not give up, and this phrase perfectly represents his perspective on such matters.

4. “My name is Peter Parker, and I’ve become Spider-Man since the age of fifteen.” “Do you have any questions?”

This Iron Man-style remark alludes to both Peter identifying with the Spider-Man character and claiming “credit” for it. The two have been one person for so long that the line between them has almost vanished, as Spider-Man discovered at one time in his life.

3. “Whether a law is good or wrong, moral or immoral, is a matter of opinion, a matter of personal philosophy… However, it seems that conflicts over ideas inevitably cross the line into the actual world and turn into bouts of real violence.”

Another insightful remark from Spider-Man, who reflected on the nature of many of his confrontations. People typically quarreled over ideas and ideals, but these non-material conflicts manifested themselves in real life as genuine, tangible violence. This was Spider-tragedy, Man’s fight’s and he was quick to recognize it.

2. “You claim you don’t want to be in charge? What’s more, guess what? People like us don’t have a say.”

This is a play on Uncle Ben’s credo, with Spider-Man understanding that their duty is a necessity, not a choice. Uncle Ben has been discussed many times on this site, but this one is a direct result of his remarks, a conclusion that Spider-Man came to on his own and which perfectly represented his perspective on heroism.

1. “The smartest guy I ever met taught me that tremendous power comes with great responsibility.”

Uncle Ben is the guy in question. “The brightest guy I know lives that,” the entire statement continues. Every single day. I’m honored to call him a friend……and Stretcho.” Mr. Fantastic is the second guy, and both of them have served as role models for Peter Parker, who wanted to be genuine and loyal to the values instilled in him by the people he loved and admired.


Here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers before we finish things off.

Is there a Spider-Man catchphrase?

Spider-Man doesn’t have a catchphrase in the traditional sense, but he does have the Peter Parker principle, which goes something like this: “With tremendous power comes great responsibility!” This statement is usually credited to Uncle Ben rather than Spider-Man himself, but it has become a catchphrase in the Spider-Man universe.

What does Tom Holland say all the time?

Tom Holland is notorious for leaking plot details in public. The actor is notorious for leaking plot information and spoilers for future films, which has become a running internet joke. He gets along swimmingly with Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk.

Spider-Man is a superhero from Marvel Comics. He has been around for over 50 years and has had many amazing quotes throughout the decades. Some of his most famous quotes are With great power, comes great responsibility, With great power comes great irresponsibility, and I don’t want to kill you, I just want to show you. Reference: spider-man quotes inspirational.

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