Even though F9: The Fast Saga is still a couple of weeks away, the fast forwarding feature has been revealed. And it’s not something you can only use on F9, as it’s a “universal”.

In 2001, director F. Gary Gray gave us F9: The Fast Saga, a cult-classic hip hop film that introduced a new kind of rap music star to mainstream audiences. Unfortunately, the film’s critical reception was mixed and it didn’t fare well at the box-office, despite some strong word-of-mouth. Some would say the whole thing was a fluke and that Gray never again made a film of sufficient quality to warrant a sequel. But, the man is a major talent and, two years ago, he directed The Italian Job, a small-budget remake of the 1959 original starring Mark Wahlberg that, while not a financial success, did well enough on rental and home-video channels to warrant a sequel.

One of the most talked-about movies of the year, F9: The Fast Saga is Back Baby! is an epic tale of a group of high schoolers in a small town who are trying to make something out of their lives, even if it means they have to fight for it.. Read more about f9 release date and let us know what you think.

The sky is apparently no longer the ultimate limit for the Fast & Furious franchise…

After the newest installment in the Fast and Furious universe (the Funiverse?) debuted in theaters a few weeks ago, Vin Diesel exclaimed, “Cinema is back!” While I tried to return to cinemas with the summer blockbuster I’d been waiting for for over a year, In the Heights wins the prize for best first movie back. Both films are similarly spectacular, but only one of them shows two black guys traveling into space, changing gears, and rocketing towards a satellite. F9 brings back some of its most beloved characters and rejiggers the group dynamics for a more positive ending. Justin Lin (perhaps the franchise’s high watermark director) returns to helm this series with the same kinetic energy and swagger he brought to these films since Tokyo Drift.

Everything in Vin Diesel’s life feels great! He’s teaching his son how to build a tractor. They live in the middle of nowhere. When Roman and Tej show up with an offer for a mission Dom says he’s done. He’s got family to protect. Only after Letty protests does he agree to join their rescue mission. This kicks off a series of events to reunite Dominic Toretto with his greatest opponent yet: his little brother Jakob. The trauma of their father’s death (and Jakob’s role in it) propels the two to feud. Jakob makes his feud global by attempting to build some device that can control nukes or something. I actually forgot. In the end Jakob Toretto teams up with Charlize Theron’s Cipher to try and take Dom down. The only thing that can save them? Family.

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UAMC Reviews Fast & Furious 9


I’m sure you’re sick of Dominic Toretto memes by now, but Universal Studios’ marketing engine has just recouped its costs with such a huge worldwide decrease. When Universal Studios learned they’d have to shift F9’s release date back a month, they didn’t bother. They decided to postpone it for a full year. Universal obviously didn’t want to take a chance on the box office benefits from an uncertain future at the time. After a terrifying few months, Universal’s plan seemed to be viable when movie theaters shuttered for months at a time. For the time being, no new films will be released on the big screen. Only when vaccinations were widely available and governments relaxed their limitations could a big blockbuster like F9 become possible. Universal may have had to take out a second mortgage to remarket a picture they had previously spent so much money on, but the profits from foreign box office success may easily justify their choice. They now have 750 million reasons to believe they were correct (a modest sum compared to previous entries but a tidy profit in this post-lockdown era.)

We’ve all recognized the Fast Saga’s ridiculous tales by now. I’m not interested in the eye rolling or the moral high grounds. These films earn a lot of money, and whether you’re a certified Rotten Tomato critic or simply a Facebook crusader, there’s not much you can do when it comes to box office revenue. It’s better to relax and enjoy the trip, like I did!

In this latest installment of the Toretto franchise, Justin Lin takes the reins as director. His work on the franchise’s finest entries demonstrates a grasp of the group’s emotional core as well as totally bombastic action. He hangs his hat on the crucial event in Dominic Toretto’s life when his father died, even returning to the incident in flashbacks with younger actors dressed as their equivalents. When Dominic’s father died, he became who he was. His time in prison. His enthusiasm for street racing. All of this may be traced back to his father. Long before the titular Family gets involved, he feels Jakob accountable for their father’s death, and that sort of guilt will drive these two brothers apart.

Everyone is blazing on all cylinders here, man. From Toretto’s grumpy rage to Roman’s fumbling quips, there’s something for everyone. More significantly, Jordana Brewster’s Mia and Sung Kang’s Han both return to the family. Justin Lin has expressed his emotional attachment to Han in prior interviews, and I believe that if Lin were to return to directing, Han would be the first character he would want to bring back. The planning of Han’s reappearance is convoluted and ambiguous (Jason Statham is said to have murdered him in Tokyo Drift/Fast 7) but it doesn’t matter. What important is that Han’s level-headedness counteracts the uneven distribution of humor in the previous two films, while Mia adds some much-needed earnestness.

The reappearance of Mia creates a fantastic subplot in which Mia and Letty join together to find Han. This film offers enough of fierce battles for the female characters without ever objectifying them. If a spinoff is ever made, it definitely alludes to the franchise’s ladies’ potential. This inclusion serves to counteract the terrifying masculine gaze of the series.

The Fast and the Furious Franchise’s Long and Winding Road


The Fast Family Has a Long History!

Interestingly F9 benches it’s new entrants very quickly. Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody makes a singular appearance (was there a scheduling conflict?) and Scott Eastwood doesn’t make a mention in this universe. With the addition of Hobbs & Shaw to this Funiverse could these characters be saved for the more canon-centered films? Are they busy combating Eteon in another corner of the world? Their absences go largely unnoticed as the film takes pains to bring back even the smallest of previous actors.

Don Omar and Tego Calderon reprise their roles as Santos in a hilarious flashback. Sean is played by Lucas Black, while Twinkie is played by Shad Moss. They last saw Han being killed by the Yakuza, so I assume it will take a long time for them to catch up. Still, with the inclusion of Jason Tobin as their rocket scientist, these two offer humor that reminds the two characters of Roman and Tej. Former cast members appear in so many of these little moments that it serves as its own kind of easter eggs.

Every year, it appears as though the series fills in the gaps with a slew of strange second and third-string performers. Dominic helps Helen Mirren get out of jail in return for information about his brother in a brief scene in the film. There are no famous MMA fighters or action stars in this film. Instead, it casts John Cena as the eponymous villain, with Finn Jones portraying him as a younger version. Fans of The Walking Dead (or Guardians of the Galaxy) may recognize Michael Rooker in this cameo appearance. Finally, the film maintains the trend of showcasing well-known musicians. Bad Bunny makes a surprise appearance in one scene, while Cardi B has a full conversation exchange with Dominic Toretto. The extra sequence seems a bit contrived (and more of a wish-fulfillment exercise than a genuine money-making plan), almost as if Cardi B emailed Vin Diesel the following day and showed up on set. It’s worth noting that this wasn’t even the most outrageous scene in the whole film.

Tej and Roman’s trip into space has gotten a lot of attention. As bootleg rocket engineers, the characters from Tokyo Drift are shoehorned into the narrative. When Tej and Roman pilot their rocket-strapped Pontiac fiero into space, it becomes a star. Roman SHIFT THE GEARS OF HIS CAR and STEER A ROCKET-CAR using the steering wheel was my ultimate favorite moment. Those rules of physics would not apply in any other planet, but it is insanity personified, and I am here to see it. Ludacris looks out over the planet and remarks on how they’re the first two black guys to drive into space, as if to recognize the gravity (heh heh get it?) of the occasion. In some ways, the scene is historic in cinematic terms, but it’s so delightfully ridiculous that it’s quickly forgotten.

The lowest common denominator has always been the target audience for this brand. The music, which includes famous trap artists, reggaeton hits, and electronic grooves, does not need translation. What do you think is the most memorable piece of music among the Bad Bunny and Ty Dolla Sign tracks? “The Nutcracker Waltz of the Flowers.” The film is now deemed elegant!

Fast & Furious: The Insane Escape-ism of Hobbs & Shaw


So… Is it really Ultimate?

I tried to predict as much of this movie as possible. Admittedly I was wrong about plenty of things the return of Han signals an exciting move and the female-only fight scene promises exciting spinoffs aplenty for all to enjoy. My greatest sadness is that Gal Gadot’s Gisele did not make an appearance (and might actually be dead for good.) Of course, in this universe never say never.

At this moment in our life, F9 is very much a cultural force. Nothing we can do will stop it from being well-known. No amount of skepticism will sink this ship. Despite the ludicrous antics, the picture is guided by a fundamental emotional pain, and I can’t help but marvel at the needle-threading needed to create such a bold promise. John Cena can carry a scene on his own, but his combination with Vin Diesel works because the two men are competing to furrow their brows further than the other.

This series is one of my favorites. With each new entry, it displays progress. Whether it’s gently weaning itself off of an extremely sexist male lens or attempting larger and bigger action stunts, the series keeps growing. There’s much to discover and fresh paths to take with new characters returning and old ones taking a backseat. F9, I believe, will only be seen as an expansion of the Funiverse. There is no such thing as a retired character. Old baddies make a comeback. There are already plans for spinoffs. This entire thing hasn’t really blown up yet, and F9 has shown it has remarkably long legs for a brand in which two guys drive a vehicle into space. Keep a look out for the following two installments in the series, which Diesel has assured would finish things up. Maybe they’ll downsize their personalities and drive through Kurt Russell’s veins. Perhaps they’ll sing and dance to a musical performance! The world is set to literally accomplish anything, and I applaud the authors’ hyperbolic inventiveness in adopting “the sky is the limit” as their challenge.

After his stunning transformation since the first official trailer was released, we now know that the man behind the mask is indeed Jason Statham. The F9 character has been described as a “career criminal who teams with an ordinary cop who begins to suspect his new partner may not be all he seems.” The film is set to be released on January 22nd. **. Read more about f9 release date in usa and let us know what you think.

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