Casey is a small town teenager living with her mother. Her life is fairly normal until she finds a secret room in her house, where she discovers a strange book.

The film “Casey – Who’s Who” stars Mindy Kaling as Casey, a woman who is obsessed with movies. Although she is in her mid thirties, she has only ever watched one movie, and that was at her best friend’s wedding when she was a teenager. (Is it any wonder she was embarrassed when the entire wedding party crowded around the TV to watch her favorite movie?) As a result, she is a bit clueless when it comes to other movies, the actors involved, and she has no idea who the characters are.

The first episode ofLoki already promises to be a fun and inventive series that will hopefully be driven by something other than pure fanservice. This glorious goal also introduced a little-known Marvel Comics character into the MCU: When Loki is dragged in chains to the headquarters of the Time Shift Authority to stand trial, he first meets an unassuming office worker named Casey, played by Eugene Cordero. Casey seems like a normal, if not downright stupid, kid who doesn’t know what a fish is. …. Until it turns out that he keeps the infinity stones in his drawer as paperweights. In the comics, Casey is closely associated with TVA, but his work is completely different, as is his appearance. Let’s take a look together. Casey – Who’s Who Little is known about Casey: He had come to work for the Temporal Change Authority, a bureaucratic organization that oversaw the coherence of realities in the multiverse. Casey was a crew chief with a unique and specific job: maintaining and guiding the Time Crossing Express, the only vehicle allowed to travel on the central Time Crossing Express railroad, which travels through time, space, and perhaps even different dimensions and realities. Living on in the universe, probably in the manifestation dimension, Casey and his crew have always had the opportunity to observe different worlds and planets and explore different alien cultures….. but when they first saw Earth, they fell in love with its railroads and thought steam trains were the best form of transportation in the universe. A train enthusiast, Casey redesigned and rebuilt the Cross-Time Express to resemble his beloved overland train, the Union Pacific Big Boy, and even renamed it the Illinois Central Cannonball Express … on a strictly unofficial basis, of course, because the TVA would have required him to sign dozens of different documents just to change the name of his train, let alone rebuild it. Casey’s fascination with Earth didn’t last long, as trade between time zones prohibits the sale and purchase of most of the planet’s goods, as they are considered dangerous….. But finally he got the chance to get his hands on something rare and valuable: helping escaped prisoners. Casey – Who’s Who Earth’s heroes, the Fantastic Four, have been accused of numerous crimes against the timeline, but apparently they weren’t leaving it at that, and neither was their leader, Mr. B. Fantastic, developed a virus that prevents the TVA from recognizing their timeline. Accompanied by the Thing, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and Sharon Ventura, he arrives on Casey’s train and asks her to send them back to their homeworld, Earth-616, which the alien gladly does….. for a price. Casey and Mr. Fantastic struck a deal, and the alien agreed to receive the team’s uniforms in exchange for his services, nice Earth clothes made of unstable molecules, a true rarity. This was perhaps the fastest trip by Casey and his team: Not only were the Minutemen and the dreaded Agent Justice World on the trail of the Fantastic Four, but the Illinois Central Cannon Express had to reach Earth-616 before the Mr. and Mrs. Cannon were able to get to Earth-616. Smith could get to them. The fantastic virus finished its job and erased the location of this reality from all TVA databases, making it impossible for even Casey to find the right station. Casey has entrusted his life to his Big Boy, and the move hasn’t disappointed him either: He managed to bring the heroes back to their reality and got what he was promised. He quickly untied his uniforms and tucked them into his railroad clothes: His train was now more beautiful than ever, the most beautiful vehicle in the universe. Casey – Who’s Who Casey is certainly a craftsman, but he is above all a collector and a bit of a fanboy, a lover of land technology and above all a train fan. Although he works for TVA, he is not an emotionless bureaucrat like most people and sometimes his passion for trains lets him distract from his duties. Although he looks like a simple train engineer, he actually knows a lot about time travel and inter-dimensional travel, and is the only one who can control his Big Boy, the Cross-Time Express, which can reach any point in time and space. Casey dutifully and regularly takes the Express where (and when) he needs it ….. but his love is for the car, not his job.


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