Avalon Universe is a new role-playing game that’s looking to raise $30,000 by the end of their campaign. The game has been in development for over 4 years and has received some positive press from outlets like PC Gamer.

The gofundme calculator is a website that allows users to calculate the amount of money they need for their fundraising campaign.

I’ll confess that I was surprised by the outpouring of support for yesterday’s news that any contributions to the AVALON UNIVERSE GoFundMe for this week will be matched dollar for dollar by super-supporter RAY MYERS. Ray’s maximum matching contribution is $3,000, but I honestly thought the Avalon team would have to work very hard to achieve that amount in just a week.

After all, the campaign has been running for two and a half months, and contributions have only totaled a little more than $5,500 throughout that period. It was a stretch to anticipate more than half of that amount in fresh contributions in only seven days.

Then there was yesterday.

I have to give credit to showrunner JOSHUA IRWIN for putting together a fantastic new crowd-funding “ask” video to make the news. Similarly, TYLER DUNIVAN and PIXI NEREID, who appear in Avalon, have an electrifying connection and charisma that shines through in both their performances and their bloopers. If you haven’t seen the video yet, have a peek…

On both Facebook and YouTube, the video received a resoundingly favorable response. Josh has had many requests for more Avalon bloopers, and he may be willing to provide if Tuesday’s contributions are similar to Monday’s (hint, hint).

What Were the Contributions On Monday, You May Wonder?

The Avalon GoFundMe campaign received $2,135 from 40 contributors in only 24 hours!!! When you include in Ray Myers’ dollar-for-dollar match, the total contributions collected so far equal $9,800…or 49% of the ultimate $20,000 target! That is really incredible!!!

So, what’s the deal with them? Team Avalon got by with a little assistance from their pals in addition to the entertaining new video and providing an update to their current contributors. Yesterday, I posted a blog and shared it with a dozen Facebook groups. ALEC PETERS sent an e-mail to the AXANAR donor list announcing the dollar-match week-long promotion and encouraging Axanar supporters to also become Avalon supporters…because the recent Avalon release COSMIC STREAM featured a cameo by Garth, and an upcoming Avalon production is set to be filmed at ARES STUDIOS. Finally, $800 was raised in a single contribution from C.W. THOMPSON, who had previously contributed to this same Avalon campaign and was one of the most generous backers of my fan film INTERLUDE. C.W. is an extremely generous person.

That was the first 24 hours, at least. But with so many Avalon promotional events this week, who knows how far they can go? They…could…go…all…the…way! Even if they don’t make it this week, GoFundMe projects don’t have a deadline. And I have a feeling that once their next big movie, AGENT OF NEW WORLDS, hits theaters on October 31, fan enthusiasm and donor support will skyrocket.

Fans and supporters, on the other hand, seem to be extremely enthusiastic right now! Here’s the link if you’re one of them and wish to assist with a contribution, large or little…

The gofundme complaints is a crowdfunding campaign that has been taking in $2,135 in 24 hours. It’s goal was to raise money for the production of an independent film about the life and death of David Bowie.

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