The stars of Fast and Furious 8 could all be walking away with Oscar nominations for their performances in the blockbuster hit, and they’re all making moves to continue their careers. Vin Diesel’s company, One Race Entertainment, has just signed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a producer on Fast 9 and says that the series will continue on to 11. The Rock has just directed a movie called Central Intelligence, and he says he might take some time off after it’s released to start filming Fast 9.

The Fast and Furious franchise has always been about the bonds and family ties that bind everyone together, but with the latest film, F&F 10, it has also become about the friendships between the men. Although the latest film introduced a few new characters, the main focus was still on Dom, Brian, and the rest of the gang.

It’s been an exciting year for Fast and Furious fans around the world. When Dom and the team take on Dom’s brother Jacob and the notorious cyber-terrorist Cipher, the game only gets more complicated. There was a lot of action in the game. And frankly, some events took a turn that shocked fans. So let’s take what F9 did to us. We want to see the possibilities that the new film opens up for us.

The gang, though it hasn’t changed. They came back with the original flame. Although some of the new characters were introduced in a great way, and some of them reprised their roles from the previous films. It’s still a surprise to see from all four sides!

Jacob, the bad guy Toretto

This film was a tribute to the new character: Jacob Toretto, the evil twin brother of none other than Dominic Toretto. The film begins with Dominic and Jacob reminiscing as young adults. At the time, they wanted to race with their father as a member of the pit crew. His father’s name was Jack. Unfortunately, Jack ran into a rider who wasn’t thinking straight. Kenny Linder, a man with a bag of tricks, was bad news for the party.

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Leander’s hat-trick now coincides with Jack’s hat-trick, causing the car to hit the wall and explode. This led to Jack’s death. After the incident, Linder got into an altercation with Dom, which landed Dom in jail. The house did its job. When he got out of prison, he remembered that Jacob had worked on his car after Jack’s death, which meant that Jacob had killed their father. Faced with this revenge, Dom challenged Jacob to a contest in which he must leave town if he loses.

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Thus two brothers were born, separated by a great tragedy. Jacob is now on the other side of the table, fighting Dom and showing him that Toretto is better. But before that, he was in the arms of the figure.

Departure F9

After defeating Cypher and his gang, Dom was disenfranchised for a long time and eventually withdrew from the fight. He raised his son Brian with his wife Letty. And suddenly, while the good life goes on, a fire breaks out. A fire that forces Dom to retreat again.

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Now Roman Pearce, Tej Parker and Ramsey come into play, a good old trio we’ll never forget. You come bearing the news that Mr. Nobody has captured the Cipher. Cypher’s plane crashed, and with it a unique device called Ares, capable of hacking into any computer system in the world. It can be said that this film might be better than The Eye of God. Dom now realizes that his older brother Jacob is working with the Cipher. Jacob is also currently in a relationship with his assistant, Otto.

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After all that happens, Dom gets the team back on track and takes charge. But besides the original band, there are also some new members and some surprising returners! Let’s see.

Casting and some wild returns!

Of course, we had to mention some of the amazing actors from the game. The stars of the original film return to cause even more chaos. Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and Natalie Emmanuel are back in the lead roles! It’s Dom, Roman, Tej, Ramsey and Letty again!

The original characters were joined by another member, Dom’s sister Mia, played by none other than Jordana Brewster. She’s retired while Brian is raising the kids. Unfortunately, she can’t help the house.

We’ve already met the man of the hour, John Cina. It’s there to provide us with the best entertainment. He along with Charlize Theron played the main antagonist in this movie!

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There were a few good surprises! Lucas Black, for example, got some impressive cameos when he returned as Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift. The legendary Helen Mirren also returns as Queenie, the Shaw brothers’ mother, and once again helps Dominic.

In addition, stars like Cardi B have made appearances as Leisa. Finally, Kurt Russell returns as the amiable boss, Mr. B. Nobody, backwards. He has received so much positive feedback for his work in the franchise over the past few years! Jason Statham also plays the role of Deckard Shaw in the final episode.

And the biggest comeback of all time is Song Kang, who returns as Han. Khan’s death is explained by the testimony of eyewitness Deckard Shaw, the man who caused the car accident. Now Shaw goes to Tokyo and discovers that Han has a protégé named Elle. In light of this, Shaw admits that Khan lived to ensure Elle’s safety. So Han was never dead!

Will there be a tenth film?

I don’t want to spread fake news, but reports have surfaced that the filmmakers are now considering the 10th anniversary. A part of the film series is expected. It looks like Dom and the gang will be back for more adventures. Fortunately for the fans, Dom always pulls back. This is not a one-time event. It looks like the family will be back more than once.

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One director who keeps coming back is Justin Lin. He’s made more Fast and Furious movies than anyone else so far. And for the tenth film, it is rumored that he will return as director. However, these rumors have not been confirmed, as the 9. The film is still in theaters.

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But while this movie is out, it opens up a lot of possibilities for the next movie. And it’s questionable how long the franchise will last. Not that we’re complaining. But it’s great to see that some movie franchises like this stand the test of time. It was exactly two decades ago that the Fast family arrived. There are people who come and go. And now some people are left as caretakers. So we can only expect more from the next film. Fast & Furious has opened in cinemas across the country. Treat yourself to the best of the best!

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