In story format, the movie is about a boy named Will who, despite being very polite and respectful towards his mother, is basically a complete dick to her. One day, when his mom is out at work, Will decides it’s ‘fun’ to make a video of himself destroying the home he loves with his mother in it. After completing his masterpiece, Will goes online to show the world what he did, only to find that he’s become the talk of the town. Will then decides to fix his mistake and makes a video to try and make things right again. In the end, however, Will’s video goes viral and he’s forced to make the choice between his mother and his new found fame.

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Here at movieexcite, I make a point of reviewing movies that are either made or inspired by games, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a little obsessed with them. I’ve played a lot of the games that inspire these movies, and I can’t help but feel that the movies capture a lot of the essence of the games. This is why I decided to review “Eliminators”, a movie based on the mobile game “Puzzle Quest” by Gameloft.

One of the greatest – if not the best – family-oriented ultimate action films from the golden period of the 1980s…

“We’ve got robots, cavemen, and Kung-Fu. What the hell is this, a goddamn comic book?” These are the words of Harry Fontana, one of the major characters in the film, and they could not be more apt in describing what Eliminators is all about! If you asked a kid in the 1980s what components are required to make his favorite action film, he would most likely have listed these things, as well as time travel, perhaps a gorgeous female scientist, and, of course, laser weapons and explosions. 

When Charles Band and his production firm Empire Pictures developed Eliminators, they may have had that in mind. In the 1980s, many B-action films attempted to compensate for their lack of excitement and general quality by using excessive violence and obnoxious sleaziness, but Eliminators went in the other way, becoming one of Empire’s rare films to earn a PG certificate!  

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The University of Arizona Medical Center evaluates the film ‘Eliminators’ (1986)


Paul de Meo and Danny Bilson wrote the screenplay, which has a lot of the same campy tone as another Empire classic, Trancers, which they also wrote. With post-modern and parodist interpretations on the genre, cramming as many genre clichés as possible into a film is a common practice these days. However, Eliminators may lay claim to being one of the first films to comb through the canon of action movies and toss them all together in a jumbled, but surprisingly self-aware combination.

The Mandroid returns from a time-travel mission to retrieve a historical relic for his creator, Abbott Reeves, the wicked genius. Reeves determines that his servant is no longer useful and orders that he be dismantled. The Mandroid manages to flee and embarks on a mission to eliminate Reeves for good. He is accompanied by Nora Hunter, a scientist whose life’s work has been shattered by Reeves, Kuji, a powerful martial arts fighter, and Harry Fontana, an opportunistic boat captain.

The bulk of the film follows the odd friends as they make their way through the woods to Reeves’ stronghold. While the characters might all fit into a children’s book, they clash in Eliminators with the harsh mentality of 1980s action films. Andrew Prine excels as a shady river guide, Denise Crosby portrays a fiery scientist with a lovely grin on her face, and Conan Lee gives a fantastic comedic martial arts performance. 

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The Mandroid, of course, is the true star…

The evil guys join in on the campy fun as well. Roy Dotrice plays Abbott Reeves, the archetypal evil mastermind, in a suitably over-the-top performance. Even minor antagonists like “Bayou Betty” are extremely amusing, demonstrating the film’s inventive energy. 

The Mandroid, the most kind and noble cyborg in cinema history, is the true star of the picture. Patrick Reynolds, who walked out of the acting industry following Eliminators, plays him in his one and only major role. What more is there to do after you’ve already immortalized yourself with this character? 

The Mandroid suit is very amazing, and his mobile combat unit (a kind of mini-tank that he can ride by removing his legs) is a real highlight of the movie! The design of the Mandroid suit and his terrible battle with memories of a previous human existence are two worrisome similarities with one of our all-time action movie favorites, Eliminators, which came out a year before Robocop. Mr. Verhoeven, do you have anything you’d want to confess?

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But, just how supreme is it?


The number and intensity of Eliminators’ action scenes also set it apart from other children’s films. Motorboat chases, a moped squad ambush, and lots of shootouts, explosions, and brawls thwart the heroes’ jungle adventure (look out for the scene when Nora goes into a pub full of roughnecks and declares, “I want the hardest man in the place!”). It’s all done on a small scale, yet it’s well-shot and never seems tacky. 

While the action is well-staged, the main reason Eliminators is such a wonderful film is because it is infectiously joyful. It’s one of those unusual movies in which everyone, good and evil, seems to be having a wonderful time doing what they’re doing. The characters are endearing, and the comedy is straightforward but never cheesy. 

Eliminators is a fun Sci-Fi adventure that crams in as much innovation and excitement as possible for a low-budget film. It’s one of the most genuine efforts I’ve ever seen to make a real action movie for the entire family, and it’s also a fantastic homage to 1980s B-movie craziness.

“Eliminators, the newly-released thrillers from ‘The Accountant’s’ director Gavin O’Connor and ‘The Gift’s’ screenwriter J. Mills Goodloe, are the perfect example of a movie that is less than the sum of its parts. The film’s central mystery, which is never fully resolved, is not a major issue, as the movie’s characters are too compelling to let that detract from the film’s other elements.. Read more about half man half tank and let us know what you think.

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