There are those who argue that the pair’s best work is behind them, but there’s still plenty of material for a new generation to enjoy. It’s a cliché to hail “Up In Smoke” as their best outing, as it’s as much as anything else the movie that cemented the pair’s reputation as the great anti-heroes of the ’80s. But there’s no better place to start than with the film that wedged them into the cultural consciousness: “Punchline”, a hugely influential and hysterical comedy that’s as different from any of their other work as it is from most comedies.

Cheech and Chong movies in order: the best watching guide

Cheech And Chong are two of the most memorable comedy act of the 1970’s, and Cheech And Chong Movies In Order: The Best Watching Guide lists all the movies you need to watch to watch them in order.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong form the comedic duo Cheech & Chong. With their stand-up routines, studio recordings, and feature films in the 1970s and 1980s, the duo gained financial and cultural success, all of which were influenced by the hippie and free love periods, especially the drug and counterculture movements, most notably their enthusiasm for cannabis. Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong would have to be the first two inductees into a Stoner Comedy Hall of Fame.

When they met in Vancouver, Canada in the late 1960s, Chong was an aspiring musician who had even had some little success with his band Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers while signed to Motown Records. Cheech and Chong began their professional relationship as a musical duet, but when audiences discovered that their onstage banter was more popular than their tunes, they chose to pivot. As a consequence, let’s take a sip and go through them all to see what the best chronological order is for watching Cheech and Chong movies.

The best way to see Cheech and Chong movies is in sequence.

Over the next decade and a half, Cheech and Chong create a number of films, including a few duds, a few solo efforts, and at least two real comic classics.

The following is a list of Cheech & Chong films in chronological order:

  • Up in the Air (1978)
  • The Next Cheech and Chong Film (1980)
  • Pleasant Dreams (1981)
  • The Situation Is Difficult All Over (1982)
  • Continuing to Smoke (1983)
  • The Corsican Brothers by Cheech and Chong (1984)
  • Please leave my room (1985)
  • Roasted Cheech and Chong (2008)
  • The Animated Film of Cheech and Chong! (2013)

The following is a list of Cheech and Chong films in chronological order.

1. Up in the Air (1978)

Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin’s drug-related comic routines are extended out in Up in Smoke.

In the screenplay, hippie rich kid Chong teams up with barrio child Cheech in a perplexing search for marijuana to puff on, ostensibly to aid them in establishing a rock band. They track them down to Tijuana, where they return in a car constructed entirely of processed marijuana known as “fiber weed.”

By chance, Cheech and Chong meet paths on a California highway. They go in search of narcotics and are erroneously deported to Mexico, where they agree to drive a van back to the United States in order to make it in time for a performance. They return, having picked up a couple of female hitchhikers and avoiding police who are unaware they are following them, ignorant of the properties from which the van is constructed.

Stacy Keach, a narcotics detective who is hampered by a team of incompetent assistants, is unyielding in her pursuit. The dopers’ band plays a punk rock marathon at The Roxy, a renowned Los Angeles nightclub (with which Adler is connected). When their high-end car catches fire and fills the club with strong smoke, they win the tournament.

2. The Next Cheech and Chong Film (1980)

Cheech is dealing with the loss of his job, an angry next-door neighbor, and a desperate effort to score with Donna. Meanwhile, Chong meets Cheech’s cousin Red in Hollywood, and the two have a wild time, replete with a big amount of marijuana and a flashy Ferrari. Along the journey, they meet everyone from Pee-Wee Herman to some pretty remarkable aliens.

Cheech and Chong are on a mission to steal gasoline from their next-door neighbor’s car, which they appear to have “borrowed,” and go about their business; Cheech works at a movie studio, while Chong looks for something to smoke (a roach), which is followed by him revving up an indoor motorcycle and playing extremely loud rock music with an electric guitar, causing the entire neighborhood to be disturbed.

When Cheech loses his job, they run across Donna, a welfare worker who also happens to be Cheech’s girlfriend. Despite Donna’s protestations, Cheech successfully seduces her and gets her into trouble with her boss. The intoxicated couple gets evicted from the establishment and starts writing songs like “Mexican Americans” and “Beaners” to make money.

3. Pleasant Dreams (1981)

Cheech and Chong earn—and then lose—millions of dollars by selling a batch of marijuana that has an unanticipated side effect while posing as ice cream vendors.

Cheech and Chong have started a new business selling ice cream out of the rear of a large, strange-looking ice cream truck! This isn’t regular ice cream, however; it’s marijuana that’s been thoroughly tested and packaged in the form of ice cream. “Happy Herb’s Nice Dreams Ice Cream” is the name of their business. Every day, the two sell marijuana ice cream from their ice cream van, which they drive to the beach, the gym, and a variety of other places. As the two make millions of dollars, their whole business starts to pay off. However, they had unwittingly sold marijuana ice cream to undercover cops who wanted to arrest them right away.

The cops, led by Sgt. Stadenko (Stacy Keach reprising his role from “Up in Consume”), who has become a stoner and alcoholic, investigate the marijuana in their labs and find that it has a strange side effect: it turns humans into lizards! Sgt. Stadenko sends out two incompetent cops to get Cheech and Chong, all the while consuming part of the marijuana himself and progressively transforming into a lizard.

4. The Situation Is Difficult All Around (1982)

Two drug-addled, down-and-out artists, Cheech (Cheech Marin) and Chong (Tommy Chong), finally get a break when two wealthy Arabs, Mr. Slyman (also Marin) and Prince Habib (also Chong), hire them to drive a limousine from Chicago to Las Vegas. Millions of cash are concealed in the car’s seats, which the unlucky couple is unaware of. Cheech and Chong end themselves in the desert, chased by their angry foreign employers, after selling off parts of the limo for money.

Cheech and Chong are in a limo driving across the desert. Cheech is sleeping, but Chong is explaining what is happening. Chong, who has decided to refrain from drugs for the time being, is talking rock & roll, and Chong, who has chosen to abstain from narcotics for the time being, is discussing rock & roll. He claims that “things are tough everywhere” and that he wants to tell their story.

Mr. Slyman and Prince Habib, two down-on-their-luck artists forced to work at a car wash operated by two rich Arabs, Cheech and Chong, who reside in Chicago during the coldest winter on record. The two are forced to work and play music at the Arabs’ club after making a mistake on the job. Cheech and Chong also make an effort to woo the Arabs’ French girlfriends, who like stoners.

The Arabs amass a large sum of illegal cash, which they try to move to their other business in Las Vegas. The money will be hidden in the limousine seats. The Arabs hire stoners to drive the limousine to Las Vegas on the pretense of sending them on a “rock tour.”

5. You’re Still Smoking (1983)

Cheech and Chong reunite and go to Amsterdam for a film festival, courtesy of a promoter in Los Angeles (Hans Man in ‘t Veld). When Cheech and Chong visit a renowned party, they are mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, respectively. As they roll additional joints, participate in typical antics, and eat every item on the menu at Amsterdam’s Bvlgar Café, which includes a lot of mushrooms, the two roll with it.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong play themselves as they go to Amsterdam for a Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton film festival. The promoter first mistook Cheech for Reynolds, only to discover that neither Reynolds nor Parton would be there, forcing the event to be canceled. He contacts Cheech and Chong for a replacement act, and they happily agree to perform a live stand-up routine.

The Corsican Brothers by Cheech and Chong (1984)

A loud but unloved rock band is ejected from a sleepy French village in this spoof version of Alexandre Dumas’ novel, only to cross paths with a magical gypsy who tells the strange story of two Corsican brothers (Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong) who, despite being born apart, could sense each other’s bodily joys and sorrows. When the oddly powerful couple reunites, their rash actions spark the French Revolution.

Los Guys, a rockabilly band from France, has a reputation for playing loud music in public places and taking money to stop. While counting the earnings from their previous “performance” at a nearby eatery, two major band members run across a gypsy storyteller. She tells them the story of The Corsican Brothers.

The story begins with the birth of two super-fecund twins, Louis and Lucien (as babies, children, and adults, respectively), by two separate aristocratic French fathers; both fathers die in a botched duel over their partner’s infidelity, orphaning the twins. Their capacity to feel pain from one another’s injuries becomes apparent when they are nine years old (it becomes the film’s primary running joke); they accidentally burn down their house while experimenting with this talent, and they decide to split up.

Get out of my room, number seven (1985)

In “Cheech and Chong’s Get Out Of My Room,” a mockumentary about – themselves, stoners hit the streets of Los Angeles. With Beverly D’Angelo and Jan-Michael Vincent, it features their hit song/video “Born In East Los Angeles.”

The video was quite different from the album. Get Out of My Room, a 53-minute mockumentary in the style of This Is Spinal Tap, was written and directed by Cheech Marin. In the film, he and Tommy Chong attempt to make a “video album” for their novelty CD Get Out of My Room. In between fake interview sections and behind-the-scenes footage, we see music videos for the songs “Get Out of My Room,” “I’m Not Home Right Now,” “Love Is Strange,” and “Born in East L.A.” The duo becomes overworked and over-budget in order to finish the film’s four music videos, according to the storyline of the video.

Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), Beverly D’Angelo, John Paragon, Evelyn Guerrero (who has played “Donna” in three of their previous films), Playboy Playmate Alana Soares, and her sister Leilani Soares all feature in the film.

8. Roasted Cheech and Chong (2008)

On November 30, 2008, Cheech & Chong were recognized in a TBS roast special hosted by Brad Garrett and featuring other guests, including Chong’s wife. The comedy festival was filmed in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace.

Cheech and Chong, the stoner comedy team that dominated the 1970s and 1980s comedy scene and who have just reunited for their Light Up America tour, take their places in the hot seat to be roasted by close friends and other comedians. With performances like “Earache My Eye” and “Basketball Jones,” the duo earned a reputation for their drug-laced comedy, which had audiences laughing in the aisles.

9. The Animated Film of Cheech and Chong (2013)

In a series of episodes, Cheech & Chong – and many other characters played by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong — consume a lot of marijuana, hide it from the cops, and try to sell it. False television commercials boost the sale of medications, acne cream, and suicide plans. Sister Mary Elephant tries to teach her drug-addled students by yelling, “SHADDUP!” at them. Canines urinate, defecate, and have sexual relationships with other canines. The voice and sound recordings are from the comedy duo’s famous early 1970s albums, but the basic animation is new.

Buster, a body crab that lives on a bikini-clad woman, is interviewed at the start of the film. The body crab jumps onto Man’s beard as he passes by (Tommy Chong). Man yanks him out and discards him right away. Cheech Marin’s Pedro De Pacas is seen driving beside the hitchhiking Man. Pedro sees him and pulls over to give him a ride. They both pull away as soon as the guy arrives, sending the body crab into the air. 

The strong marijuana stench left by their car attracts the body crab, which follows them. Pedro and Man smoke a marijuana while cruising through traffic, Pedro admiring the city lights. From behind, a police car approaches and starts tailing them. To avoid being caught, the man chooses to eat all of the drugs in the car. The police car passes them by without pulling them over as a result of Man’s conduct. While continuing on the hunt for them, the body crab gets hit by a train.

After spending more than 20 years in the public eye, Cheech and Chong are single-handedly responsible for some of the most memorable bits of comedy of the last century. They’re also responsible for some of the worst. So, which are the best of the best? This list will help you find out.. Read more about best cheech and chong movies in order and let us know what you think.

No, Tommy Chong is not Mexican."}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Did Cheech and Chong break up?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"

Yes, they did."}},{"@type":"Question","name":"How did Cheech and Chong start?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":" The two men met in 1965 and became friends. They were both struggling actors, so they decided to start their own comedy act."}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tommy Chong Mexican?

No, Tommy Chong is not Mexican.

Did Cheech and Chong break up?

Yes, they did.

How did Cheech and Chong start?

The two men met in 1965 and became friends. They were both struggling actors, so they decided to start their own comedy act.

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