The story of Robin Moore was told in the words of the person who lived the life. It was a true story of a boy who loved to draw and play games and dream of becoming a movie artist. He grew up in the simple life of a poor family. He dreamed of seeing a big city like Tokyo, and decided to move to Tokyo in his childhood.

Moore (Blind Master) ( 강강강강강) is a South Korean film directed by Im Sang-soo. It was released in 2000, and stars Yu Jun-sang, Lee Je-hoon, and Hwang Jung-eum. It tells the story of two brothers and their wives. The two brothers are best friends and live in the same house, but they are not allowed to see each other. One day, the two brothers get into a fight and the next day, the first brother gets left-eye blindness. His wife, who bears the same name as the first brother, is a talented pianist who is blind in her right eye. She

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Last character to appear in Snake Eyes: The G.I. Joe Origins trailer shows another member of the Arashikage clan attempting to incorporate Snake Eyes into their ranks: it’s the Blind Master, played by Peter Mensa. We’ve already seen this character in the movie G.I. Joe : Retribution, in a terrible version performed with very poor makeup by Robert Fitzgerald. In the movie, he was the new leader of the Arashikage clan, the one who sent Snake Eyes and Jinx after Storm Shadow, and the one who found out that Storm Shadow was involved in Master Hard’s death through Zartan. In the comics, he’s very different from the one we saw in Retaliation, but he’s also not quite the same as the one in Snake Eyes. Let’s take a look together.

Moore, whose name is unknown, was born in Denver, Colorado, and nothing else is known about his background. We know that Moore served in the military, and it’s possible that he went blind while serving. Life as a blind black man can’t have been easy, especially for a man of action like him, but he found a new purpose in Japan, where he was protected by Solid Master , the leader of the legendary Arashikage clan, a sect of ninjas that has been active for centuries. The Tough Master trained him to see the world without eyes, to move better and even to fight as if he could see, and more than that, he gave him a new family. With the clan leaders Hard Master and Soft Master, with sword master Onihashi, and with his students Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, Moore learned a new way of life, not just martial arts, and found hope where he thought there was none. Unfortunately, this did not last long, for the Tough Master was suddenly killed, apparently by Storm Shadow’s own cousin, and the clan did not survive him. However, Moore did not want all those lessons to go to waste and decided that he could give others the same hope that he himself had experienced. He takes Jinx, Storm Shadow’s eight-year-old niece, and returns to Denver, where he opens a dojo. Known first as Sensei Moore, then as the Blind Master, he trained Jinx as his first apprentice, but others soon followed: Sergeant Ralph Badducci, later known as Nunchuk, and Tyrone were among his best students. Then a man came in, who couldn’t remember who he was and asked for help.

The young man’s name was Billy Kesseler, and though he didn’t remember it, he was Commander Cobra’s son. The blind master, however, did not care who he once was: All he cared about was that Billy needed help, and when Jinx went to him, he was more than willing to give it. It was immediately obvious that Billy knew a lot, despite his amnesia, for he recognized his tattoo as the same one worn by Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, whom he somehow knew. The blind teacher did not tell him everything, but confirmed that he carried the hexagram of the Arashikage clan, – three straight lines and three dotted lines, which together represent unity, balance and harmony. He shows Billy a picture of his Arashikage group and then entrusts the young man to Jinx, who must take him to San Francisco to join the G.I. Joe team to further investigate his past. Meanwhile, it became clear that it was time for the Blind Master to return to the battlefield as well, and he left his dojo with his students to go help his former comrade Snake Eye. When the three Joes, Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick, were kidnapped in Borovia and the rest of the team was unable to rescue them to avoid a diplomatic incident, the Blind Master offered his help and contacted Scarlett, the Joes’ intelligence expert. Then he meets her and Snake Eyes in Grenada and, posing as a friendly blind stranger, asks them for help and separates them from their teammates Lady Jaye and Flint, who know nothing of the planned operation. When the trio got caught in the explosion, the other two thought they were dead, but the Blind Master set everything up to stage their deaths so they could continue freeing the prisoners without betraying Team G.I. Joe. This first mission brought the blind master back to the path he had left years ago, a path that would however confront him with the true killer of the hard master…..

Sensei Moore is an honest man and a charismatic teacher who has received a gift in his past and has dedicated his life to returning that gift to other young people in need. As a blind master he is an excellent martial artist, his senses are sharp enough to perceive the world as if he could still see, with the bonus of being immune to visual illusions such as Zartan’s holograms; he is also a skilled user of advanced weapons, he has been seen using grenades and other explosives with deadly accuracy. Once a broken man who now seeks to restore others in search of peace and balance, the Blind Master knows that learning is the only way to plant the seeds of a better future, but the call of the battlefield is still strong, and his convictions are tested by the prospect of easy revenge against the man who took everything from him.


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