Tahani is a name not as common as our previous picks, but is more popular in Arabic تاهين and the French version Tahani. Although we did not find any Tahani on IMDB , we did find out that she is a character in the TV series The Roots. The character Tahani was played by Ayelet Zurer , a very talented Israeli actress.

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Tahani is one of the three main characters in the upcoming series “The Good Wife”. She is the daughter of a Lebanese mother and an American father. She is a lawyer and is fluent in English, Arabic and French.

After the latest episode of Batwoman, Rebirth, we can say that Tatiana’s story is over, thanks to Alice. The hitman played by Leah Gibson in the premiere series Crime Story was, as many of you have guessed, actually the result of an amalgam of two different characters: Although Whisper A’Dayre gave him the pseudonym Whisper, his real name and role in the story was based on another later villain, Tahani, aka Knife. There are some differences between Tahani and Tatiana, at first glance their ethnicity stands out, but their character and attitude to life are quite similar. Let’s see. Tahani (Knife) – Who’s Who From birth, Tahani had promised that her life would be hard, cruel, and short, and for the first fifteen years of her life, she fulfilled that promise perfectly. Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, Tahani was an orphan living as a beggar in the city streets, trying to survive with what she could find, often fighting for scraps. Living in such conditions, all alone and without a home, hardened the girl, but also taught her a lot. One evening she sees an elegantly dressed man and approaches him: He began to tease her with food, but she did not play his game, did not hesitate and killed him for the food. The scene did not go unnoticed: The man had a business appointment with a woman, the most beautiful woman Tahani had ever seen: Safiya Sohail, the unofficial pirate queen of Coriana, a haven for all criminals. Safiya was not at all unhappy about the man’s death; on the contrary, she was grateful to Tahani for getting rid of him in a way that absolved her of all guilt: In return for this favor, Safiya offered Tahani a better life and asked her to return to Coriana with her. With nothing to lose, Tahani accepted the offer and her life changed forever. On an isolated island she found a world she didn’t even believe existed, a world without laws, a world where everyone respects each other, a world of abundance and beauty where she would never go hungry again. Coriana had no ruler, though Safiya ruled there and kept the peace between the warlords, and it was not only a refuge but a paradise: Tahani had never been happier, and she inevitably fell in love with her savior. To her delight, Safiya returned the favor….. until she found a new, more interesting stray cat to take in. Tahani (Knife) – Who’s Who During a shipwreck, a sophisticated and wealthy girl, Kate Kane, arrived on the island. Instead of banishing her, or better yet, killing her so she couldn’t reveal the location of the island, Safiya decided to keep her, intrigued by her feisty nature. From that moment on Tahani’s life changed again, and for the worse: She has lost the attention and affection of her lover. Day by day Safiya and Kate grew closer until they officially became lovers, and in this situation Tahani was definitely sidelined, even though she shifted some of her responsibility to Corian. Jealous and bitter, Tahani eventually tried to kill Kate, hoping to hide the murder during a violent storm, but she failed and was subsequently disowned by Safiya. Left alone again, Tahani spent her time hating her rival, and when she finally returned, she discovered that everything had changed: Kate was finally gone, but things weren’t getting back to the way they were: Safiya became more and more frightened and sad, until she too disappeared without a trace. Without the queen, Coriana lost touch, her fragile and beautiful order began to crumble, and Tahani no longer recognized her paradise. She too left, furious and vengeful, and began to travel the world learning as many skills as possible to make Kate Kane pay for what she had done to her perfect life. Tahani had trained extensively with many people and organizations during her eight year absence, including the infamous League of Assassins, and when she finally returned to Coriana, she was a different woman, calling herself Knife, and she saw Tahani as little more than a plaything for Safiya, a name she no longer cared about. She contacted the dark Kali Corporation and its leaders, the creepy twins and lovers Senior and Junior, and brought them to Coriana so they could control her. With the resources of the Kali Corporation, Coriana was brought to life, but already as a reality run by the Corporation that spawned the Many-Handed Death, a group of assassins controlled by the Blade. She now had everything she needed for her long-awaited revenge. Tahani (Knife) – Who’s Who Tahani is a woman who always fought for what she wanted, and lost everything she got once she stopped fighting ….. a mistake she will never make again. As a Knife, she is a formidable martial artist, an expert in the use of all short-bladed weapons, a skilled fighter and assassin who is also an intelligent and skilled tactician. Messer, who never allows herself to feel anything but anger and hatred, is a woman with a purpose, a master puppeteer who manipulates people and armies just to get her revenge, which she has dreamed of for years: If she can’t get her perfect life back, she will surely avenge it in blood.


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