Here is the list of rankings of the Top 5 I’s in the world, and some of my personal thoughts.

When it comes to movies, some are classics that you’ve seen a million times, others are ones you’ve never heard of, but once you get to know them, they often find their way into your personal list of favorites. What do you think are the top 5 movies that fall into the I category? Write your top 5 and then rank them from 5 to 1.

The Top 5 I can be a challenging task. Because the list is made up of the 5 best movies ever made, that means a lot of bad movies could also make the list. In order to rank the movies correctly, it’s best to have a list of top 10 films. Second, it would be best if the list is based on my personal opinion. But, I don’t have a list of top 10 movies to follow, so I will try to list 10 great movies.

Send in the Ninja Superhero when everything else fails.

“A nameless shinobi does not desire glory,” Itachi says. They shield you from the darkness. That’s how you know you’re a real ninja.”


Who doesn’t want to be a ninja? One of the go-to pictures for an assassin or warrior is Japan’s renowned shadow warriors. Ninjas have built themselves a niche as a character archetype, thanks to their showy, exotic weapons and alleged magical abilities.

Ninjas in real life are nothing like those in fiction. To get near to their targets, real ninjas sometimes disguised themselves as peasants, monks, or farmers. The traditional ninja outfit is a remnant of Bunraku theater, a warning that you shouldn’t pay attention to the person on stage.

Every superhero will face ninjas at some point, yet there are numerous ninja superheroes. So, who are the top five ninja superheroes in the world? Let’s have a look.

Deathstroke #5

The New Teen Titans #2 is the first appearance of this character. Maku Bennet and Ron Perlman star in the film.

[Defending against a surprise assault] Deathstroke: “Robin. That was cruel, dishonorable, and vicious. Exceptional work. Every second, you’re growing more and more like me.” –

“Apprentice” from the Teen Titans (Season 1, Episode 13)

The majority of Superhero Ninjas are hesitant to murder their foes. They recognize the worth of life while they have the ability to do so. Deathstroke has no qualms about murdering for profit.

Slade Wilson was a soldier who received a treatment to make him immune to truth serums. The technique was, in fact, an effort by the US Army to produce super troops. Slade gained superhuman strength, speed, agility, and a healing factor as a result of the operation, which was a tremendous success. During a mission to establish a family, he went AWOL and became a mercenary known as Deathstroke to support them.

Deathstroke augmented his army training by joining the League of Assassins in between missions. They trained him martial arts, assassination tactics, and infiltration capabilities. Deathstroke was an expert with traditional ninja weaponry such as shuriken, bo staves, and swords. He also wields a range of weapons, since nothing says “ninja” like an Uzi or a rocket launcher.

Deathstroke has often behaved as an anti-hero, while being mainly a villain. The facts may be found in our Deathstroke Backstory.

Daredevil No. 4

Daredevil #1 is his first appearance. Charlie Cox and Ben Affleck star in the film.

“We live on the front lines,” Elektra says. Whether you like it or not.” “That doesn’t mean we have to fight Stick’s way.” Matt says. We don’t have to murder his enemies because he does.” Elektra: “You make that decision seem so simple.” “No, it’s not easy,” Matt says. It isn’t possible. But it’s a decision, and one that I have to make every day. Occasionally, every second.“

“Guilty as Sin” daredevil (Season 2, Episode 8)

Ninjas live in the shadows. Their victims are never aware of their presence until a knife is already lodged in their back. The darkest darkness is as apparent as a sunny meadow for our fourth Ninja Superhero.

Matt Murdock was a young man who saw a blind man about to be hit by a truck. He knocked the man out of the way, but was blinded by radioactive ooze that fell from the truck. Matt struggled with his disability until he met a blind ninja called Stick. As one does on New York streets.

Stick discovered that the radiation gave Matt a “radar sense,” which he had acquired via magical methods as well. He taught Matt martial arts and other talents in addition to training him to master his heightened senses. When Matt understood he was being trained to be a murderer, he ultimately abandoned Stick.

Daredevil was created as a result of Matt’s ninja training. Matt’s assassin training often clashes with his Catholic religion and morality, causing him to struggle over whether or not to murder his enemies. Daredevil often battles other ninjas, such as Elektra, Ikari, and The Hand, a ninja cult. Daredevil became the commander of The Hand at one of his darkest periods.

Check out Daredevil’s background if you want to learn more about him.

Elektra, number three

Daredevil #168 was his first appearance. Elodie Young and Jennifer Garner star in the film.

Elektra Natchios: “My name is Elektra Natchios. Even the stars in the sky are not safe.”

Elektra, Dark Reign #5

The majority of superhero ninjas are Japanese or American, although there are a few exceptions. Psylocke is a psychic ninja from the United Kingdom. Schwarz Bruder, a German ninja with a ninja outfit inspired by the German flag, appeared in G Gundam. Then there’s Elektra, our number three Superhero Ninja.

Elektra Natchios was a college classmate of Matt Murdock’s and the daughter of a Greek ambassador. Elektra’s father was murdered, prompting her to go to China to study martial arts and revenge him. Stick, who sensed the evil in her spirit, discovered her. He tried to tame her evil nature via training, but she ultimately rebelled and joined The Hand.

Elektra returned to the United States as an assassin and ultimately joined The Kingpin’s team. She battled Daredevil, but when she realized he was Matt, she backed off. Elektra was a hero and a criminal until she was assassinated by Bullseye for usurping his position as the Kingpin’s favorite assassin. Elektra was ultimately brought back to life by The Hand.

Elektra employs a variety of traditional ninja weapons, but her trademark weapons are a pair of Okinawan Sai. These three-pronged daggers are often employed as agricultural implements, but they may also be used to attack enemies and break swords. Elektra can utilize chi to perform a variety of magical feats, including telepathy, hypnosis, possession, and the Silent Scream, a psychic explosion.

#2 Batman

Detective Comics #27 was his first appearance. Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy, and others star in the film.

[Batman is impaled and flung from a castle] “So it’s finally over, Batman,” says the Joker. “You can’t believe everything you see, Joker,” Batman says as he disperses into a swarm of bats. –

Ninja Batman

Batman was always going to be one of the Top 5 Superhero Ninjas. He wears all black, wields bat-shaped shuriken as Batarangs, and disappears from his friends on a regular basis. 

I’ll presume you’re all familiar with Batman’s background. He spent his adolescent years touring the globe to acquire skills for his anti-crime campaign. To build a ninja’s repertory, he trained under the League of Shadows, martial arts expert Richard Dragon, O-Sensei, and many more.

One of fiction’s most successful ninjas is Batman. He can outfight superpowered opponents, hide from Superman, and has plotted to take out almost everyone in the DC world. Even if he loses, he’ll come back with a strategy to beat his opponent.

The ninja abilities of Batman were recently explored in the animated film Batman: Ninja. With their equipment taken away and trapped in Japan’s Warring States period, Batman and his friends studied with a ninja clan to fight The Joker and return home. To combat Joker’s steampunk Megazord, Batman acquired magical powers like as teleportation, flying, and the capacity to summon a huge swarm of bats. It’s a strange movie.

Master Splinter No. 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 is the first issue of the series. Kevin Clash and Tony Shaloub star in the film.

“A rat…” says Batman. “Which is stranger: an animal acting like a man or a man acting like an animal?” asks Splinter. [they fight] I respect your commitment to martial arts. It’s uncommon to come across someone as well-trained as you. [throws a smoke bomb] Perhaps we’ll see you again.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Batman

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are four of the most well-known heroic ninjas, but only one winner may be chosen. Who is more deserving of praise: the student or the teacher? Master Splinter is the most powerful superhero ninja in the planet.

Splinter was a common, though clever, rat owned by Hamato Yoshi, a ninja. He began to learn ninjutsu by imitating Yoshi’s katas and motions. Yoshi discovered his sweetheart, Teng Seng, being beaten by Oroku Nagi, another ninja, and murdered him. To get away from Nagi’s clan, The Foot, he, Tang Shen, and Splinter escaped to America.

Nagi’s younger brother, Oroku Saki, killed Yoshi and Tang Shen, leaving Splinter destitute. He managed to stay alive in a sewer until he saw a young Matt Murdock being blinded by a container of radioactive goo. A dish holding four turtles was also shattered by the canister, sending the ooze and the turtles into the sewer.

The ooze transformed Splinter and the turtles, giving them human intellect, the ability to walk on their rear legs, and the capacity to communicate. Splinter gave the turtles Renaissance names and taught them ninjutsu in order to kill Saki, who had changed his identity to The Shredder.

The Turtles learned all they know from Master Splinter. He knows how to use katanas, sai, nunchaku, bo staves, shuriken, and other weapons. He typically fights with his cane, which, owing to his height, might be called a short staff. If that isn’t enough, he may use his magical powers to heal, halt his body’s processes, or join the spirit realm. Don’t overlook this radical rat just because he’s elderly.

Who is your favorite ninja superhero? Please let us know in the comments section.

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