In the movie industry, stars are a commodity, and then some. They are product, and you can never have enough. You want a star? You want a star?! Well, you got one right here—and you want more, right, producer? You want more stars? Well, how about a movie—a movie starring the star. This is where Alioth comes in. According to the film’s website, it is a “dark comedy” about a “brilliant but directionless young man” whose life is turned upside down by a “super-famous yet equally directionless actress” who “jumps into his life at the worst possible moment.”

Alioth is a tiny space station orbiting our star that has a lot of visitors. It is home to many of the world’s brightest minds as well as the best-known and most popular companies in the space industry.

There is still one other character appearing in the latest episode of Loki, Journey Into Mystery, and it’s definitely not human nor humanoid as well: Alioth, the gaseous guardian of the Void. In the episode, we learnt that the Time Variance Authority dumps everything that is pruned into the Void, and the only thing that prevents anything or anyone from ever emerging from it is Alioth, a monster made of smoke that consumes matter and energy. In the comics, Alioth is much more than a guard dog, and has several ties with a major villain rumored to be the next big bad the MCU will face after Thanos: let’s take a look.

Alioth was never properly born: he existed in a time before life began, and he didn’t even have a proper form, as form came with matter, while he was a being of pure energy. First of all sentient beings, Alioth broke free of the chains of time, and was the first one to reach the Limbo, a dimension outside of the time-stream, from which all eras and centuries could be seen as a whole. Impossibly powerful and ever-growing, Alioth was also the first of the Chronal Rulers, and established an empire consisting of several eons preceding the birth of life on Earth. Then, other Chronal Rulers came, and they all took a part of the remaining centuries: Limbo was thus divided into several realms (the Realms of Known Time), falling under the rule of Alioth himself, of the bureaucratic Time Variance Authority, of the woman warlord Revelation, of the intergalactic democracy Congress of Realities, and of Kang the Conqueror, the most dangerous of them all. Scared of Alioth and of his power, Kang established an unbreakable barrier around his chronal dominion, blocking him for eternity. This, at least, was Kang’s plan: unfortunately for him, after a battle with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four left him comatose, his wife Ravonna the Terminatrix took his place, and oblivious to the true nature of the barrier she found hidden under the capital city of Chronopolis, she breached it, wanting to know what lied beyond it. Finally, Alioth was free to conquer other realms and to add them to his own: he emerged from the darkness of ancient eons and consumed Chronopolis, vanquishing its defenses. The Terminatrix managed to escape, but he didn’t care: she wasn’t nearly as powerful as she needed to harm him, and he would have taken her eventually, as soon as he conquered all other realms.

As Alioth’s power grow, and century after century fell under his dominion, the remaining Chronal Rulers struggled even to forge an alliance to repel him: there was nothing to stop him. The Terminatrix, in the meanwhile, had reached Revelation, who incidentally was a future version of herself, and the two women worked together to revive Kang the Conqueror and ask for his help. Foreseeing such a move, Alioth attacked the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, and killed everyone inside; the prime Kang, however, managed to escape, actually quite happy to see all his peers (and rivals) annihilated. Unable to stop him on his own, Kang summoned his old enemies, the Avengers, to help him… but even their power was no match for Alioth, who didn’t even consider them a threat. The heroes, however, had received from Kang a Chrono Key, that was allegedly the only thing in the universe capable of stopping Alioth: one of them, Thor, penetrated Alioth’s realm, and activated the key… that turned out to be a miniaturized version of Tempus, a time-feeding creation of Immortus. Tempus immediately absorbed the residue energy of the dead Kangs, and grew to gigantic proportions: finally sensing a threat, Alioth came back to fight, but Tempus started feeding of his time energy as well. The two titans started a battle of existential proportions, until Tempus, growing bigger than the universe itself, spread through all the timeline… becoming the same barrier that the Terminatrix had breached at the beginning of everything, restoring the balance and closing Alioth once again into his own realm. Trapped within his dominion and, most of all, in a time-loop with his enemy, Alioth could do nothing but fight Tempus, waiting for the right opportunity to break free once again.

A living, sentient primordial force, Alioth is a malicious entity that in his impossibly long life has known only one imperative: to grow and expand. A trans-dimensional and trans-temporal entity, Alioth occupies and consumes entire realities, negating time energy and consuming everything in his wake; usually manifesting in the physical world as a massive dark cloud, he destroys everything he touches, becoming bigger and stronger as he absorbs the energy of time travelers. Unstoppable, invincible and eternal, Alioth commands an empire of billions of years, ruling over deserted galaxies and times before time: he is the primeval hunger, he lives to feed, and the Multiverse is his banquet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is alioth a Loki?

No, alioth is not a Loki.

Is Loki over?

Loki is over.

What was at the end of Loki Episode 5?

The end of Loki Episode 5 was the final battle between Thor and Loki.

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