An ongoing project of mine for the past 10 years has been posting the very best of the Star Trek fan films (mini-movies) that I could find on the Internet. These are all of the videos that I could find that are made by Trek fans that are either professional or semi-professional.

“Star Trek” has been a cultural icon since the 1960s, and its series has continued to this day with new movies and TV series. “Star Trek” has been made into a television series, a few movies, and countless fan films. People of all ages can enjoy the stories, the characters, and the science fiction universe. With a “Star Trek” fan in your life, you can enjoy our own collection of “Star Trek” fan films for free.

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I’ve been quietly working on a “secret” Star Trek fan film project for the last two and a half years. It wasn’t like it was kept a secret on purpose. I simply never bothered to tell anybody about it…

That is, until today.

The goal of this 75-minute montage was to compile what I thought to be the “greatest” moments and sequences from the many, many, MANY Star Trek fan films produced over the past two decades.

It wasn’t simple to make a decision!

First and foremost, what exactly does “the best” imply? What is the best? Acting? Directing? Story? What are the visual effects? Make-up? Costumes? What is the sound quality like? Music? Editing? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes However, only a few Star Trek fan films manage to fulfill all of those criteria. So, once again, I’m faced with the task of determining what “the greatest” really means.

In the end, I came up with two criteria for inclusion in the video. The clips, in my opinion, needed to:

  1. Make an ordinary viewer who isn’t acquainted with our sub-sub-sub genre say anything along the lines of, “Wait, this is a FAN film???”
  2. The viewer will want to see more of that specific fan film or series after viewing the clip.

I needed to do a LOT of searching once I understood what I was looking for! One of the reasons this project has taken so long to finish is because of this. However, I did make an important discovery early on. Very short clips (in general) do not function. To communicate the intensity and impact of a sequence, you’ll need at least a minute or two—and often three minutes or more. Otherwise, you’ll just get fragmented VFX scenes and isolated bits of dialogue that aren’t very memorable. You must give the viewer an opportunity to acquire a sense of a sequence’s “flavor” and what is going on.

In the end, I chose approximately a third of a dozen clips and sequences from fan films made over the past decade and a half…for a total run-time of 75 minutes (an average of two minutes per segment). Unfortunately, I was unable to incorporate material from many of my closest fan film pals. (I didn’t want to make this video run on and on!) As a result, I deeply regret to everyone who did not make the final cut. It wasn’t personal, and I admire all of you and the fantastic job you and your teams do for us.


After you’ve chosen all of your choices, the following step is to put them in a logical, ahem, order. I tried not to show two TOS-era, two TNG-era, or two NX-era parts back-to-back for variety’s sake. I also tried to categorize the sequences by theme. For instance, the video starts out with some action. The film then slows down to reveal more emotionally charged character parts with strong performance. After that, I put all of the hilarious parody material together before bringing it all together at the conclusion with some of the most powerful material…although everything is very strong!

Of course, I had to make sure that the titles and years of production were shown on all of the video, and that there were no mistakes! I also smoothed up the transitions between each of the clips, using gentle cross dissolves and fading the closing sounds of one segment into the starting sounds of the next to maintain it appearing “professional.” When you see it, you’ll understand what I mean.

Finally, after almost 30 months of labor, I was confronted with probably my most difficult task: how to put a stop to everything. I mean, I could simply play the last footage and then say, “End.” But, because I’d already made an intro, I wanted to finish the movie with an outro. But what exactly is it?

Cockings, Samuel

The solution finally came to me, but it needed a big favor from SAMUEL COCKINGS, the Rumpelstiltskin of fan film CGI. I wanted to finish the video with an amazing VFX shot of as many fan film starships sailing out into the horizon as Sam could fit in. I managed to persuade him to accept (he’s usually so busy! ), but then he asked me the most difficult question of all: “What music are you going to put below it?” The length of the VFX shoot will be determined by this.”


What wonderful music! In Star Trek’s lengthy history, there have been many musical finales… As spectators see the Enterprise, Enterprise-D, Voyager, or NX-01 fly away from them, music is played. There are also clips from the movies’ closing credits, but they can’t be too lengthy since Sam can’t devote all of his time to producing a super-long VFX shot.

No, I simply wanted something brief that suited the Star Trek idea and followers’ desire to explore their own ultimate frontiers.

Then it dawned on me… the ideal musical conclusion!!!

I told Sam about it, and he thought it was a great idea. So, after hundreds of hours of effort, the film “The Very Best of Star Trek Fan Films” was finally completed! Have a peek…


Many fans of the original Star Trek series had passionate opinions about the latest reboot—and many of those fans are filmmakers. But in creating their own fan film, they wanted to make sure fans of the series would be satisfied with the finished product. So, they teamed up with Star Trek fan and writer John Belluardo to create a short, one-hour fan film that captures the spirit of the original series in a way the new films haven’t.. Read more about star trek fan written episodes and let us know what you think.

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