The film world is full of stars that many people would never have the chance to get to know. People whose names we only know because they have starred in movies, television shows, or music videos. I don’t like to mention them because it’s a shame that their names are being exposed to the public in this way, but in some ways I think it’s a good thing. Most the time we tend to know the names of the people that we know. For example my friend has a story that starts with “every time I see her, I say this joke”, that’s about a friend of hers. But, who is the person that she’s telling the joke to? I’m not going to bore you with the story, but it

Briscoe is a recent debut by director Lav Diaz, whose best known for his 2013 film “Norte, The End Of History.” Here’s hoping he continues to surprise us with his latest film. In an interview with the Sundance Channel in 2013, Diaz said that the story of “Briscoe” was inspired by a nameless, faceless character from an old film he had seen, but as was the case with many of the characters he creates, the film hasn’t been easy to pin down. Diaz said he simply sees the character as a “mystery, legend,” who “will fight to the end for so many things,” and the film’s final image of his character reflects this character’s ultimate loyalty to his goal

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The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, is the last film of the DCEU, and it’s a hilarious rollercoaster. Despite the fact that we had previously seen a number of characters from the comics appear in the film, there were still a few characters in the film that did not appear in the trailers, beginning with Briscoe, the helicopter pilot played by Stephen Blackehart. Briscoe first appears at the start of the film, delivering Task Force X to the shore of Corto Maltese, and then vanishes. In the comics, on the other hand, he typically plays a more active part in the missions as well: let’s see what we can do together.

Little is known about Briscoe, not even his first name: he once had a life, a family, and a daughter he loved very much, Sheba. He was also a military pilot, and a top notch one, specialized in impossible missions, proud to have always brought his team back home (well, most of them, at least). Then, everything crumbled: Sheba died at a very young age, and Briscoe’s mind snapped. From there on, there was only his work, only his helicopter… and he started calling it Sheba after his daughter, and seemed genuinely convinced that the soul of his beloved daughter now lived in the aircraft (considering the impossible feats he would have performed with the black helicopter of his, he might not have been completely delusional about it, as something more than mere mechanics and engineering was clearly at work with his new Sheba, but nothing was ever confirmed, nor denied). Being things one way or another, Briscoe left everyone and everyone behind, as there was only Sheba for him: he lived inside the copter, slept in it, and never allowed any other mechanic to put their hands on it. He heavily modified it, transforming it into a high-tech flying tank, and confirmed himself as one of the best pilots alive, as unhinged as he may have been. The fact that he was mentally unstable didn’t prevent Amanda Waller from recruiting him as her personal pilot, and to bring him to the prison she ran, Belle Reve, in Louisiana, where she entrusted him with ferrying around the world her infamous Task Force X, the Suicide Squad, a bunch of criminals who accepted to carry on impossibly dangerous missions, in exchange of a reduction on their time. Quite understandably, even if he was not a criminal, Briscoe fitted right in.

Briscoe and Sheba started living in Belle Reve, where they were always at Waller’s disposal: they brought the Suicide Squad wherever they were ordered to, and swiftly brought them away as soon as the mission was completed (or botched, as it often happened), and most of the times Briscoe’s piloting skills and Sheba’s unnatural maneuverability and gadgets saved what remained of the team. For the first mission of the new team, Briscoe brought them to northern Qurac, where they would have attacked the fortress Joutunheim, that he and Sheba personally destroyed as soon as the Squad had kept the Jihad, the local super-team, occupied enough. When the team attacked a drug lord, Xavier Cujo, in Medellín, Colombia, and were almost killed by guerrillas protecting the cocaine plantations, Briscoe intervened personally, offering air support, only to find out that the guerrillas had jet fighters on their side: with his Sheba threatened, Briscoe was forced to land, leaving the Squad on their own, while he took care of his precious baby. While Vixen murdered Cujo and the Enchantress destroyed the plantations, Briscoe repaired Sheba, and was ready to take everyone (but Speedy, who abandoned the team) back to Louisiana, ready for the next mission. Back in Belle Reve, Briscoe had a brief fight with Mitch Sekofsky, one of the other mechanics, who tried to put his hands on Sheba, being almost assaulted by Briscoe in return: Waller understood the situation, and defused the fight by sending Sekofsky away, leaving Briscoe with his helicopter and his delusions. Next stop was Washington, to prevent a rogue Colonel Flagg from killing Senator Cray and Dexter Tolliver, and immediately after to a small African nation, Ogaden, where the results of a civil war had to be decided. Everything was pretty dangerous, but at least Briscoe’s beloved baby never got bored in this new life.

Briscoe is and has always been a warrior: a fierce military pilot, he spends his life on the edge of life and death, and he doesn’t give a damn about anything… His beloved Sheba, however, is his dead daughter, who he thinks is now residing in his helicopter. Briscoe is a gifted pilot who controls Sheba as if it were an extension of his own body, and has equipped it with a variety of unusual weapons that make it extremely useful even in extreme battle situations; he is also trained in land combat, and the few times he abandons his helicopter, he proves to be more than capable with guns and blades. Briscoe, as skilled as he is insane, lives for his chopper and is willing to murder for it, transferring his need to protect his deceased daughter to the aircraft: the ideal driver for a gang of psychos like the Suicide Squad.

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Ben Affleck has been making movies for a long time. And while he’s done some successful ones like “Good Will Hunting”, he’s also produced some failures like “Gigli” and “The Accountant”. His latest film is “The Accountant”, a thriller based on a book of the same name about a high-functioning but autistic accountant who goes under cover to track down a terrorist. “The Accountant” is a pretty good movie. Thirty-two year old Affleck plays the lead, and he does a solid job. And there’s a solid cast, including J.K. Simmons, John Lithgow, Anna Kendrick and Jeffrey Tambor.. Read more about kevin briscoe and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who drives Briscoe?

Briscoe drives himself.

Who is Chase Briscoe racing for in 2023?

Chase Briscoe is racing for the X-Games in 2023.

Who is Chase Briscoe father?

Chase Briscoe is the son of John Briscoe.

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