It’s been 20 years since we said goodbye to the six BFFs, and because of that we’re yearning for another reunion movie. This time, we’re looking at a sequel to this year’s hit film, “Friends Reunion”. The movie was panned by most critics, whose reactions ranged from “I can see the movie’s flaws, but I didn’t hate it” to “it was awful” to “I’m actually excited about this movie.” Whether you loved it or hated it, you have to agree that it made money. So, why not give it a go again?

It’s been over ten years since the much loved sitcom Friends ended, and 20 years since the very last episode of the original run aired. When the show was first on the air, so many viewers tuned in to see the sitcoms stars that they clogged the New York City area’s network of phone lines. After its final episode aired, the cast decided to reunite to make a sequel to the show to air in the fall of 2018. The cast has been reprising their roles in a fashion that is very reminiscent of the original run of the show, with many of the original cast members returning for the sequel, including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBl

After watching Friends for the tenth time over the years and inevitably reminiscing about moments in their lives, the six finally came together on screen. Just the realization that this was going to happen was overwhelming. Seeing that happen in the form of Friends Reunion 2023 immediately takes you back in time.

The hour and 44 minute flashbacks were justified by the production, but seemed shorter because we wanted to see more, learn more about them, how they acted, what they did and the consequences. But the strange thing is that you already know the answers to these questions.

But that’s just it, we’re talking about good company, an old friend, good times. You want them to stick around, even if you have nothing to say to them. Words are formed spontaneously, without any effort. Even the silence is filled with warmth. It’s that rare aura where no one judges you for who you are at that moment, or what life has made of you – it’s priceless.

The documentary Friends – Reunion is like a reunion with an old friend you’ve always loved the most. Time has taken you away from this man, but he has always been there for you. You know that nothing needs to be repaired because nothing is broken. If you are in the presence of this person, turn off your brain. First, you’re willing to spend countless hours talking about the good old days because that was a time in your life when you remember being carefree, reckless, and on top of the world.

It’s like spending time with your diary. It’s a cathartic experience, and the documentary captures it perfectly.

Friends Meeting Kit 2023

It starts where you’d expect it to. Get everyone to the room, one by one. Not just any room, but the room where it all happened. They intertwined their memories and were part of 10 whole seasons.

Watching them with their inevitability – Remember?. and there you go – was filled with the strongest nostalgia. You can’t even imagine how they feel. You will be rewarded when they wince at the memories, become aware of the situation, with tears in their eyes, and realize how overwhelming it all was. You realize that’s why you were there.

It’s inspiring to see the real brains behind the show, David Crane, Martha Kauffman and Kevin Bright, talk about the genesis and go into detail about how it all came together and how it all worked out for everyone: never say never. One day or another, fortune will smile on you. Do what you can! You never know what might grab the attention of the masses.

Special Friends Meeting – Photo by Terence Patrick

Friends Reunion Review (2023) | Brimming with Nostalgia

It’s not until you hear how and what the stars did for Friends and how fate mysteriously brought them together for the show that the dreams become tangible. For those who are struggling to get a piece of their success, know that you are only a few steps away.

It was very inspiring to see them succeed no matter what, and it was almost as if they had said yes to something that was destined to happen. How many times have you allowed yourself to do this?

Ross and Rachel’s story

The biggest news came when Corden asked her about her off-screen romances. We were all surprised to see David and Jennifer having fun in the first season. They fell in love with each other.

They deliberately chose to leave it out because they didn’t want it to affect the show. You have to keep thinking about what might have happened at some point. Many other shows have had arguments, internal arguments have cost many good shows. It only ended well because they didn’t go.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that there was a story somewhere, a spark that we saw in the BTS video that makes us wonder if they really understood each other. They made it clear that one or the other would still be in a relationship, which made their attempt extremely impossible. If you think about it, that’s exactly what happened to Ross and Rachel multiple times on the show. They really lived the Ross and Rachel story. Now that they are both single, one can only imagine what would happen if they actually did it. Ah! Opportunity!

Friends Reunion 2023 is filled with memorable clips as the team and fans try to relive all the games we loved so much. Seeing Phoebe with her guitar, Joey in Chandler’s full wardrobe, or Ross’ festive tattoo makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. They also reenact the famous game show where Ross asks the questions and the boys and girls compete to win.

Matthew Perry Chandler

The weather has not been good for Matthew. He’s been through a lot, even when he was on the show with a drug addiction, and you could clearly see that Matthew felt very different on the show. His speech impediment, confirmed by crew members, was the result of dental surgery.

Still, it was easy to see Matthew reveling in his usual sense of sarcasm. He kept pointing out Matt’s clear days.

When you hear him talk about the things that killed him when he couldn’t get the audience to laugh, you realize that there is always someone deeper behind the character. This is true even of Jim Carrey or Robin Williams and all those other comedians who are other people behind the mask they wear on screen.

It gets really sad when we discover how much the real Chandler struggled, while the one we saw seemed hopeful and happy.

Joey and Phoebe

Joey and Phoebe were in their own world, no doubt. Phoebe is a little weird, but it’s fun to watch her stinky kitty play with Lady Gaga. This one paid tribute to her and complimented her nicely, noting how Phoebe stood out and spread the message to be herself. It was inspiring to see how she managed to make the craziness and novelty cool over the course of the series with ease.

Joey was always too good with his slow understanding of things, his wacky behavior, and his obsession with food. That’s exactly how we can imagine Joey, as Matt says – he opened a sandwich shop in Venice Beach. It’s the perfect ending for him. Joey’s character teaches us to be grateful and at the same time to love the little things in life that we don’t usually pay attention to.

Truth Courtney

Courtney makes us cry when she tells us how impossible it is to get everyone in the same room. You try to remember her interpretation of Monica and think it wouldn’t be so hard if she could just use her arrogant personality.

But the sad truth that slaps us in the face is that it’s unlikely we’ll see them together like this again. When you meet up with friends, you realize that they might not see each other again for the next 15 years, like on the show, and it crushes you.

Friends Reunion Review (2023) | Brimming with Nostalgia

If you think about it, how often do TV shows do that to you? Connecting with you as if you were part of someone else’s life, experiencing their dreams, their sorrows and their happiness. It’s almost like they are your friends too and you can be with them at the touch of a button.

Best of all, you’re connected via the TV screen to these characters you don’t even know. And yet, the power they had over you and you over them, which made them so popular, just defies history. It’s like a gospel-based song that will last for generations and gain even more new fans.

Friends Reunion Final Review

Even if Friends – Reunion was just a big part of a movie, we would watch it over and over again. There was a lot of cutting and editing in the film, which is understandable because that’s how production works. But after watching Friends Reunion in just 1 hour and 44 minutes, you’ll want more. You want an unedited version of all the recordings.

It is absolutely impossible to put into words the series and the feelings it evokes in you, and that is exactly why I keep watching it. It’s like a daily series that always puts a smile on your face. It’s a catharsis. No matter how bad you feel, one of these episodes will brighten your life.

The worst part about this documentary is that it also ends. Watching them go is always depressing. But like all good things, the 2023 Friends Meeting also comes to an end.

Nostalgia must also take its toll, and life must go on.

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