In the film, a group of high school students are trying to find a way home when they get trapped in a train. As the story progresses, one of them discovers an old key and unlocks a door that leads to another world called Mugen.

The who died in demon slayer: mugen train is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is not yet known, but the Flame Hashira Rengoku will definitely die in this movie.

The Flame’s last moments Hashira Rengoku is one of the saddest moments in anime history; no one expected it to occur in the Mugen Train film, but it does. The characters in the film are known to originate from the Japanese anime “Kimetsu No Yaiba” and manga “Kimetsu No Yaiba.” 

The manga for Kimetsu No Yaiba has been completed, but the animation has yet to be completed. As a result, the plot of the manga “Kimetsu No Yaiba” has yet to be adapted. We know that the movie only shows a tiny portion of the animation.

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Flame Hashira Rengoku, who was she?

Rengoku was a strong Demon slayer and a Flame Hashira. Their father was a retried Flame Hashira, and their ancestors had been Flame Hashira for a long time. Rengoku was motivated to become a demon slayer by his mother, but his father abandoned his plans to become a dragon slayer when he realized he lacked original breathing, which meant his blood couldn’t utilize “Breth of the Sun.” Rengoku didn’t give up hope and went on to become a demon slayer after reading his ancestor’s papers, which referenced the “breath of the sun.”

Rengoku’s first assignment had him battling a demon who used his flute to manipulate humans. Rengoku’s ears were damaged throughout the battle, and he was unable to hear the flute sound to overcome the demon’s strength, but he eventually vanquished the demon.

After the position of Flame Hashira in the demon slayer police went unfilled for a long time, Kagaya Ubuyashiki (the leader of the demon slayer cops) appointed Rengoku as Flame Hashira.

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Does Hashira Rengoku, the Flame, die?

The train in the movie “Mugen Train” was a deadly trap for Demon Slayers. Rengoku meets Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuko on the train to learn more about Hinokami Kagura. After a while, the number of demon slayers aboard the train dropped, and Rengoku realized the train was being attacked by demons. Enmu, a demon, was tasked with assassinating Tanjiro. Enmu had the ability to manipulate dreams. He put the Demon slayers to sleep with his abilities and began presenting them nightmares of his own own. The demon slayers eventually managed to awaken and vanquish the Enmu. However, Tanjiro was wounded during the battle, and Rengoku rushed to his aid.

Then, out of nowhere, another demon called Akaza appeared, intent on killing Tanjiro. Akaza was one of the top three demons. Rengoku was pitted against Akaza in a battle. When Akaza witnessed Rengoku’s fighting ability, he offered him the chance to become a demon, but Rengoku declined. Rengoku lost his left eye during the battle. Flame Hashira Rengoku and Akaza battled till dawn. Last but not least, Akaza fled the battlefield, but Rengoku was severely wounded during the combat and died as a result.

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Is Tanjiro going to be the next Flame Hashira?

 Tanjiro’s initial encounter with Rengoku did not go well, but after spending some time with him, ZRengoku began to appreciate Tanjiro. Rengoku advised Tanjiro on how to strengthen himself and accepted Tanjiro as his successor.

Many fans think that following Rengoko’s death, Tanjiro would transform into flaming Hashira and replace Regoku. Tanjiro’s initial breathing technique determines whether or not he will become a Flame Hasira. Tanjiro’s breathing technique is centered on fire, and he employs “Dance of the Fire God,” a sun breathing technique that is the root of all other forms. Then Tanjiros’ breathing pattern differs from Rengoku’s, indicating that Tanjiro will not become a new Flame Hashira. 

The what episode does rengoku die is a question that has been asked for a long time. In the film, Reigen and Mugen are fighting in the train station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the flame Hashira die in Mugen Train?


Does the flame pillar die?

The flame pillar does not die.

Is Kyojuro rengoku really dead?

No, he is alive.

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